Titli Starlife update Wednesday 17 April 2024

The guys sees Titli and teasing her. She gets angry. Garv comes and sits on her scooty. The guys turn away. Garv asks her to drive. She says I can handle it. He says I m not habitual to tolerate misbehavior, but I bear you. They argue. They have an eyelock. A lady asks them to go home and do all this.

Koel asks maid to clean the floot. Garv and Titli come home. Maid laughs. Koel sends her. Garv asks Titli to get horn and brakes fixed in her bike. Titli sweetly answers Koel and goes. Garv smiles. Koel asks why are you smiling. Titli says I can’t expect smile from him. She goes. Garv sees Titli and smiles. He is on call. Titli hears his voice. Dhrishti gets two dresses and asks his choice. He selects one. She thanks him and goes. Garv unties Titli’s hair and says you look better in loose hair. He takes the rose and smiles.

Monica gets ready. Manikant and Maina smile. They bless her. Titli compliments Monica. They go to see the baraat. Everyone gets happy. They welcome Abhay and his family. Garv gets Abhay on his shoulders. Titli showers flowers at Garv. He turns to see. Maina tries to catch Abhay’s nose. The Kumkum falls over Abhay’s mum’s saree. She says sorry. Manikant asks Koel to get tissues. Abhay’s mum cleans the saree and asks Koel to throw the tissue. Manikant asks Koel to go. Titli says give it to me, I will throw it, you complete the rasams. Garv looks on.

Abhay’s mum gives the jewellery to Maina and says Maina is Monica’s mum, she will keep it. Maina says Koel is also her mum, she can keep it. Koel checks the jewellery. Monica says leave it, we don’t care. Koel says we have to see if they respect you. She sees the stain on the necklace and says I will check it if its fake. Abhay’s mum comes and asks what are you doing. Koel says you know they sell anything as gold.

Abhay’s mum asks will we give fake gold to our bahu. Koel says listen to me, I didn’t think that about you. Abhay’s mum Sushma insults her. She says Koel is saying we got fake jewellery for Monica. Ramnik asks how dare you. Koel says listen to me. Sushma says you know your status in this house. Garv says she has the highest status in this house, apologize to her. Sushma asks what, I m Abhay’s mum, I won’t apologize. He says it doesn’t matter, both groom and bride’s mum’s have the same respect. Maina says calm down.

Koel says I will apologize. Garv says no, Sushma will apologize. Koel says you told me, you won’t get angry. He says yes, I won’t tolerate your insult. Maina says don’t feel bad. Abhay’s mum says I have seen Koel checking the jewellery, I caught her, she thinks we are fools, she has to apologize. Titli says sorry, its your personal matter, the day is special, you shouldn’t spoil the day. Sushma asks will any outsider insult us, we won’t hear every unrelated person.

Garv shouts enough, I don’t care what you have seen, I respect women, who are related to me, I don’t give a right to anyone to insult them, you have to apologize to Koel and Titli. Sushma asks Aditya will you marry in this house. She says I know my son won’t sit in the mandap now. Garv asks Monica her decision. He says I know my sister, Koel’s respect is much imp than her marriage. Ramnik says then matter ends, we will leave. Maina says calm down, who breaks relation like that. Koel says I m sorry, I beg you. Garv says no, Monica will marry in the house where our family has a respect. They all try to stop Ramnik. Manikant comes and asks what, relation broke? Ramnik says ask your son. The groom’s family leave. Manikant looks at Garv.

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