My desire update Thursday 14 December 2023

My desire 14 December 2023:Doctor tests Nayantara and tells her that she lost her voice due to a powder mixed in her juice. She writes a prescription and advises Nayan to take rest from singing for 2-3 days. Siddharth says Nayan lost her voice during a break and asks if she had something. Nayan writes that Samrat offer her a juice during break. Siddharth acts shocked and instigates her against Samrat that she saved Samrat, but he defamed her with his heinous plan; Samrat stooped so low to take revenge from her. Nayan thinks she can’t believe Samrat betrayed her again.

Siddarth grins thinking he is lucky that Samrat himself got into trouble and he didnt’ have to do anything, now there will be an unbreakable wall between Nayan and Samrat.

Samrat walks to Nayan and asks how did she lose her voice, he was worried for her during his song performance. Nayan slaps him angrily. Samrat asks why did she slap him. Siddharth says he betrayed Antara with his vile and gave a powder mixed juice to Antara to make her lose her voice and he gain back his lost fame. Samrat says he didn’t do anything and a staff gave him that juice for Antara.

He asks Antara to trust him. Siddharth warns him to stay away from Antara and sends him away. Antara thinks she can’t believe Samrat can do that. Samrat thinks he needs to clear Antara’s misunderstanding. Next morning, Siddharth offers hot water and medicine to Antara and asks her to rest while he visits show organizers. He walks out of Antara’s room when he notices Sam trying to enter the room and stops him. Sam requests to let him speak to Antara as he is innocent. Siddarth agrees. Samrat writes a note for Antara. Antara tears it and throws it on his face. Siddarth feels happy.

In the evening, Samrat performs on stage. Siddharth thinks Mansi must have mixed powder in Nayan’s juice, anyways its good that he didn’t make any losses and even his goal of creating a rift between Sam and Nayan is fulfilled. Nayan thinks of taking revenge from Sam. Next day, Antara gets back her voice and rehearses a song. In the evening, she gets ready for concert. Samrat tries to meet her. Siddharth tries to stop him. Sam insists to speak to Nayan once and tells Nayan that a staff gave him that juice glass, he can never think of harming her. Nayan says she forgave him. Sam says now they both can perform together. Nayan asks him to sing with a chorus. Sam says he is rockstar and public is mad behind him, he will never do that. Nayan asks him to leave her team then and asks Siddarth to get Samrat’s return tickets. Sam thinks Nayan wants to take revenge from him and agrees to sing with chorus for her happiness. He repeats that he is innocent and didn’t try to destroy her career. Nayan says its good that he agreed to sing with chorus, lets finish concert first.

Antara goes on stage and says Sam won’t be performing today. Fans demand Sam and Antara both on stage. Antara says they can listen to her song first and then decide. She then sings Uff Mere Dil Mein Khali Jo Jagah Thi… song. Fans enjoy her song. Ishani and Mohit watch her performance online. Mohit asks where is Samrat. Ishani says maybe he left Nayan’s team. She is shocked to see Mansi among crowd.

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