Meet in love update Thursday 1 September 2022

Meet in love 1 September 2022: Meet says to Meet Ahlawat I have decided to steal the file from police station. Meet Ahlawat says first you have to steal a toffee from that shop if you succeed I’m with your or else we will not follow your plan and here keeo this 5rs and keep there. Meet start walking says I’m feeling scared and go to a girl take her cap and start troubling him and says watch these clothes I’ll give you and walk to ten vendor shop says I’m shooting a video of people who are hardworking and recording video, she steal toffee and keep 5rs there says I’m doing with video now let me leave. Man stop him and says make one video of my song too. Meet says I understood you have free time and leave, she walk to Meet Ahlawat. Meet Ahlawat tease her and says I don’t know you can rap too. Meet says good now make plan.

Meet and Meet Ahlawat at police station. Meet Ahlawat says to her now how we will ho inside. Meet says we will not go inside and grab her laptop says from here we ill get to know what they are talking and there are chances we will know the path to go in she switch on laptop and see the footage of police station. Meet Ahlawat ask him when did you do this. Meet says when you went out to bring water that time I installed the camera in tea vendor to go inside with camera. Meet Ahlawat praises her. Boy inside talking to everyone and giving tea. Hawa Singh walks to boy and take the clothe in which spy camera was installed. Meet Ahlawat says now what will happen. Meet just pray he don’t catch camera.

Hawa Singh wipes his hand. Meet pray to god says thank god he didn’t see the camera and same way help us to find that file with all information. Hawa Singh turn on music and start dancing. A man walks to him and greet Hawa Singh. Man says our boss is very happy from your work and says my boss has send some penalty for you. Hawa Singh says I’m police officer I don’t take bribe, you can donate this right now in donation box. Man see the box says I understood donation for hungry people and ask him for what people this donation is. Hawa Singh says there are many hungry people. Man drop that package in donation box and leave. Meet and Meet Ahlawat watching everything how Hawa Singh take to donation. Meet says to him my father use to sit on that chair and help people not like him he is not worthy enough.

Two constable talking to eachother says from the time Hawa Singh has come to this police station the rate of corruption has increased, I use to feel patriotic aftet seeing Mr. Ashok sir. A constable run to Hawa Singh and says today weapons will be delivered. Meet and Meet Ahlawat both in shock. Meet call Ram Lakhan and says I’m sending you a location reach there fast.Masum bring food for Duggu and sya what is this behaviour who do like this. Hoshiyar calls Masum and says what behaviour is this is there some other way to hurt Duggu. Masum says do you think there is some other way I hate Sunaina but still giving my son can’t you see that, whatever I’m doing is for my future, dad has built the empire and only Ahlawat can spend all this wealth.

Hoshiyar says Duggu don’t understand that he thinks we don’t love him. Masum walks to Duggu and wipe his tears and give him milk to drink and ask do you think we don’t love you, we love you so much. Duggu says really so you will be my mom and dad. Masum says yes you have to call Sunaina and Tej your mom dad and we will be your real mom and dad. Duggu gets angry says no I’ll not call them mom and dad you will send me there only to sleep. Masum says you like to go on expensive trips and you will get expensive gift too and everything you wish, you are my good boy. Duggu says no I’m not good boy I want my mom and dad. Masum shouts at him and says you will do as I say or else I’ll lock you in bathroom with cockroach and leaves. Duggu start crying and hugs Hoshiyar.

Meet and Meet Ahlawat out from car and seeing packages coming out of police van. Meet calls Ram Lakhan and ask them to come fast. Ram Lakhan walks to Meet says we are here. Meet says you know what you need to do so start your work and take care of yourself. Ram and Lakhan go in middle of open space and start fighting to distract everyone. Meet Ahlawat says you can hide inside that weapons caret nobody will check that that’s the only way to get in. Ram Lakhan fighting. Meet run towards the weapon caret. Hawa Singh hear voices and says to constable what is going on outside ask them to stop. Meet hide inside the weapon caret number 4. Ram Lakhan see her hiding and walk away. Constable ask everyone to go from here.

Meet Ahlawat remember they fighting to go inside. Meet says I’ll go. Meet Ahlawat says you have claustrophobia so you cannot hide inside that small place. Meet says you taught me Rajasthan how to control that so don’t worry I’m not scared now. Meet Ahlawat says I won’t let you take any risk. Meet says you are out to help me. He says it’s too risky you cannot go inside. Meet says till the time I won’t fine the real killer of my dad I won’t sit quiet so let me go wait you are worried about me keep this earpiece one will be with me and other one with you, this is my fight and you have seen how Hawa Singh has created environment inside police station let me go it’s my fight let me go inside for my father. He says it’s dangerous take care of yourself and signal me if there any problem.

Meet Ahlawat remember Meets blutooth is left our how will I communicate with her, I have she is good don’t know why did I let her go I know Hawa Singh is dangerous and atill I let her go inside. Meet Ahlawat see them taking box inside. Hawa Singh inside police station says I’ll check one of the box and open one.Meet hidw herself inside weapons box and thinks to get justice I need to reach to that file anyhow. Meet Ahlawat try to go inside police station.Constable walks to Hawa Singh and says weapons are here where to keep.

Hawa Singh mocks him and says keep at usual place and take note of every box and make list of delivered items we need to give data to government. Constable keeps it in room. Hawa Singh walks to box number 4. Meet Ahlawat looking from outside. Hawa Singh says let me check one box, I’ll check the big one because we need sell them out too. Meet pray inside says don’t let Hawa Singh see me. Hawa Singh open box and check. Meet hide herself below the cloth. Hawa Singh grab a gun and see. Meet Ahlawat I won’t let Meet go inside alone. Hawa Singh stab the gun knife in cloth and it hurt Meet on her hand. Hawa Singh says this stuff is good and keep the gun inside. A constable says to Hawa Singh we cannot keep these box in open.

Hawa Singh says then why did I kept you think of something and ask him to lock all the boxes. Meet says how will I survive in box if he will lock them. Meet Ahlawat outside says I need to think of something. Constable locks the box and give to Hawa Singh. Hawa Singh keep that keys with him and ask constable to keep in store room. One constable says to other we will keep in store room first let’s go and have tea and they leave.Meet remember how Meet Ahlawat taught him to control anxiety and she try to make a hole in box and pray to god says give me strength to catch the real killer of my father and grab to file to know the address of Mohan Lal because he was with the criminals when my father died.

Three ladies trying to walk inside police station. Meet Ahlawat disguised as women walking with them. One of the constable sto then and ask where are you going. Lady says Hawa Singh called us. Hawa Singh ask what happen and ask constable to let them go in. Meet Ahlawat passes by Hawa Singh. Meet Ahlawat and other two ladies start dancing. Meet hear song and says what happen. One of the constable dancing with Meet Ahlawat. Hawa Singh start dancing with Meet Ahlawat and he trying to take keys from him and he succeeds. Meet Ahlawat go from there and start the smoke machine he run to box and says don’t panic Meet I’m here and start unlock her. Meet and Meet Ahlawat run from there and go inside file room.

Meet Ahlawat touch Meet’s hand she shout. Meet Ahlawat see her hand says you are hurt. Meet says I’m alright just think of Hawa Singh guard the gate and tell me if he come. Meet looking for file. Hawa Singh coming towards them. Meet Ahlawat tell her Hawa Singh is coming. Meet says distract him I’m still looking for file. Meet Ahlawat hide himself. Hawa Singh for Meet Ahlawat. Meet Ahlawat touch him from behind and run away. Hawa Singh chases him. Hawa Singh try to remove his Duppata but he don’t let him. Meet drops a rack in file room. Hawa Singh gets drunk and fall. Meet Ahlawat rush towards Meet and they both come out of room. Meet’s hand bleeding badly. Meet Ahlawat pick her up and run towards exit.

Meet and Meet Ahlawat out in market. Meet Ahlawat applying bandage on her hand. Meet says thank god you came out Hawa Singh was hitting on you. Meet Ahlawat says I have to get in because you were inside and huet yourself what if something happens to you. Meet says you were there to help me, nothing can happen to me and this pain is nothing for father, dying is also less infront of my father. Meet Ahlawat says shutup and put his finger on her lips and hugs him, he says I was scared for you, thankgod you are safe. Meet says all because of you. Meet Ahlawat says did you get information from that file. Meet says yes I got the infe he was transferred next day of my father’s death to North east side, he is posted Assam side in some small station, now we can get his info and address from that station, now it will be easy for us.

Ram thinking about Meet and his behaviour. Ragini folding her clothes. Ram says to her thankyou. Ragini says what. Ram says I didn’t get to know when you made my family as yours and accepted everyone and give them equal love, so thanks for that. Ragini says they are our kids too. Ram says yes but I can be wrong, Meet was in trouble for Tej but now Tej is alright but I think Meet is still in trouble. Ragini says really something is troubling her, I’ll go and talk to her don’t worry. Ram says this thing make you special. Ragini leaves.

Meet Ahlawat and Meet in car. Meet video calls Mohan Lal chacha and greet him. He ask who is this. She says I’m Meet daughter of your senior Ashok Huddah. Mohan Lal in shock and says it’s wrong number and disconnects call. Meet call him again but he disconnects again. Meet Ahlawat says maybe he don’t remember. Meet says it’s only few years when dad was alive and he is coming to our house from the day he was promoted and he use to come daily he was our family member, I cannot believe that he will forget me. Meet Ahlawat says this means he knows something that he cannot tell or he don’t want to tell. Meet says that’s what I want to know.

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