Mehek update Friday 7th June 2019 #Mehek


Mehek update Friday 7th June 2019

Shaurya comes infront of her, he ties her hair in a bun and tucks her hair behind her ear, Mahek is lost in his closeness, Shaurya leans in towards her and is about to kiss her but Ajay says full on romance is going on. Shaurya gets angry and starts going to him but Mahek holds his arm and says leave it Shaurya, he intensely looks at her and glares Ajay.

Jeevan is watching telecast of training. Vicky says you are tensed for nothing, Mahek seems totally fine there, i am taking rest now, you can eat food. Vicky lies on bed and dozes off to sleep. Jeevan checks to confirm that he is sleeping then he stealthily takes phones and goes in washroom. He says that jerk slept, he calls Kanta but cant hear her. Vicky says uncle line dropped, come out of washroom, have food, Jeevan sighs.

Shaurya grabs Ajay’s collar and says what you do think of yourself? how dare you pass comments on her? Ajay says you are having honeymoon with and now getting angry on me? Shaurya is about to beat him but Mahek comes there, she pulls him and takes Shaurya away. Rohit asks Ajay why he didnt retaliate? Ajay says dont worry, tonight i will give them taste tonight that Shaurya will change his name to Ajay Parmar.

Mahek asks Shaurya why he remain angry all the time? Shaurya says i am wrong if i am angry but they are right? Mahek says i dont want any drama in my life, Shaurya says you are responsible for this marriage drama, i came to talk about that here otherwise i dont care about this training and all.

Mahek says i dont want to talk about my marriage. Shaurya says you didnt answer me, if you wanted to start business then why you are marrying? why you are so in hurry to get marry? how can you forget everything and marry? Mahek says are you worried about me leaving business and getting married or forgetting everything of past and moving forward in life? Shaurya says you are trying to forget me and move on? then tell me why you get jealous to see me with other girls, Mahek says i dont have time for this, Shaurya says i want answer. Mahek says why does it matter to know what you mean for me? you know everything, i left everything and came to your house for you but what did you did? stop showing rights if you cant properly follow love, its not easy to love someone, you need guts.

You have come here today behind me because my marriage talks are doing rounds? because you are scared to lose me? i was yours but you left from wedding alter, i didnt leave you and you dont even regret that mistake till now. She looks away from him and leaves. Shaurya is dazed hearing all of that thrown to his face.

At night, there is bonfire party at training camp. All are enjoying, Mahek and Shaurya sadly looks at each other, Mahek recalls Shaurya asking her questions. She glares at him. Ajay is eyeing Mahek in filthy way. Mahek leaves from there, Shaurya sees her going and gets sad. Ajay and Rohit smirks seeing her go.

Mahek comes to reception and says i want to call someone, give me my phone, receptionist says i will bring it, he leaves.

One man comes to Mahek and says Shaurya is outside, go see him. Mahek says what happened to him? Mahek runs and comes out, she looks around for Shaurya and asks where is he? Ajay and Rohit comes there, Mahek is shocked to see them, they are drunk, Mahek asks what you both are doing here? where is Shaurya? they come closer to Mahek, Ajay says we are no less than Shaurya, i just dont have beard, you didnt look hot to me but now you look for that Shaurya?

Mehek update Friday 7th June 2019

Your hero is enjoying with girls. Rohit grabs Mahek, Ajay says nobody is going to save you today, Mahek tries to get out of Rohit’s grasp but Ajay holds her arm too, they misbehave with her. Shaurya comes from behind and grabs Ajay’s neck, Mahek sighs in relief. Shaurya says i told you to control your tongue, i can push it out. Mahek asks Shaurya to leave him, Shaurya strangles Ajay, Ajay is grasping for air. Rohit sees Ajay not able to breath and breaks wine bottle on Shaurya’s head. Mahek shouts Shaurya..

Shaurya looses grip on ajay’s neck, blood starts trickling from his head, he is about to fall down, Mahek holds him and makes him sit down, she cries for him. Ajay grabs Mahek’s hand and pulls her away from Shaurya, he says lets leave now. He is pulling Mahek away, Mahek is screaming for Shaurya, Shaurya tries to get up to help her but doesnt have energy, he tries to crawl but faints on floor while Ajay and Rohit takes Mahek away.

Ajay and Rohit are dragging Mahek away from Shaurya, Shaurya is lying on ground unconscious. Mahek screams for Shaurya, Ajay says he is not going to come, we have broken your lover’s head in two. Rohit puts hand on Mahek’s mouth so she cant scream. ajay brings car there, they forcefully take Mahek to car. They see some people coming there, they hide, Rohit tries to talk to ajay but Ajay asks him to take her to car. Mahek sees some can lying on the road, she kicks it and it makes noise.

Mehek update Friday 7th June 2019

People nearby hears it and say there is someone around.They start looking for anyone but Ajay and Rohit hides Mahek behind bushes, people leave. Ajay puts cloth on Mahek’s mouth and ties her hands too, Mahek kicks him but he puts her in back of car. Ajay says to Rohit that i know one place where we can have honeymoon with her whole night, they laugh and driveaway.

Mahek cries and screams for Shaurya. Trainer comes out of building and sees Ajay driving car away recklessly and says drunkard man. Trainer sees Shaurya lying on ground, he sprinkles water on Shaurya’s face, Shaurya wakes up and says Mahek? he recalls how Ajay took her away, trainer says we will go to see Mahek but you need treatment. Shaurya says leave me.

Jeevan says to Vicky that i want to see Mahek so play CCTV. Vicky plays CCTV and sees Shaurya standing on road, his whole shirt smeared in blood and shouting for Mahek, Jeevan gets tensed.

Ajay and Rohit are drinking wine. They stop car on dark and isolated road. Rohit says this place is dark. Ajay comes out of car and opens bunk of car. Mahek comes out of it with rod, she beats Ajay and Rohit with rod and runs away. Rohit says she cant runaway much from here, we will hunt her down. Mahek is running away from them but Ajay and Rohit catches her, Mahek says leave me but Ajay says for whom should i leave you? we will enjoy with you now.

Mehek update Friday 7th June 2019

Shaurya says to trainer that find out where Rohit and Ajay took Mahek, trainer says they took her to faridabad road.Jeevan comes there and slaps Shaurya, he says if anything happens to my Mahek then i will kill you, Shaurya leaves from there.
Kanta says to Nehal that Mahek didnt call since evening, Nehal says she must be fine, Kanta gets Jeevan’s call and is shocked to hear news.

Ajay drags Mahek in forest and says you broke wedding with me for that tall jerk? you want to become heroine? i will make you heroine tonight. We will have consummation night here in forest tonight. Mahek says if you do anything with me then you both wont be saved too, Rohit says what if anything happen to us? Ajay says dont worry, just enjoy with her whole night then we will throw her on road, many cars will run over her and Mahek’s identity will be removed.

Ajay and Rohit passes Mahek to each other like some meat piece, Ajay slaps Mahek and abuses her, they harass her, Mahek pleads to leave her. Ajay takes Mahek’s dupatta off and tears her sleeves, Mahek is wailing. Rohit comes closer to Mahek and is about to kiss her forcefully when Shaurya comes there and punches him away, Mahek is emotional seeing him there. Ajay says how did he come here? Shaurya punches Mahek. Mahek covers herself with her hands, Shaurya takes her dupatta and covers her, she looks at him in pain. Shaurya intensely looks at her and then glares at them.

Kanta and Ravi are driving to find Mahek. Kanta says drive fast, Shaurya is very dangerous, he has done something with Mahek, i am worried, Ravi says dont worry, we will find Mahek.

Mehek update Friday 7th June 2019

Shaurya is beating Rohit and Ajay. He shouts how dare you touch her? He beats Rohit, Ajay grabs him from behind but Shaurya pushes him away and punches him. Shaurya’s phone falls down from his pocket. Rohit and Ajay overpowers Shaurya and starts beating and kicking him. Mahek gets tensed seeing it, she takes rod and starts beating Ajay but Ajay pushes her away. Mahek sees Shaurya’s phone lying on ground, she takes it and calls Kanta.

Shaurya overpowers them and starts beating Rohit. Ajay sees wine bottle lying on ground, he takes it. Mahek is trying to call Kanta but Kanta is not picking up. Kanta sees Shaurya calling her. She takes call, Mahek says Chachi, Kanta asks where are you? Mahek tells her address of street. Mahek sees Ajay holding glass of wine bottle and running towards Shaurya who has back towards him and busy beating rohit.

Mahek sees Ajay about to stab Shaurya from behind, she shouts Shaurya, Kanta is still on call and trying to talk to Mahek, Mahek runs towards Shaurya and stands infront of him before Ajay can stab him, she gets stabbed in stomach by Ajay, she screams Shaurya, Shaurya freezes hearing her scream, Rohit says what did you do Ajay?

Ajay says run, Ajay and Rohit runs away from there. Mahek clutches her stomach and falls down but Shaurya holds her in his arms. Ajay and Rohit punctures Shaurya’s car so he cant use it and runs away from there.

Mahak is breathing heavily in Shaurya’s arms, she tries to say his name but is losing consciousness, Shaurya is still in shock, tadap tadap k is dil se.. Mahek faints, shaurya shouts Mahek..

Mehek update Friday 7th June 2019

Shaurya lifts unconscious in his arms, tadap tadap ke iss dil se plays. Shaurya asks Mahek to open her eyes. Shaurya brings her out of forest, he tries to locate some help. He brings her to his car and lies her in backseat, he says i wont let anything happen to you Mahek, he cries for her.

Shaurya takes tissues and puts at it her wound on stomach, he tries to stop bleeding, Mahek breaths heavily, Shaurya finds water bottle in car, he says nothing will happen Mahek. He sprinkles water on her face and asks her to open eyes, he tries to make her drink water but she lies limply.

Shaurya sees his car’s tyres punctured, he kicks it in frustration, he doesnt find his phone in pocket. He comes in jungle and looks around for phone, he finds his phone but its not working, Shaurya leaves it. Shaurya comes to Mahek again in car and says i wont let anything happen to you, he tries to stop any car to help them, he pleads and begs cars to stop, she will die but nobody stops.

Shaurya brings Mahek out of car, he runs from there with Mahek in his arms. He tries to wake Mahek up but remains unconscious.

Jeevan is crying and searching for Mahek on road. Ravi and Kanta comes there. Kanta comes to Jeevan and says you knew it was Shaurya’s trick all along and you kept sitting in room? Jeevan says i didnt know Rohit and Ajay were here too. Kanta says i just know that its either Shaurya’s fault or your fault, nothing should happen to her, Ravi says i got to know that they took Mahek to Faridabad, lets go there. They sit in car and starts driving trying to call Mahek.

Shaurya is walking on road with Mahek in his arms. He stops one car and begs him to help but man drives away. Shaurya sits down and asks Mahek to open her eyes but she doesnt. Shaurya lies her on road and says nothing will happen. Shaurya tries to take lift from anyone but is unsuccessful, his head is bleeding and paining too. he hugs Mahek and looks around.

Mehek update Friday 7th June 2019

He sees Guradvarah on far end of road, he lifts Mahek and starts taking her there.
Ravi and Jeevan arrives near forest, they find Shaurya’s car on side of road.
Shaurya comes to Guradvarah with unconscious Mahek in his arms. He pleads them to open doors, she will die.

Priests open door for Shaurya. Shaurya sits on floor with Mahek bleeding, he pleads priest to save Mahek, he says save my Mahek.

Ravi and Jeevan sees no one in car, they search for Mahek around, he shouts for her but doesnt find her. Ravi says this car’s tyre is punctured, Kanta cries and sees blood stained tissues in car, she hysterically cries and says God i want my daughter back, they all cry for Mahek, Kanta breakdowns. Ravi screams for her, Jeevan is helpless.

Shaurya lies Mahek in a room at Guradvarah. Priest says hospital is far away from here and we cant leave till morning comes out, Shaurya says why not? bring any ambulance or something, priest says there is protest going on highway, we cant reach there now, and she is not in condition that you can lift her and run with her to hospital, have faith in God and we will try our best, he goes to bring medicines.

Shaurya helplessly looks at Mahek, he rubs her hands and says i wont let anything happen to you Mahek, open your eyes, we didnt equal our things. He cries for her and cleanse her wound with antiseptic. Priest says she has lost so much blood but still breathing, it seems like some strength is preventing her from giving up, if blood stops oozing out then she will be saved. Other man asks Shaurya if he should dress his wound? Shaurya says no, she should become fine first, if she becomes fine then my wounds will be healed too.

Shaurya says to Mahek that our fight is remaining, you cant leave me till we complete our fight, you cant leave me, i wont let you leave me. Priest gives kaada to Shaurya and asks him to give to Mahek, its good remedy. Priest says to Shaurya that you love your wife a lot, dont give up, keep trying, love has strength and God will listen to your true love, prayers have great power so pray, Shaurya sadly looks at Mahek and tries to make her drink kaada.

Mehek update Friday 7th June 2019

Police stops Ravi and Kanta and says there is protest going on road, we have informed to find Shaurya and Mahek, you have to wait. Kanta says i cant wait, she runs from there to find Mahek. Jeevan and Ravi looks on.
Shaurya lies Mahek’s head in his lap and caresses her head, he recalls their moments, their love confession. He silently cries and recalls their moments after marriage, how Mahek got stabbed to save him.

Shaurya cries and says why you did it? why you came infront of me? Mahek please dont go, dont leave me, i need you a lot, i did so much with you, i dont have right to say this but i love you a lot, i really love you, please get fine for my sake, please dont give up, you cant deceive me like this. Shaurya keep sitting with Mahek’s head in his lap whole night. Morning breaks out, Shaurya sees sun rising, he puts Mahek’s head on pillow and goes from there.

Shaurya comes to Guradvarah’s prayer area, he close his eyes and prays to lord, he falls to his knees. he says I never requested for anything from anyone, I always snatched what I wanted but today when you are snatching my everything from me, so i am requesting you, I am pleading to give me my Mahek back, take anything from me in return but give her back to me.

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