Imlie Starlife update Sunday 12 May 2024

Imlie 12 may 2024: Agastya looks at Imlie from a balcony. Agastya rejects her call repeatedly. Sonali tries to comfort Annapurna. Jugnu takes Rajni aside and informs her that Amrit blackmailed Imlie to sing at a bar if she wants Agastya out of jail.

Rajni warns him if he knows what he is saying. Jugnu says he was quiet because of Sonali or else would have informed it to everyone beforehand. Imlie message Agastya that he should at least once listen the reason behind her act. He hears it and ignores. Imlie leaves thinking the reason is him. She returns to Titu’s house. Pallo yells at her and asks how will she manage house now. Imlie says she will get her money and locks herself in a room.

Rajni informs Amrith’s truth to Govind. Govind asks who informed her all this. Rajni says Jugnu. Govind says he doesn’t know howmany secrets are hidden in this house, Amma is already upset hearing Imlie’s truth and can’t handle Amrit’s truth. Rajni says they can’t do injustice to Imlie. They both request Annapurna to bring back Imlie home or else their family will be defamed; their daughter Shivani will return after completing her studies and will be engaged soon, what will they answer her in-laws.

Imlie cries recalling Agastya’s rude behavior while Agastya recalling Imlie’s lies. Pallo beats Bulbul when she asks for food. Imlie gives her food to Bulbul and asks why she is refusing to give food to Bulbul, she will get money as she already spoke to bar owner and got her job back. She visits bar and sings Sheesha Hai Yo Dil Ho Tut Jata Hai.. song. Vishwa notices her entering bar and follows her. Agastya walks into bar and shouts at Imlie to get down the stage. imlie asks who is he and refuses. Agastya argues and drags her from the stage. Imlie says they didn’t marry and just had a mutual understanding which he broke today and there is nothing between them now. Agastya accuses her of finding someone else for more money. Imlie slaps him. Bouncers walk to them. Imlie asks them to not let Agastya inside a bar if they want her to work peacefully here. She restarts her signing. Vishwa silently observes them.

Rajni and Govind decide to confront Amrit and tell him that they want to talk. Amrit calls his Agastya’s employee and asks why did he take back his complaint Agastya. Vishwa disconnects call and tells employee that he got him a job in a factory and gave him money to take back complaint, he doesn’t have to answer Agastya. Agastya insists Imlie to return home, but she refuses to return.

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