This is fate update Thursday 1 September 2022

This is fate 1 September 2022: Sonakshi asks Sherlin what she is doing here, Sherlin destroys her mobile when she gets angry, Sherlin then questions what sort of a person she thinks of her because she tracked her mobile using the app and also if she can come here then also Preeta can track her, because she is a really clever woman. Sonakshi explains she has given the birth to Pihu which shocks everyone when she orders them all to get back to work. Sonakshi asks Sherlin what is she doing when she replies that she did not tell her the plan because when she played her games Sherlin got mad at her, Sherlin once again warns her saying that she is making a mistake because she has kidnapped the daughter of Karan and Preeta, she doesnot know what they are capable off as they have involved Vinod, who is the officer specializing the kidnapping cases,

Sonakshi exclaims she warned them to not involve anyone when Sherlin explains he has come as a friend. Sherlin says that Sonakshi said she would work alone but she requires her help, Sherlin replies she doesnot want any money but the revenge from Preeta as because of her, Prithvi is in jail and she must take revenge, Sonakshi thinks she has also involved Sherlin with her and now will surely win.

Shristhi enters the house when she is shocked to see everything, she asks Sameer what is going on when he reveals the entire situation, Mahesh advises Shristhi to take care of Preeta because she is not able to forgive herself and thinks she is wrong even when he assured her she is not at fault but she must not worry, Shristhi really appreciates Mahesh saying he is the only one in this house who understands Preeta, he replies that he has accepted her as his daughter so surely knows him.

Preeta comes back with Karan, Shristhi immediately hugs her, she starts weeping when Shristhi says that she must not worry because she is not at fault, and it is all because of that message which was deleted. She should remain calm; Karan also gets tensed seeing Preeta crying.

Akash coming explains to Vinod that he got the footage, and it can be seen who kidnapped Pihu, he also hands the bag which Vinod, Karan questions what is in the bag, Vinod explains that this has a special tracker which is made for this special purpose, once Karan manages to get the money then they will reveal themselves and catch the kidnappers, Karan would see who has actually kidnapped her. Sherlin is really tensed.

Sonakshi is really tensed, she once again decides to call them but Rajveer stops her when she questions why does he keep stopping her, he replies she has given them a time and it has not completed so they should wait, the accomplice comes explaining that Sonakshi was wrong because the girl has not even eaten anything, she was wrong even before as Pihu is not interested in eating

the chocolate, Sonakshi in anger exclaims that she can die if she doesnot eat anything, they all get tensed, Sonakshi insists they should not look at her like this because Pihu is her real daughter. she sends the other women to go and tie her eyes as then she will go and feed her, Akash in the Luthra house plays the footage and explains they can see who kidnapped her, Vinod asks him to zoom so they can see her face, however she is wearing a burqa, Karan also instructs them to check he number plate but Vinod exclaims usually the vans are stolen but he will have them checked.

Sonakshi goes to Pihu who is constantly calling Preeta Ma, she sits with her advising her to eat but she at once recognizes that it is Sonakshi, she starts thinking of the Diwali night when she was with Pihu explaining that she is her real mother, who kept her in her stomach for nine months and even saved her today from the fire because of which she also got hurt, Pihu got worried hearing the footsteps, she exclaimed it would be Preeta Maa as she doesnot sleep without her however Sonakshi insisted that Preeta doesnot love her more then herself,

Pihu once again asks if she is Sonakshi however she replies she is not, Pihu stops crying explaining she knows that Sonakshi has come to free her and will take her back home, Sonakshi receives a call from Sherlin so leaves handing the food to the other lady, she sits down, Pihu immediately realizes she is someone else so requests her to open her eyes asking if the other women was indeed Sonakshi.

Sonakshi asks Sherlin what has happened in the Luthra house, Sherlin explains they have brought the money but Vinod is also going to set a tracker in it so they can track her location, Sonakshi in anger exclaims both Karan and Preeta would have to pay for this as she warned them to not act smart, she needs the money because she has to pay these kidnappers but now would ruin the parent-ship which karan and Preeta are both acting off.

Sonakshi asks Vinny to call the Luthra’s she after dialling it asks Preeta to put the phone on speaker, Preeta at once requests them to let her speak with Pihu for one time as then she would calm down and feel nice, Karan asks her to calm down and then says they would not have any more talk until she lets them talk with Pihu, he ends the call which angers Preeta who questions what has he done, Shristhi stops her saying that she feels Karan has done the right thing, Mahesh also agrees with karan, mentioning that the women who has kidnapped their daughter has no heart, Preeta worries if she might do something to her.

Sonakshi asks them to connect the call once again, Sonakshi asks Preeta if she wants to talk with Pihu then as soon as Pihu comes, the entire Luthra family starts crying requesting her to not do anything wrong with Pihu, Mahesh also assures that they will surely be able to bring her back, Sonakshi questions Preeta if she knows the reason that Pihu got kidnapped, Preeta is constantly weeping, she replies that she doesnot know the reason, Sonakshi says she will tell her, saying that Pihu got kidnapped because Preeta doesnot deserve to be a mother as she is not worthy enough, she was not able to care for her own daughter and did not even reach to pick her up at the birthday party,

while on the other hand she saw someone praying in the Mandir for the safe return of Pihu, she heard the women saying her name is Sonakshi and she is the mother of Pihu while on the other hand she is saying she is the mother, no child should get a mother like her, she needs the money and they can drop it at the location of their choosing, while they would have run away from that place, no one should know about it, not even the police or any police friend.

Shrishti immediately exclaims she doesnot understand how they got to know about Vinod, Karan also mentions someone might have leaked the information, Karan suggests someone from his team, but Vinod says that he is sure of his team. Sherlin thinks she is the one, she prays that nothing happens to her. Akash suggests they might have found out they took the CCTV footage, Vinod explains that they would also set an audio device for the safety of karan and Pihu,

Preeta explains she will also go with him however Karan in anger exclaims that he will go alone and to take anyone with him, Preeta questions who can he stop her from going with him as she is the mother of Pihu, Karina once again blames Preeta for everything, Karan stops her saying she knows what to say, Karina leaves in anger exclaiming she is wrong while that girl is right, Preeta leaves crying, karan asks Shristhi to take care of her.

Sameer wonders where Sonakshi is, who always claims to be the mother of Pihu but is not present, he leaves to check when Sherlin also follows him thinking she was right as he is trying to find Sonakshi, she wonders what she should do to stop him.

Preeta enters her room crying, Shristhi comes trying to calm her down exclaiming she is not wrong as the kidnappers can take the children from anywhere so she should not blame herself, she suggests Preeta should not go downstairs because Karina and Dadi are really angry, Preeta asks her to go downstairs because now she will have to stand their in her place, Preeta closes the door thinking she will not let Karan go alone because she needs to be with Pihu so will go with him.

Sameer calls to Sonakshi entering her room wondering where might she be, Sherlin comes questioning what is he doing here, he replies he has indeed come to find her, Sherlin says he did not understand because the kidnapper said that he saw Sonakshi in the Mandir, Sameer questions does it not seem really weird because these people donot even have a heart but how do they know Sonakshi, Sherlin thinks she knew he would try to use his own mind, she explains it is really normal because these people tend to find out information about the family members, Sameer leaves when Sherlin wonders what will she be able to do in the future.

Karan is driving the car, Preeta is hiding in the back of the car, she thinks how Karan stopped her from going with him but she will not stay away from Pihu and will always be with her, she will end her own life but will always get to Pihu.

Sonakshi is with the kidnapper, she orders him to maintain a distance from Karan’s car, Sonakshi dials the number which is already placed in the car, Karan gets worried, Preeta also thinks if this is her mobile but is relieved, Karan answers the call, questioning how did she get to his car, she orders him to first throw his mobile out of the car so they are sure that no one is tracking his car, he refuses to do it but Sonakshi explains he has no other choice,

karan agrees, Sonaskhi praises him hearing which he gets shocked however she asks him to not look for them and drive straight, she orders him to stop his car and then shift the money to the bag which is placed behind his seat and doesnot have the tracker, Karan is asked to throw the bag in the dustbin, Sonakshi then asks him to reach the mill which is closed.

Sonakshi is with the kidnapper who praises him saying that she has even changed the location and has made karan throw the bag, but would she really give them the location of Pihu, she asks if he knows the location of Pihu explaining this is why she brought him here.

Vinod calls Bhosle explaining how he needs a favour, he explains there is a case relating to a kidnapping which involves Pihu Luthra, Bhosle exclaims she is the daughter of Karan Luthra, Vinod explains they cannot take the help of the police or any other agency, he wants Bhosle to follow the car of Karan as they have already placed the tracker but Bhosle asks for the car number mentioning that the kidnappers tend to change the location of the meet from where they had originally agreed to, Vinod agrees explaining he cannot follow Karan because the kidnappers know of his involvement, Bhosle calls the constable to issue the directives.

Karan is driving the car when there is a road block, Preeta si worried what would happen if they manage to find out that she is hiding in his car as she wants to be with Karan as he is going alone, the kidnapper stops the car when Sonakshi questions what was the reason, he asks her to see in the front as there is a check point, he asks if he can take a u turn but Sonakshi stops him mentioning it might create suspicion.

Karan is stopped at the roadblock when one of the constable notices him, he demands for a selfie to which karan agrees then he is allowed to leave, the constable informs Bhosle about Karan’s location, he replies he already knows about it, they also stop the car of Sonakshi, but they are allowed to leave after they provide the papers of the car.

Sonakshi reaches the location with the kidnapper, she advises him to go inside and talk with karan because if she talks with him then he would come to know the truth, she asks him to always keep his mobile on so she knows what he is talking, and he must come back after taking the money so she drives him off.

Karan reaches the location, the kidnapper takes out a gun asking Karan to bring the money when he even takes out the tracker, Karan demands the location of Pihu, however the kidnapper starts to fumble, the police arrive, Sonakshi at once drives off, the kidnapper calls her but she does not stop, he then tries to scare karan by firing a shot but seeing this the police inspector fires a bullet at him, the kidnapper falls to the ground.

Karan tries to ask for the location of Pihu, but the inspector explains he has died, Karan stands in anger questioning what the hell are they doing as because of them he would not be able to get his daughter, he questions who told them about his location, Bhosle takes the name of Vinod which angers Karan who warns them of severe consequence before leaving in anger. Bhosle orders his constable to find out who is the kidnapper.

Vinod is wondering what might be going on when he receives a call from Bhosle, so immedai9tley asks if everything happened according to their plan and did they find Pihu however Bhosle exclaims that everything got ruined because they reached the location on time but the kidnapper started to point a gun at him when they also fired at him so he died in the process, Vinod questions what did he do because they need the person alive to reach Pihu, now Karan would be really angry with him. Shristhi coming from behind questions why he sent the police after karan when he did not even take Preeta, Vinod replies they cannot accept all the demands of the kidnappers, the media arrives when he asks her to get back into the house, Vinod explains he just knows that they are trying their best to get back Pihu.

Preeta is in the trunk of the car, Sonakshi orders them to arrange a television, Preeta wonders who this lady in the car is, and why is she not able to understand her words. The car stops at the mill, Sonakshi rushes inside and Preeta also follows her.

Karan reaches the house, Shrishti asks Vinod to reveal what has happened, he asks them to remain calm as karan is going to arrive soon and will be really angry, Karan comes yelling his name, Vinod asks him to calm down but he punches him questioning why did he call the police when Karan said he is going to handle it himself, Mahesh stops Karan questioning what has happened as he is just shouting, karan bales Vinod for the danger his daughter is in. the entire family is shocked, Karan explains Vinod send the police because of which one of their accomplice was killed now Pihu is in danger, everyone is really worried.

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