Made for each other update Monday 5 October 2020

Made for each other 5 October 2020:  Komolika thinks to stop Anurag. She asks how is this chunri. He likes it. She says yes, I got this for Prerna from temple so that she gets blessings form Mata. He says thanks, you are doing a lot for her. She thinks he didn’t remember anything. She says I will go and give this to her. Shivani comes to Prerna and sees her crying. She hugs Prerna and asks what happened. Prerna says I can feel what Anurag feels for me, but he can’t say it. Veena comes. Prerna wipes tears and laughs.

Veena asks her to come for tilak. They go. Komolika comes to Prerna and says I showed this chunri to Anurag and he said its nice, you know the meaning, come with me. She says Anurag got this chunri for you, I had kept this hidden, when you said you both got the same dream, I was scared, he will come in function some how, I took a risk and showed this chunri, he didn’t remember anything, doctor said he can never regain is memory, bad news for you.

Prerna says its the start, I will try to win my love, you try to make us away, I will always be with him, don’t forget okay. Mohini recalls Veena’s words. She scolds the servant and thinks I can’t be a part of this party. Moloy meets Shekhar and Mahesh. Viraj joins the talk and offers help to Mahesh. Shekhar says we don’t want more favors. Viraj says everyone likes to do anything for family, I would like to recommend Mahesh.

Moloy smiles. Prerna comes downstairs and looks for Anurag. Shivani thinks where is Anurag. Anurag comes. He sees Prerna. Tilak ceremony is going on. Anurag looks on and sees the girl in his dream, Prerna. Prerna asks him not to let her go away. He says you won’t go anywhere….

He goes to his room and says how can I see Prerna, why. He goes to washroom. He sees Prerna in the mirror. He gets restless. Nivedita thinks everything is getting fine. Komolika thinks Viraj is too good for Prerna. Moloy asks Prerna do you want something. Prerna says Anurag…. Everyone looks at her. Prerna says I mean, Anurag organized all this, he should be here. Komolika thinks why did he go. Prerna says I will go and get him. Nivedita says no, you can’t go. Komolika says I will get Anurag. She comes to the room and says where is Anurag. Anurag thinks my heart isn’t accepting reality, I should talk to Sonalika. He hears her calling and goes out to talk. She says everyone is waiting for you. He thinks she is angry, I won’t tell her now. He makes an excuse. He thinks to tell Prerna what he felt in the dream.

Anurag comes. Veena thinks to show Prerna that Anurag changed, he is not old Anurag now. She asks Anurag to give shagun coin to Viraj and give him Prerna’s responsibility. Moloy thinks this will hurt Prerna a lot. Anurag gives the coin to Viraj. He gives Prerna’s hand to Viraj. She recalls their moments. Anurag recalls his dream. Komolika smiles.

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