My desire update Sunday 12 May 2024

My desire 12 may 2024: Kashvi tells judges that actually Nitya is not responsible for Golu’s death and instead Golu died due to Dr Chopra’s irresponsible behavior. She says she has Golu’s medical reports to prove that; doctor gave an overdose to Golu, because of which Golu suffered from seizures and passed away.

She serves them files. Judges ask how does she know about all this. Kashvi says she took an accident victim to the same hospital where Golu was admitted and learnt that hospital is not ready to give Golu’s file and death certificate to his parents. She recalls the incident where she meets Golu’s parents in the hospital who inform that hospital nurse is not letting them meet doctor and get Golu’s death certificate.

She walks into doctor’s room and overhears a nurse telling another nurse that they shall exchange Golu’s original file with a fake one as Golu died due to the injection given by Dr Chopra. She confronts them, calls police to arrest Dr Chopra, and threatens nurses to cooperate.

Out of flashback, Kashvi tells judges that Golu died due to injection overdose and seizure and not because of Nitya and requests them to acquit innocent Nitya. Golu’s parents back Kashvi’s claim, take back complaint against Nitya, and apologize Nitya for their mistake.

Kashvi tells judges that she has already filed complaint against Dr Chopra and requests them to revoke Nitya’s suspension. Judges cancel Nitya’s suspension and thank Kashvi for exposing the truth. Nitya hugs Kashvi happy. She walks out and informs Jagadish and Arjun that her suspension and arrest is canceled because of Kashvi’s evidence. She thanks Kashvi and says she is a boon for their house. Kashvi hugs her and asks her not to worry. Arjun tells Jagadish that they were worried for Nitya and were awake for nights, but Kashvi is getting the credit. Jagadish also pulls Kashvi’s legs. Nitya says she will visit office and take charge. Jagadish says she can go while he prepares paneer kofta curry for kids and serve them.

Nitya reaches office. Verma congratulates her and praises her for fooling Kashvi and getting Nitya’s suspension canceled. Nitya recalls ordering Verma to state a fake accident when Kashvi passes by that route and make sure Golu’s parents are present in the hospital when Kashvi reaches there. Verma recalls how he bribed nurses and made them lie. Out of flashback, Nitya says she is not bothered about Kashvi and just wants her seat back as she can defeat Kashvi only if she is in power; she will destroy Kashvi to the core without Kashvi’s knowledge. Arjun with Kashvi returns home and tells her that he is relieved that mom’s suspension is canceled. Kashvi asks if he had the cupcakes she had kept for him. Arjun says cupcakes were tasty and he wants to talk about the note on cupcakes. Kashvi thinks Arjun will say her I love you now. Arjun says they are bestfriends, then why did she write I O U on them. Kashvi feels sad that he doesn’t love her. Arjun hopes if she had written I love you instead of I O U.

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