Faltu Starlife update Sunday 12 May 2024

Faltu 12 may 2024: The Episode starts with Ayaan saying you will make a new start and fulfill your dad’s dream. She checks the divorce papers. He says I don’t want to tie you in this relation, so I got these papers, I had torn the papers you signed before, I thought you still love me and want to stay with me, I was wrong, you have decided to move on, I promise I will not come back to trouble you. They cry.

He requests her to give him a hug for the last time. She thinks you have doubted on me again. He thinks I was right, you don’t care this time, if you are happy, then its okay. He cries and leaves. She angrily breaks things. Neil says broken relations are like broken glass, sign the papers, end this problem, free yourself.

Dadi says elder bahu will do the puja. Tanu says Faltu isn’t the elder bahu, how would Savita feel on knowing this. Janardhan says ask Ayaan once. Ayaan comes and says Faltu isn’t the elder bahu, I went to meet Faltu. Tanu asks why did you go. Dadi asks when is she coming home. Ayaan says she will never come now, so I went for the last time to pay for the loss. Janardhan asks what loss. He says I have spoke to cricket board for her comeback, they agreed, she can play cricket again. Janardhan says your misunderstandings will end, I m so proud of you, everything will get fine. Ayaan says nothing will change, I gave her divorce papers. Janardhan asks what. Ayaan says very soon, she will sign on it and send it, she will stay happy and move on. Tanu says you did good, she is in a hurry to give you divorce. She asks Dadi to tell her about the puja. Dadi asks Ayaan how can you divorce her, I don’t know anything, Faltu will do the puja. Ayaan says don’t get adamant, please, she won’t come back. He goes. Tanu asks Dadi to support Ayaan. Dadi says fine, do as you all want, Faltu will do this puja, else I won’t come in the puja. Tanu gets angry.

Dada ji says Ayaan gave your dream in your hand, prepare for the nationals. He asks Neil to make arrangements, once Faltu gets selected in nationals, her life will be set. Neil asks what about our business, she was going to join us. Dada ji says she will play cricket and fulfill her dream, you see the business. He asks Faltu to start practice tomorrow, and talk of divorce when her anger calms down. Faltu says I have to answer Ayaan. Neil says I can help you in cricket. She says no need, Dada ji needs you in business, I will handle myself. Dada ji answers a call. He asks Faltu to speak to Dadi. Dadi says Ayaan has sent divorce papers again, you both are the elder son and elder bahu. Faltu asks what shall I say now. Dadi says pandit called and told about the grahshanti puja, everything will be fine between Ayaan and you, Tanu is ready to do the puja, but I want you to do it, think what to do. Faltu worries. She says I have to go back to Mittal house. Dada ji smiles.

Janardhan and Dadi see Tanu arguing with the pandit. Dadi says I stopped her, but she is adamant, she is spoiling everything, I can’t see it. Janardhan says calm down. Kumkum says I have kept juice there, I thought you had it, you remember your Nirjala fast. Tanu worries and recalls drinking the juice. She says I didn’t see it, I can’t make such a big mistake, I m not a kid. Faltu comes for the puja. Tanu says you can’t come in this puja. Faltu says I didn’t sign the divorce papers, this is my house and I have more right than you, take rest, I will handle everything. Dadi introduces Faltu to pandit. Faltu says I will make bhog. Ayaan comes and says no, Faltu, you don’t need to do all this, I have already hurt you a lot. Faltu says I will do the puja. She sits in the puja. Dadi asks Tanu to sit in puja and learn rituals from Faltu. Pandit asks Ayaan to sit with his wife. Janardhan and Dadi ask Ayaan to sit. Ayaan sits with Faltu.

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