Destined by fate update Thursday 13 July 2023

Destined by fate 13 July 2023: Sayuri looks at her and Kanha’s photo frame and feels sad. Kanha looks at her via window. Saroj recalls Dhanraj’s bitter words that they lost their elder son due to their ill fate and may lose their 2nd son due to her stubbornness. Anjali walks to Saroj and asks her if she will kick her out of the house if Kanha asks her to. Saroj says she will not. Anjali then provokes her against Sayuri and asks if she will bring back Sayuri because of whom she lost her elder son and whose family betrayed her. Saroj says she will not remove her from the house and says Kanha is very innocent to fall in Sayuri’s trap.

Destined by fate 12 July 2023

She asks her to give her some time to get rid off Sayuri completely.Anjali says she will give up with Kanha’s tears and will kick her out of the house. Saroj promises that she will not. Anjali emotionally blackmails her that if something happens to her, Saroj or Kanha will be blamed. Kanha continues to look at Sauyuri from the window. He leaves fireflies in her room. A romantic song.. plays in the background. Sayuri notices fireflies. Anjali reminds Saroj that her father destroyed a boy’s life who accidently hit her and says her father may destroy whole Chaudhry family.

Saroj gets afraid and asks why is she saying that, nothing wrong will happen. Anjali says if something happens to her, nobody would be fspared. She purposefully hits her head to a pillar and injures herself. Saroj gets worried. Anjali says this pain and blood is nothing in front of the pain and blood tears she is shedding.Kanha imagines entering Sayuri’s room and romancing her. Dhanraj warns Saroj that he knows she doesn’t like Sayuri and Kanha’s togetherness and is determined to separate them, she shouldn’t do that sin or else she would be repenting.

Saroj says she will do whatever she thnks right, only Anjali is good for Kanha and she will separate Kanha and Sayuri at any cost. Dhanraj says she can try her best, but when fate has united Kanha and Sayuri, nobody can separate them.Kanha notices Sayuri sleeping. He enters her room and writes his name on Sayuri’s hand. He returns home and asks Saroj to send Anjali back home as she is fine now. Saroj lost in thoughts recalling Anjali’s threat says she cannot send Anjali back home as her parents are not at home and Anjali may commit suicide again.

Kanha says Anjali will not do that, anyways nobody can take Sayuri’s place in his heart, so its better if she sends Anjali away as soon as possible.Kanha then goes to his room and falls asleep. Anjali walks in and wiggles her fingers in his hair. She then holds his hand and gets jealous seeing I love Sayuri written on his palm. She fixes her mobile on a stand, picks Sayuri’s sindhoor, and applies it in her hairline via Kanha’s hand. Sayuri wakes up feeling uneasy, applies sindhoor in hairline , and thnks why she feels something wrong will happen. Anjali thinks she took Kanha away from Sayuri forever.

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