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Made for each other 6 October 2020: Pandit says the tilak rasam completes. Everyone claps. Veena asks Anurag to feed the sweets to Viraj, being Prerna’s good friend. Komolika says its good Veena is doing everything we wanted. Anurag feeds sweets to Prerna and Viraj.

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Ram Ram….plays… Komolika says congrats, Prerna and Viraj, you both are soon getting married, why not you both have a dance together. Prerna says no, I just mean… Viraj says don’t know, I know you are pregnant, I will take care. She holds his hand. They dance on Khuda jaane… Viraj’s mum says they both look made for each other. Prerna imagines Anurag in Viraj. She smiles and dances.

Anurag goes away and feels bad. He drinks water. Anupam comes and hugs Anurag. He says there was some confusion in time, glad to know that someone misses me, are you fine. Anurag says no, I have feelings for Prerna, I don’t know what you are thinking, I know its wrong at this point, I know I m married, I have a wife, its wrong to think so, I should be happy that she is getting married, I feel she is getting away from me, she will be of someone else, this is affecting me, I m not liking it, I m not able to see Viraj and Prerna dancing. Shivani cries hearing this and thinks I will tell Prerna, she was so right, Anurag has feelings for Prerna, when he doesn’t remember anything. Anurag says I m sorry. Anupam says I know why you are feeling this, you had a special bond with Prerna, she was very close to you. Nivedita interrupts and takes Anupam.


She scolds Anupam. He says I m just supporting the truth, why didn’t you tell me about the tilak. She says you would have told Moloy, I won’t let you ruin Anurag’s life. He says you think I don’t worry for him. She says you were telling him to worry him more. He says we are doing wrong with him, he is feeling guilty to feel for Prerna, he feels he is emotionally cheating his wife. She says Anurag has a wife, Sonalika, and Prerna will soon become Viraj’s wife.


Shivani thinks Prerna will be so happy knowing this. She collides with Komolika. They argue. Shivani says I will give you a news, Anurag told Anupam that he regards Prerna more than a friend, he feels bad that someone else is holding her hand, it means your forced husband is feeling for his real wife, Komolika’s truth will be out soon. Shivani goes. Komolika gets angry. Prerna sees Viraj and gets away. Viraj looks at her, puzzled. Everyone claps. He asks are you fine. She turns to go. She sees Anurag. Anurag asks did you get tired.


Prerna says no. He asks her for a dance. Prerna holds his hand. They dance. She asks do you want to ask something. He says yes, how do you know, I want to ask something, I saw a dream last night, a girl was leaving me, don’t know who she was, I asked Sonalika, she said the dream has no meaning, today during tilak, I saw the same dream, this time I saw that girl, you know who she was, you Prerna…. you tell me now, why was it you, why.

Prerna sees Komolika staring. She sees Anurag and smiles. Dil ka dariya….plays…. They dance. Everyone looks on. Anupam smiles seeing them. Veena says they are childhood friends. Viraj says so they have a strong bond, not everyone gets such friends. Anurag gets flash while dancing. He says Prerna… She asks what happened Anurag

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