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Thursday update on King of hearts 

The episode starts with Roshni stumbling down after hearing news about train bomb blast in which Sid was traveling. DD holds her and feeds her water. She wakes up and runs saying she wants to meet Sid. DD stops her and says she will get back her Sid and it is her promise, to believe her. Roshni hugs her and starts crying.

Simran comes home with Krutika after being insulted at her friend’s party and starts crying. Raj asks what happened to her, if Krutika did anything. Simran says nothing. Raj goes and slaps Krutika. She asks why is he misbehaving with her. He says that is what he is asking her and says this lady took her to party and gave her respect, but she instead alleged her for stealing jewelry. She says she is shameless and they can do whatever they like.

She shows her and Simran’s pic and says she shamelessly left her alone for her ayyashi/lavish life with this old man. She says she cannot call her even mom as she is the one who ruined her life, she has to bear insults for 24 years. Raj tries to intervene, but she asks him to stop right away, else she will beat him to pulp. Raj and Simran sadly walk out from their room.

Raj consoles Simran and says Krutika is also her daughter and they both will get her back on track. Simran says it is her mistake that she left a small kid alone in the ruthless world.

DD calls police commissioner and asks him to find out Sid soon, says she will send Bablu and Rajveer with Sid’s pic. Roshni cries vigorously says it happened because of her, she would not have let Sid go in a train today.

Simran eagerly waits for Krutika. Raj says she will come back and not to worry. She says she is her daughter. Raj says even she is his daughter and she just wants to insult us both for the suffering she went through in her childhood. He says she is a diamond in coal mine and they have to get out of coal mine and polish her back to diamond, says her motherhood may intervene, but she should be strong. She gets Krutika’s call, but a kidnapper speaks instead and says he needs money back which he lent to Krutika to release her. Raj asks who is he and how dare he is to kidnap his daughter. Simran takes phone and asks how much money he needs. He says 2 lakhs and gives address, asks not to inform police, else she will not get back her daughter again. Raj says they should inform police commissioner. She says kidnapper warned not to inform police.

Roshni is worried about Sid and is panicking. DD consoles her and says she will get back Sid soon. She says they both will go out and search him. Naani asks why she wants to take Roshni out at this time. DD says Roshni is disturbed and will get even more disturbed if she stays at home. She forwards her hand and asks Roshni to come with her now. Roshni gives her hand and asks if Sid will be found. She says he will for sure. Naani says they all will accompany them. DD says only she and Roshni will go and asks Kesar to inform her if Sid comes back. Naani thanks god for uniting mother and daughter and prays god to protect Sid.

Roshni and DD reachea the hospital searching for Sid. Roshni hears people discussing that it was a horrible blast and many died, she gets panic and starts crying vigorously again.

Raj and Simran reach police station to complain about Krutika’s kidnap. Kidnapper calls Simran and says he can see her going to police station and now he needs 4 lakhs/double money to free Krutika, else he will kill her and tells her address to bring money. Simran panics and says Raj that because of him, Krutika’s life is at risk, she will not go to police. Raj sees Bablu there and calls his name. Simran says why will he be there and gets him into car.

Samaira calls Rajveer and says they have to attend her friend’s party, he should not worry about Roshni as she is a drama queen from childhood and Sid is not related to them. Pratima hears her conversation and asks how can she think so low and even after staying at DD’s house thinking bad about her daughter. Samira sees Mona standing behind Pratima and starts her drama, she says she is worried about Rajveer and asks why is she twisting her arm.

Mona asks them to stop fighting and asks Pratima why is she misbehaving with her daughter. Pratima leaves. Mona says Samaira that she knows she is not wrong this time, but because of her past arrogance, everyone thinks she is bad.

Raj and Simran reach kidnapper’s den, give him 4 lakhs and rescue Krutika from there.

DD tells doc that she is DD and is searching her SIL Sid. Doc says bomb did not know who she is and asks to stop giving her intro, says it was a horrible blast and many have died and are in morgue. Roshni starts crying even more.

Raj hears Krutika talking to kidnapper and telling he did good job and can keep 50000 rs in ransom amount. He snatches phone form her and tells kidnapper to return his money, else he will get them all in jail. He then says Krutika that she is Simran’s daughter and if any other person would have been there, he would have asked crores. She says he will get crores next time. He asks her why she is doing all this and to mend her ways. She says Simran left her alone when she was 2 years to enjoy/ do ayyashi with him, says she used to hide under bedsheet thinking it is her mom’s pallu and asks him to keep away from her. He forcefully takes his hand near her neck and asks him to strangle her else. He shouts to leave his hand. Simran reaches there and scolds Raj instead.

Roshni stumbles and falls on ground. DD tries to wake her up. She sees Sid coming there and wakes up Roshni. Roshni gets happy seeing him, runs and hugs him. She asks him what if something would have happened to him. He says nothing will happen to him and they will leave happily together. DD asks if he is fine.

He says he is fine. Roshni sees blood on his shirt if he is injured. He says was shocked seeing the blast and was helping others who got injured and nothing to worry. DD says she will call home and inform as they are worried about him. She says he is limping, so she will help him as a crutch.

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