Made for each other update Wednesday 7 October 2020

Made for each other 7 October 2020: Anurag faints. Everyone worries. Viraj sees Prerna panicking. Chahat ke safar me…plays… Anurag holds Prerna’s hand. He is rushed to the hospital. He is taken inside the ICU.

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Komolika goes to Veena and says it doesn’t look good how Prerna reacted today. Veena sees Viraj. She asks Prerna to come, Viraj is seeing her concern for Anurag, what will he think. Prerna says not now. Veena thinks Viraj is a nice guy, you are doing wrong with him. Viraj sadly goes. Veena goes after him. Nivedita asks what did you tell Veena. Komolika says the thing that’s right for Prerna and her family.

Viraj says I went to get water. Veena says I think you would be feeling strange seeing Prerna, trust her. He says no need to explain, I won’t lie, I felt very odd, then I thought that faith is imp for a relation, they both know each other, I couldn’t understand this relation, Anurag got the alliance, I want Prerna and my bond to be like that, make her drink water, she won’t take care of herself, don’t think much, none will judge her. She smiles. He says I know this topic is odd, so I thought to end it. She thanks him. He says I should be sorry, come. Veena asks where is Prerna.

Moloy says Prerna went to temple. Viraj asks her not to think much. Prerna prays. Komolika asks is this drama over now, you didn’t listen to anyone and just triggered his memory, see what happened. She says you lost basus now, Viraj also doubts on you, you will lose everyone. Prerna says I m not scared, I will never leave Anurag. Komolika says he will just remember his wife Sonalika.

Nurse comes and says Anurag got conscious, he is asking for Prerna. Prerna smiles and goes. Komolika gets angry. Moloy says Anurag got conscious, he called you, go. Nivedita asks really, we will meet him. Moloy says doctor said we can go one by one, he has called Prerna inside. Anurag holds Prerna’s hand and asks why didn’t you say that we were close, we had a special bond.

She asks do you remember. She calls out doctor. He says doctor will come, you tell me, Anupam told me about it. Nivedita comes and says Prerna, Veena fell down, you need her. Prerna goes. Anurag says Prerna… Nivedita says relax, you need rest. Prerna goes to see Veena. She sees Veena fine. Komolika winks to her. Prerna thinks it means she has sent Nivedita. Doctor says Anurag’s reports have come, he will soon get his memory back, he is showing good improvement. Everyone smiles. Moloy hugs Prerna. He says our Anurag got fine, he will remember everything now. Viraj looks on. Komolika worries.

Veena comes to Prerna. Prerna says I was talking to the moon, Anurag also does it. Veena says you are still thinking of him, you are waiting for him, Viraj is really good. She insists her to forget Anurag, he won’t recall anything. Prerna says he will remember everything. Its morning, Komolika scolds the servant. He asks about her breakfast. She asks him to go. Prerna gives prasad. She says its not any drama, its just prasad, I went to temple to thank Maa, Anurag will step ahead and get me. Komolika raises hand. Prerna stops her. She says Anurag and I are made for each other, none can come between us, what did you tell me, that his memory can’t come back, don’t forget that I m a feeling for Anurag, not a memory, if you make him away, his memory will come back, he realized that the girl going away from him was me, it means I m going right.

She goes. Komolika thinks wrong will happen with you. Prerna takes prasad box. Anurag sees her. She gives him prasad and says actually I went to temple to thank Maa, doctor said your memory can come back. He says hmm, thanks, its strange, I haven’t seen anyone so happy on this news, except you, or maybe I didn’t notice. She says everyone is so happy. He says I recalled something about us. She asks what. He says I was with you, we were dancing, we were close and comfortable, we were happy, it was more than friendship. Nivedita comes and says you saw the dance pic. He says not that pic. Anupam looks on.

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