My desire update Friday 15 December 2023

My desire 15 December 2023: Ishani and Mohit notice Mansi between audience in Nayantara and Samrat’s concert. They get worried for Samrat and try to call him, and when he doesn’t pick their calls, think Mansi did something to Sam. Nayan continues her performance. Sam is performing really well, it will be fun to go on a music tour with her when everything gets well between them. Nayan slips. Sam holds her. Fans thinks its a planned move and praise their jodi.

They insist Antara to hold Sam’s hand as they make a good couple. Nayan hesitantly holds his hand and sings with him. Mansi feels jealous and determines to get Nayan out of her and Sam’s way permanently. After performance, Nayan angrily walks away. Sam tells her that his performance with her was coincidental and not purposeful. Nayan refuses to believe him. Siddharth tells them that audience liked their performance and hence he is planning more concert in the same city.

Nayan refuses to perform with Sam. Sam confronts her and says he did whatever she ordered him and even sang in chorus, she doesn’t have any right to refuse to sing with him. Siddharth says they should keep their personal rivalry aside and perform together. Nayantara says she would rather die than performing with Sam. Sam feels disheartened and visits hotel’s bar. He notices Mohit’s multiple missed calls and calls him back. Mohit asks if he is fine as he didn’t see him in concert. Sam says he was performing in chorus and describes what happened next. Mohit says he got worried seeing Mansi among audience and tried to contact him. Sam is shocked to hear that and thinks Mansi was the one who was trying to harm Nayan and him. He thinks of protecting Nayan from Mansi.

Nayan tells Siddharth that he may forget his personal rivalry with Sam for his business, but she will not forgive Sam and will never sing with him. She tries to leave. Siddharth mixes sleeping pills in water and offers her to stop her from leaving. Nayan feels drowsy after having water and falls asleep. Sam walks to her after some time and sees her in deep sleep. He thinks she should stay back to protect her from Mansi. He starts drinking sleeps besides her describing how much he loves Nayan.

Nayan opens eyes and in a dizzy state describes she is Nayan and how much she loves him. Sam feels happy and asks if she agrees that she is Nayan and not Antara. Nayan says she is his Nayan and doesn’t want to separate from him again. Sam says he is feeling drowsy either due to her love or drinks. Sam says their love. They both get intimate. Next morning, Nayan wakes up and feels guilty recalling last night’s event.

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