Anupama starlife update Monday 22 April 2024

Anupama brings Dimpy outside and asks Malti Devi to see her and says she is looking lovely. Malti Devi says she is looking good. Anuj comes there and takes off bad sight from from her and asks Anupama to give money to poor. He tells that he always heard that ladies look beautiful in pregnancy and says today we saw too. Dimpy coughs.

Adhik runs and brings water for her. Dimpy drinks it. Adhik asks if she is better and asks her to make sure that she has water bottle, snacks bars and candies in her purse. He says he has swiss chocolates and goes to bring it. Anuj says even I will bring something and goes. Malti Devi tells that everyone takes care of pregnant lady, even the strangers in the bus and gave their seat to the pregnant lady. Anuj comes there and gives her imli goli for her sent by Babu ji and says methi ki laddoo brought by me. Adhik comes there and gives her swiss chocolate. Anupama asks how she will keep all the things in her bag. Adhik says she will keep it. Pakhi watches everything and thinks she has no value now in the house.

Toshu is busy on call regarding UK embassy visit. Vanraj tells him that Pari is crying, but Toshu doesn’t care. Vanraj asks him to deposit the cheque if he is going to bank, but Toshu still doesn’t hear him. Babu ji sees this and shouts Toshu. He asks him to see that Vanraj is trying to talk and his daughter is crying. Toshu says he was doing UK embassy work. Babu ji asks him to hear Vanraj atleast. He makes baby quiet and then asks Vanraj to come, and says we will go to bank and deposit your cheque.

Adhik comes to the room. He asks what happened, all good? Pakhi says you have taken care of Dimpy as she is pregnant, and asks him to give her extra care and give her water. Adhik says she is pregnant. Pakhi says nobody cares for me and says it seems only I want baby, and says we didn’t go to another doctor for second opinion for many options, and says everyone is saying Dimpy Dimpy and doesn’t look at me. Adhik says you are doing insane. Pakhi says I couldn’t be pregnant and become a mother. Adhik asks her not to use this pity card again and again, and says you was jealous, then angry and now self pity, this is not done. Pakhi says I am useless.

Adhik says you are not 70’s heroine and says this is not the right time to talk to you. He goes. Malti Devi looks at Pakhi as she cries. She comes to Anupama and asks her to go and sleep. Anupama asks her to go to sleep and says even you was tired, and ran behind Choti all day. Anupama sits with Malti Devi and says we both wait for each other. Malti Devi says all wives wait for their husbands, no husband does like Anuj. Anupama says Anuj has fulfilled the loneliness in her life. Malti Devi says she has earned name, fame and money, but forgot to earn relations, and has learnt to dance, but not live. Anupama says I waited for 26 years for love, and when I met Anuj, I felt as that 26 years never passed. She says same thing will happen with you, and says you shall become good Maa, good Dadi and don’t be strict saas and be good with me. Malti Devi says it depends on bahu. Kavya feels restlessness and thinks Vanraj took medicines and is sleeping. She thinks what to do?

Anuj comes home and says my love…Anupama signs him that Malti Devi is here. Malti Devi goes upset and thinks Anupama will always hold importance in his life. He hugs Anupama and does poetry. Kavya takes water, but the glass falls down from her hand and she also falls. Baa comes to Kavya and asks her to take heavy breath. Kavya says I am scared that something will happen to my baby. Baa tells that 7th month started and that’s why she is having uneasiness to breath and says you will have back pain too. She asks her to lie down on her lap and says I will make you sleep. Kavya lies down on her lap. Baa tells that she has more life experience than her, and has faced many difficulties in life. She tries to make Kavya’s sleep.

Anupama shows food for Anuj. Anuj says he can’t get 6 packs Abs after marrying her. Anupama says he is already hot and asks if he wants to take her life. She asks him to have food. He says he couldn’t exercise since 2 years and says he will do it now. He asks what she would like to have tomorrow. Anupama says Pancake, she had made it for Romil and Choti. Anuj sees Romil and asks from where he is coming? Romil says he had went to drop his friends. Anupama asks him to have kheer. Romil tastes kheer and keeps the book on the table, and asks Anupama to give kheer to him in the morning also.

Adhik tries to talk to Pakhi and says if she can’t become a mother, then even he can’t become a father. Anupama tells Anuj that they shall do Kavya’s godh bharayi. Anuj says it was done already. Anupama says it was baby shower, English way, and now this godh bharayi traditional way. Anuj says you can do it 2 more times if you want. Anupama smiles. Anuj makes Anupama sit on his lap and asks her to come to room. Anupama says she will wrap up the things and come to room. Anuj asks her to come soon. Anupama sees Romil’s book on the table. Adhik asks Pakhi to understand that Dimpy has lost her husband within a year, and her husband was her brother. Pakhi says she is playing victim card. Adhik says you also does the same. Pakhi says one day Dimpy will cut everyone’s nose, and says that day I will tell you, see. Anupama knocks on Romil’s door to give his book and gets inside. She gets shocked.

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