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Wednesday update on Kindred hearts

Jhanvi saves the dog. She picks it up and caresses it. Adi sees her. Adi turns back and leaves, she turns back and sees him leaving.

Jhanvi comes to her office. The receptionist tells her where the cabin is. Jhanvi can’t understand. Receptionist gets busy. Jhanvi looks for the office. Adi is on the chair. He face is towards the wall. He says you are very late. I have other meetings too. I can’t delay other meetings for you Mr. Jhanvi says oh and leaves. The receptionist comes and takes Jhanvi to the right room.

Nisha brings Neha downstairs and says Kaki ma lets start the ritual. Nisha says I want you to do Neha’s munh dikhai in the end and give her no gift and give her what I ask you to. Kaki says Nisha must have thought good for everyone.

Jhanvi’s boss says what you think about seniors? Jhanvi says colors bring happiness in life. We feel colors and then see them. He says what color is most important if your life? She says every color has its importance.

He says I am gonna be retired. Do you think should this be changed? Jhanvi says either home or office command should be in hands of elders and kids should make sure that. Abi comes on door. Boss says yes? He says no you continue I will come later. Jhanvi turns back but he has left.
Nisha gives Neha a bangle. She says you would think weird I don’t have a new gift for you. I wanna tell you whatever was mine is yours too. This house and the love I got here. This bangles are my oldest and favorite. Kaki ma gave me they are yours now. Neha says thank you so much. Nisha says Kaki ma is yashoda ma for Adi. His mom passed away when he was very young but God gave her Kaki ma. She took care of me. Because of her this house is the way it is. She loved me like my own mother. Its been so many years you only thought of us, took care of us. You never thought of yourself. Now enough. Its about time that we take care of you. That is why I want you to be free from all these responsibilities. I want you to give all this responsibility to Neha. Give her the burden of the keys. Kaki says but.. How is that possible? i understand your feelings. You have right on it first. Nisha says neha is my sister. I asked you I would ask you something for her and you can’t say no. Kaki smiles. She takes out the keys and gives them to Neha. Kaki says I am giving you these keys, my love is for both of you. Always stay blessed. Nisha hugs Kaki ma. A woman says first time I am seeing something like this. You are lucky to have Nisha.

Jhanvi comes home. She says I have a new. Her mom and sister are busy deciding the movie. Jhanvi says ask me what happened? Survi says did you get it? Her mom says like they were waiting for you? Are they that fool. Jhanvi says you don’t appreciate my talent. Her mom brings cake. Jhanvi smiles. Her mom says we always knew you would get it. They eat the cake. Survi says lets go eat out. Her mom says I will make it. Jhanvi says okay we eat home. Survi says no we will go out. Jhanvi says lets toss. Survi wins and they go out for lunch one scooty.

Nisha comes to Neha in kitchen and says i am sure you would cook good. This is your first time. I want to tell you one thing, we find everything on internet these days except for the love. Our loves makes it even more tasty. Neha hugs her and says I am so glad I got a new sister like you. Who is so lucky. Nisha says I feel like my little sister is here. Neha says why you look tensed? Nisha says actually I was thinking of kaki ma. I asked her to give you keys. I feel like was that wrong? I mean you are new in this house. You don’t have that trust and comfort with her. I was so excited to meet you. So asked for the keys. Neha says did she not like it? Nisha says Kaki ma is very nice. Whenever someone loses their power they feel something. I don’t know how she feels. She has not known you for long. Neha says should I return them? Nisha says she might feel like you are returning her gift. We have to think of something. i really wish I could take all your problems. I will figure something out don’t worry.

Adi is on his way with the kids. Chini says you always make her sit in front. Adi says who is my princess? They both says me.. Adi says both of you.
Servant says to Nisha kaki ma asked me bring something from shop. Give me money. She says okay. Nisha looks in adi’s coat and finds the bracelet. She says a woman’s bracelet? Chini scares Jahnvi that she will tell police officer Jhanvi is not wearing helmet in signs. Jhanvi smiles. Chini laughs.

Nisha calls Adi, she says I had been calling you. Adi says I was driving. She says or are you with the girl whose bracelet was in your pocket? Is it someone in office? Whom do you have an affair with? Adi goes out of car and says its of the girl who saved papa. Nisha says you think I am a fool? Nisha says we can say whatever we want to each other. Who is she? Adi says you are right. I know have so much lie in you that you see it everywhere. I don’t need to explain you. Think what you want. I am bringing kids home.
Chini says papa what was mama asking? adi she was saying I am missing my dolls bring them home. They say yes lets go home.

Jhanvi is out on dinner with her mom and sister. Jhanvi says I hope that uncle is okay. Her mom says you should go meet him and he has your bracelet you can take it back as well. Survi says yes please bring my bracelet back. I mean go meet uncle. Jhanvi says okay I am going. You two go home.
Neha serves food. Nisha says before eating give her blessings first. Kaki ma tries it and says Neha it is so tasty. She gives her a gift. Neha says thank you. Kaka says very good, my blessings are always with you. He gives her money. Neha says Nisha bhabhi helped me out with everything. She taught to serve love. Mummy ji I want to do something. Kaki says sure? Neha says these keys, Nisha bhabhi gave me this responsibility. I am new here. After mummy ji if someone can be responsible for this house that’s Nisha Bhabhi.

Thats why I want to give it to her. Adi comes in he is dazed. Kaki says I am glad you have this understand with each other. Stay blessed. Neha gives the keys to Nisha. Adi recalls what jhanvi said that elders should always have responsibility and command. Neha gives the keys to Nisha. Adi says very nice Kaki ma but I think command should always be in hands of elders. Their blessings make us who we are and we shouldn’t forget that. Nisha has this respect for you that she wants to give you these keys. Nisha give the real owner of this house her real right. Kaki says for how long.. Nisha says you will keep them till these are exist. Please keep them. Nisha gives the keys to Kaki. She looks in anger at Adi. Kaki says God always keep you two happily married.

Nisha says adi I found this bracelet in your jacket. Whose bracelet is this? Nisha says in heart why you mess with me adi. tell them I lied that I found baba and this is of the girl who actually found him. Kaki says he might have brought it for you. Nisha says he would have given me if it was for me but he didn’t. Nisha says whose bracelet is it? Baba comes and says this is mine. He takes it from nisha. Baba says give it to me. Nisha says baba sa whats wrong. He takes it from Nisha. Nisha says baba sa leave it please. Adi says give it to him. Baba tries to snatch the bracelet and it breaks. Baba says it got broken. He tries to collect the pearls. Adi says this is yours you will get it baba. Calm down please. He takes baba to his room. The kids collect the pearls for him.

Neha comes outside. Neha knocks at the door. Chini binds it again and gives it to baba sa.
Neha rings doorbell. Nisha opens. Nisha says I was passing by so I thought I should meet uncle. He has my bracelet and that’s my sister’s favorite. Nisha says I would give it to you. But you know baba sa is not well. He quite got attached to that bracelet. He listens to it all the time. Give me your address I will send it to you. Neha says no no let him keep if it that keeps him peaceful. Kaki says who is it? Nisha says she helped me find baba sa. She came to meet him but he is not well so I asked her not to meet him. Kaki says yeah his condition has worsen but please do come later when he is okay. He would meet you. Neha says I will pray for his health.

Nisha says in room and says I am sorry baba I thought you brought it for me. I was just joking. I didn’t know baba will get ill. Adi says don’t ever joke like this again. Kaki says its not her mistake don’t be rude to her. She tries so hard to take care of him. Kaka says let it be. Bhai is okay now. Go Nisha rest. Nisha says i am sorry. She goes to her room. Adi says who came out? Kaki says that girl came to meet bhai sa who helped nisha find him. Adi goes out and looks for Jhanvi. He sees her on the road. she is texting. Adi says excuse me.. Nisha turns back.
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