Meet in love update Friday 2 September 2022

Meet in love 2 September 2022: Meet and Meet Ahlawat in market. Meet trying to call Mohan Lal but couldn’t connect. Meet says why is he behaving like this why is he ignoring me, he is the only why to find something about my father. Meet Ahlawat says how we will find him in Assam. Meet says this means he is not in Assam he is in kurukshetra. Meet Ahlawat says how are you so sure. Meet says in video call I can hear the bell of temple and the mantra was of kurukshetra Bhramsarovar did you see there was a board of Ashram called Seva Mandir Bhramsarovar. Meet Ahlawat says but how you know. Meet says I went with my father there many times after my grandfather’s death for his funeral ritual and many more and you know father use to buy barfi from a perticular shop because me and Mohan Chacha use to love that, it’s so strange Mohan Lal remember that temple but not me.

Meet Ahlawat says that Mohan Chacha can tell when we meet him after all kurukshetra is not far and they both leave for temple.Meet and Meet Ahlawat in kurukshetra. Meet Ahlawat says you are genius. Meet says now we need to find him and see Mohan Lal Chacha, she walks to him. Mohan lala ignore him and try to get inside room and close door. Meet stop him from closing door and says do you remember when I was young I use to tie rakhi on your hand seeing mom because I did not have a brother, we are not blood related but we are related with memories, what happen that you cannot even look at me, I have learnt the truth that my father was killed and I know that you know but still you hide the truth.

Mohan says because I was scared and now I’ll tell truth, it was 6 August 2018 that day Ashok sir was driving jeep as my wife was sick and hospitilised so he told me to stay with her but I didn’t know that will our last meet because those people killed him. Meet stumble. Ashok says his dead body was kept in jeep in such way that people may feel that he is alive and pressure me to go on petroling when I deny them they said I’ll complaint to officer and Hawa Singh came infront of me and threaten me to kill my family, that’s why I was quite, that night Hawa Singh came to take tea and Ashok sir was sitting dead in front seat even Anubha Bhabhi came out to see. Meet Ahlawat says to Meet try to handle yourself.

Mohan says Hawa Singh played game, your father was dead on 6 August but they showed that he was killed in an encounter on 7 August so that nobody get suspicious. Meet Ahlawat says this mean Tej saw your father murder, you were right both the cases are connected you are correct. Meet says to Mohan my father always treated you as family and you never thought of us he use to say the person who hide mistake is also the culprit that time you were scared but didn’t tell the truth afterward you did a big crime with my father. Mohan Lal says I know I did wrong. Meet says god always give you chance to fix your mistake. Mohan lal says yes after 4 years I came to Kurukshetra for my wife funeral ceremony and today I came back to square one it’s a God sign to fix my mistake.

Meet says if you want to fix your mistake then you have to help me because I’m reopening Papa’s case in court and only you can help me. Mohan lal says you reopen the case and I’ll give my verdict in court. Meet Ahlawat says thanks to him and taxi will come to take you and nobody will know about you.Meet and Meet Ahlawat walks out. Meet thinking about what Mohan Lal said. Meet Ahlawat thinks I can’t see Meet upset and start trying to cheer her up by praising himself. Meet says listen whatever I’m trying to do is because you are with me. He says we will fight together and win after that I’ll take you on a special date. Meet says I’ll take you on date which will be special and memorable after all date dosent know who is taking girl or a boy.

He thinks now she came in competition mode and ask her what you will do to make that date special. She says you think you are smart I understand everything you are trying to cheer me up I know everything. Meet Ahlawat says you spoiled everything. Meet says you don’t need to do anything you already gave me what I want and hold his hand. Meet Ahlawat mocks her. She says I’m talking about support and same way whole family support us, we need to tell truth to family that he was murdered and I believe family members will support us. Meet Ahlawat says yes they will support us now come with me.

Next morning Masum asks for extra butter to Sunaina and says this condition has lot of cravings and I hope I am not troubling you, Sunaina says not at all let me know what all you need. Masum thinks you troubled me a lot, in kitchen now look what will I do to you. Raj asks Sunaina where is Tej, Sunaina says he went to Ram Lakhan school as gardian, Masum signs Duggu, Duggu walks to Sunaina and says sorry, for misbehaving, Mom, Everyone surprised, Sunaina in tears, Masum says look he accepted you, he even made a family tree look and wrote your and Tej bhai’s name in place of mother and father, Raj says nice.

Masum says Meet you said Duggu won’t be ready but look he agreed, Meet says Duggu we are happy if you are do let me know if you want to share anything, Masum says why does it look like you are not happy with this adoption, Meet says I have no problem, Masum says but 2 days later we will arrange adoption, Meet gets call and she leaves.Ram asks Ragini did she speak to Meet because she looks so worried, Ragini says I will go talk to herMohan calls Meet and thanks of reliving him of guilt, Meet says Thank you for helping us, we will come pick you in an hour. Ragini walks to Meet and Meet Ahlawat and ask what truth, Meet says I will tell everyone inside.

Meet and Meet Ahlawat walk in, Meet says to everyone, I want to tell everyone a truth, you all will be surprised and may not like it but I need your support. Raj asks what is it.
Meet says my father didn’t die in encounter but was killed, and Tej saw that murder, and then Tej was attacked and kidnapped and I heard hawa Singh accept it, he was part of all this and has destroyed all proofs but I have found one proof which will help me reopen the case.Meet and Meet Ahlawat in room. Meet walks to him and says is this the way to take out your anger, someone said me yesterday you should no work with anger you should work with your mind, you should not be angry on our family because they understand us and support us, after Duggus function we will talk to Babita and try to amke her understand and I believe she will understand us and then I’ll get selected in police with everyone’s blessings.

He says what if she don’t understand. Meet says but we can believe that we can make her understand and get ready we have lot of work and after all many relations are going to change. He says yes we are going to be Chachi Chachu from Mama, Mami.Duggu in his room looking at painting and remembers how Masum scold him and ask him to make new family tree with Tej and Sunaina’s photo. Meet walks in room and looks for Duggu and says what are doing here everyone is looking for you downstairs, what happen to you why are you sad. Masum walks in and says he is sad because he don’t have habit of wearing such heavy clothes afterall some people dosent value good things and she walks to Duggu and ask him not to be sad or else everyone will feel like we are forcing you and ask you only tell do we are forcing you for adoption.

Duggu looks at Meet says yes. Masum says to Meet now if you are free so please help Babita and see is Panditji here. Meet thinks I think Duggu is not happy.Everyone in hall Masum telling about how Duggu was naughty and from now on you have face everything and take care of him. Sunaina says I’m so excited for Duggu and do everything a parent does for his child. Raj says good do everything and tell me where is Tej and Duggu. Duggu comes in popcorn box and everyone get shock after seeing him. Everyone singing together and enjoying ceremony. Duggu leaves party. Panditji walks in and says call Duggu and begin with pooja.

Everyone looking for Duggu. Masum says he must be in room I’ll go and get him.Masum in room. Hoshiyar walks to her says still there time is left think for one time. Masum says there is no time now and looks for Duggu in room, he must be in garden. Meet walks to rrom and says what happen. Hoshiyar says we cannot find Duggu. Meet says he must be house where he will go, I’ll go and check garden.Meet in garden says he is not here and she finds sweet Duggu was wearing as garland, she follows them.

Masum in room with everyone says he has become naughty because you all love him a lot I’m sure he must be hiding somewhere. Sunaina says where he can hide, I think we should find him. Meet walks in says he is not in house, he went out somewhere. Masum says what rubbish. Meet Ahlawat says he must be inside. Meet says I found this sweet in garden and they are going towards the maind road. Masum says you started your drama and last time you were with Duggu what did you said to him. Meet looks at the painting a message was written on that saying I want my mom dad and different one. Raj take that painting and see that says there was no consent of Duggu in adoption and says to Masum he must be in lot of pain he is so young what kind of mother you are.

Masum says I don’t know this. Babita ask Raj to bring Duggu back he is so young. Raj says don’t worry and Meet Ahlawat give her water. Meet says to Meet Ahlawat come with me he will be near around.Duggu in market talks to himself says I left the house but where should I go now, I have no idea what to do. Meet Ahlawat, Tej, Hoshiyar, Meet in market looking for Duggu. Duggu sit somewhere says I should go back to home I’m feeling hungry. Two boys look’s at Duggu says you are here, your mom and dad are looking for you come we will drop you. Duggu says really and walk with them.

Meet ask a shopkeeper did you see Duggu. He says no but be careful because many kidnappers are roaming in this area, till now 10 kids are kidnapped and none is found till yet. Meet says did that group kidnapped Duggu.Two boys cover Duggu and try to kidnap him, they run with him and hid after seeing Meet Ahlawat, they keep him in van and run away.Kidnappers take Duggu to unknown place. Duggu ask then where did you bring me where are my mom dad. A man shouts at him and ask him to keep quiet.

Meet Ahlawat holding water bottle. Tej with Hoshiyar see Meet Ahlawat. They walks to him and ask did you find Duggu. Meet Ahlawat says no but I found the way to find him. They see Meet disguised as small school going kid. Meet Ahlawat says to them after talking to many people we get to know that a kidnappers gang is activated so to catch them Meet has planned this and he give her gps tracker. Hoshiyar ask them what are we going to do. They both explain the plan. Tej says sounds good but it’s dangerous, do you believe in your plan. Meet says yes and that gang has to pay for there deeds. Meet Ahlawat ask them did you understand what you have to do.

Meet in market shouting and saying mom dad. Those kidnappers see Meet and says today is our lucky day and walks to Meet. One of them push Meet and she drop her lolipop, she hold her hairs and cry for lolipop. Other guy says calm down there you will find more lolipop come with us. Meet says so many lolipop and start walking with them. Meet Ahlawat follows the. Kidnappers make her sit in van and take her to unknown location. Meet Ahlawat also reach there. Boys says to boss we got new one, a retarted girl, total we got 11 kids from one area, we are in profit this time. Boss says we will sell there body parts and become rich and voss will be happy, I heard boss has send someone special person with a deal of 11 crores.

Meet Ahlawat hearing everything from Meet’s device. Duggu looks at Meet. Meet ask him to be quiet. Kidnapper see her and shouts what are you doing. Meet points up at say and says so many star’s. One them ask where did you get this defective one. Boss says we just need to number. Meet take rope and acts childish to distract kidnappers and start behaving like dog. Kidnappers get annoyed and ask to tape her mouth. Kidnappers get busy with Meet and Duggu signs other kid to free him. Kidnappers make her sit near Duggu and tie her hands. Duggu says don’t worry I’ll untie you. Meet Ahlawat enter the room disguised as kidnapper.



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