Imlie update Thursday 1 September 2022

Imlie 1 September 2022: Dev returns home and seeing Aditya’s family greets them and says he had gone to their home and they are here. He says he met an interesting girl there. Aparna says she is Imlie whom Aditya brought from Pagdnandiya to work as a maid. Dev informs them the whole incident happened. Anu gets angry hearing that. Malini calms her down. Nidhi and Parul inform they tricked Imlie and its not Imlie’s mistake. Dev says Imlie is an amazing girl and was alone doing work of 4 people. While returning home in car, Nidhi and Parul laugh discussing Imlie’s jokergiri. Aparna says Imlie is a cute girl. Aditya says she is troublesome. They reach home and knock door, but Imlie doesn’t open it.

Pankaji and Tauji also return and asks what happened. Aparna says Imle is not opening door. Rupali says all cash and jewelry are left outside, if Imlie stole and left home. Family panics. Aditya reminisces Imlie returning him money in Pagdandiya and says she cannot steal. He breaks door open and they all walk in and search house. Nidhi informs all cash and jewelry is missing. Family panics more. Aditya says Imlie cannot steal and they should search her first. They search her and he finds her bag and certificate in servant room. Nidhi informs famiily that she called police. Aditya scolds her and says Imlie’s bag is here and she will not leave with it. Parul asks why she needs old clothes when she eloped with new ones.

Aditya searches Imlie again and finds her unconscious on kitchen floor. He informs family. They all rush to her worried and try to wake her up. Imlie wakes up and asks what happened. They all ask what happened to her. She reminisces seeing Bade papa having sleeping pills and when asked saying its energy tablets, says she took Badke kaka’s energy tablets to fight with thief and fell asleep. Pankaj says its bhai saheb’s sleeping pills. Badimaa asks where is jewelry and cash. Imlie scolds that they live in a big city and don’t know that they shouldn’t keep cash and jewelry in open. She shows them jewelry hidden in rice container. Police enters just then and asks if their family member complained that their maid Imlie eloped with jewelry and cash. Family stands dumbstuck while Imlie shatters hearing that and cries locking herself in kitchen.

Aditya says there was some confusion and explains whole issue. Inspector leaves asking not to keep any maid without identity verification and to submit Imlie’s identification cards in police station. Family rushes to Imlie and apologizes. Nidhi says Rupali told Imlie she stole money and left. Rupali says Nidhi called police. Aparna asks her to stop and Badimaa says everyone make mistake, even she must have done some mistake. She asks them all to apologize at once. They all apologize her and she cheers up.

Imlie walks to Aditya and thanks him for saving her from police, says she knows he cares for her. He says he didn’t save her, but saved himself instead as police would have questioned him about her whereabouts and family would have found out that he was forced to marry her. She stands shattered. He says if she is doing all these drama for his attention, then she is wrong, she consumed 2 sleeping pills and if she had taken more she would have died and he would have been blamed. He says he is hiding their relationship from family and Malini, but he is not afraid of her; she may try to make relationships, if he says she is a liar, his family will trust her and will kick her out of this house.

She says this may be his family, even she has a mother in her family who taught her not to break promise, she is saving herself by saving Pagdandiya and Satyakam’s dignity, he didn’t lose anything, but she did. She continues pouring her heart out and walks away weeping while Aditya stands silently.Rupali informs family that she got a school teacher job. Family congratulates her. She gets concerned that she was a senior teacher before marriage and now got junior teacher’s job. Imlie gives her example of a big TV and small remote and TV is waste without remote, says anything’s significance is not judged by its size, if she works hard and determines her significance, school may not work without her.

Family gets happy seeing her intelligence. Rupali says she will accept offer letter and asks Imlie to get it from her room. Imlie leaves. Rupali says she forgot Imlie is illiterate. Imlie returns and asks if she got a job City School, she dreamt of getting admission there. Family asks if she can read English. Imlie says she can. They asks what is he qualification. She says 12th…then stops seeing Aditya. Pankaj scolds him that when he knew about Imlie’s studies, why did he bring Imlie here interrupting her studies. He says he already told that he didn’t bring her but was sent with him forcefully. Badepapa says he will fund Imlie’s education if she wants to study. Imlie gets emotional reminiscing Satyakam’s words that where ther is darkness, there is light.

She tells Bade papa that she will study at night and will be thankful to him if he gives her education in charity. Bade papa agrees.Malini meets Aditya at an open restaurant and shows him wedding card samples. Aditya selects one. She says even this is her favorite. He hopes their understanding continues even after marriage. She says she will always support him and never doubt him if he doesn’t cheat her for another woman. He warns her not to repeat same words. She says he expects him to discuss all his issues with her and hide nothing, but he looks tensed since he returned from Pagdandiya. He he feels relieved discussing his problems with her. She asks to get her married soon and take her home. He thinks already he brought problem home.

Aparna sees Pankaj and Dhruv tensed and asks reason. Panjak says he had informed them about his friend finding a new maid and told he is sending maid now. Bade papa says they don’t need 2 maids. Badi maa says they should send Imlie back to her village then. Aparna says that would be fine as Imlie is small and doesn’t know work properly. Imlie gets tensed hearing their conversation and asks if they are removing her from work. Bade papa asks if she heard their conversation. Pankaj says they are sending her back to her village. Imlie thinks if she returns home, her amma will be troubled by villagers.

Rupali says let us pull her legs. Badimaa says she doesn’t know work properly. Imlie says she cleaned windows so well. Family continues pulling her legs and then laugh saying they were just joking as temporary maid is coming till Adi’s marriage. Imlie scolds them that they made her cry with their joke. They all laugh and think they are habituated to Imlie in a few days. After sometime, Aparna gets engagement ring for Malini and asks Aditya if this ring will fit Malini. He says how will he know. She asks if he didn’t hold her hand in 7 years, sees Imlie and asks him to fix ring in her finger and check.

Aditya and Imlie resist, but agree on Aparna’s insistence. Ring gets stuck in Imlie’s finger. Imlie asks him not to worry as she will somehow remove the ring. Aditya brings soap. Aparna says ring went in a wrong finger. Aditya says wrong finger went into a right ring, this is waht happens when they pick sand instead of sandalwood.Anu speaks to her friend over phone and informs her that she brought all branded jewelry for Malini and doesn’t want any middle class thing around her. Dev enters with his mother (who looks much younger than him and Anu both) and says maa came and gave them a surprise. Anu disconnects call murmuring already middle class person entered her house, asks why did she come.

Dev asks what does she mean. Anu says she means if maa had informed them beforehand, she would have sent someone to bring her here. Maa says luggage his brought and maa comes herself. Malini rushes to her and hugs her happily. Anu asks servant to keep maa’s luggage in guest house. Malini says daadi came to spend time with her and even she will shift to guest house with her. Anu agrees to let maa stay in house and walks away yelling that she will declare her house as dharamshala. Malini apologizes Daadi on Anu’s behalf. Daadi says she knows Anu before Malini was born and she wasn’t like this before, don’t know what happened to her. Dev stands nervous hearing that.

Aditya’s family decide to write an essay about family and gift it to Adi. Each family member write their essay on a piece of paper. Imlie enters and asks what are they doing, but they hide their paper. Aparna then explains. Imlie picks paper to write when Badimaa enters and asks her to call Bade papa. She goes out searching him and finds him smoking. He gets nervous and offers her choc. She scolds him and warns him to stop it right now or else she will inform family. He says he cannot leave childhood habit so easily and picks one more cig. She thinks she will inform family and stop his smoking habit at once.

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