Love or Poison Update Thursday 3 June 2021


Love or Poision 3 June 2021: Rani Sa cries that Viraj must be very unhappy right now. Don’t know why Mata Rani is doing this. She excuses herself. Ratan stands near the balcony. Why is everything getting worse? I don’t understand anything. He looks at the moon. Vrinda comes there. I can understand your pain. This day has brought many bitter many memories for me too. my engagement broke today only. I can understand Viraj’s pain. I know how it feels when someone breaks your heart. I cannot tell you how difficult it is to live your life when the one you love breaks your heart! You feel helpless. She cries resting her head on his shoulder. He tells her to take care of herself. You cannot change what’s in your fate. Have faith on God. He will bring a better person in place of the one that is being taken away. She parts
from him. He assures her he will meet a great guy soon. Everything will be fine then.

He leaves to meet his wife and Viraj. Vrinda says you are right Ratan. A very nice person is destined in my life. I have found him. His son’s alliance broke today. I will break his marriage very soon so our lineage can grow. Our poison will eventually destroy the entire royal family!
Viraj is drinking. He screams loudly. Sitara’s threat and Nethra withdrawing from their wedding flashes in his mind. Surili is passing from there. She notices him sitting on the edge of the balcony and smiles. She tells him not to hurt himself. I know Sitara has hurt you a lot. You wont hurt yourself. Take out your anger on Sitara and not on these bottles. She feeds him herself. I understand everything. Call Sitara and ask her why she did this to you. Viraj also blames Sitara. Surili nods. I know everything. How can girls do this? You are so nice. She touches his chest while talking to him. Don’t worry. I am here with you. I wont leave you ever but you must not spare that Sitara. You have to talk to her to know why she did this to you! She looks so innocent but she is a cheap woman!

She has used you and has played with your emotions. She insulted you in front of everyone. Everyone was laughing at you today. I would have disrespected Sitara and taught her a lesson if I was in your place. He stands up on the edge while she is instigating him. Sitara happens to pass from there and panics seeing him thus. Surili holds Viraj’s hand asking him to step down. Vrinda holds Sitara’s hand right then. Can you not see that Surili is holding Viraj’s hand? If you try to meddle between them then Surili might let go of Viraj’s hand. Surili gives her swear to Viraj. Vrinda tells Sitara that Surili can do anything with Viraj today as he wont be able to stop her today. I am sure she will fulfil her mission. She wont disappoint me at all! Surili lets go of Viraj’s hand. He inches closer to the edge shocking Sitara. Sitara frees her hand from Vrinda’s clutches. I wont let you succeed in your plan ever. She runs and holds Viraj’s hand and pulls him down. Surili and Vrinda are irked. Sitara again scolds Surili for trying to get closer to Viraj. She raises her hand but stops mid air.

My hand stopped today recalling the relation we share but I wont be mindful of it the next time. Remember it well. Surili walks away. Sitara asks Viraj to come but he tells her not to touch him. You were the one who left me. Why are you back now? She tells him not to be stubborn. Come with me. She brings him to his room. He again tells her not to touch him. I am fine. He asks her why she is acting. I am in this condition today because of you! You are responsible for my condition! You only blackmailed to marry Nethra even though I was against it. Are you happy now? Sitara is in tears. Viraj says I know you are satisfied. What you wanted has happened. Sitara recalls her mother’s threat and proposes him for marriage. I really want to marry you. I did all that to protect you. Trust me I love you very much and want to marry you. I beg you. Please marry me. Please say something. Will you marry me?

He shouts in denial. Stop this drama. She tries to explain but he does not let her. You are disgusting! You think my feelings are some joke? Am I a toy who you can throw away at any time? You were blackmailing me to marry Nethra earlier and are now begging me to marry you? He claps and stumbles but does not let her help him. You think this is circus? Am I your personal clown who will do whatever you will tell me to? She tells him it isn’t so and caresses his face. You know how truly I love you. There must be a reason behind what I said. Viraj replies that no reason can be bigger than their relation. You have played many games and it is my turn now. You have seen my love till date. Now you will see my anger and hatred. Trust me Sitara I will hate you worst than how much I love you! He walks away ignoring all her pleas.

Vrinda tells her sisters they have hit bull’s eye. You (Surili) need to implement your plan right now. We cannot lose this chance. Sitara will be completely focused on Viraj. You have to find your chance and win him! Surili nods. Vrinda tells Albeli to trap Arjun. She turns to Chabeeli. Samrat is already falling for you. You know what you have to do. Chabeeli nods. Vrinda says I am here for Ratan ji. They speak of their plan in unison. We have to succeed at any cost!

Rani Sa pours tea for herself and her husband. I cannot understand why Nethra did all that. She was so excited but suddenly refused to marry. Ratan too is boggled over the same. She left the palace and went to her home without telling anyone. Rani Sa is worried how Viraj will be taking it. Vrinda knocks at the door just then. She advises them to show Viraj’s kundli to her Guru ji. He even looked at Surili’s kundli once and suggested some solutions. Everything is going smoothly in her life since then. Ratan is reluctant but Vrinda convinces them. Guru ji checks Viraj’s kundli. There is a Dosha in his kundli. He should marry tomorrow itself or he wont marry in the next 7 years. Viraj refuses to believe it but Guru ji tells him to show it to anyone who he wants to. They will say the same thing that I have
just told you. Your wedding couldn’t happen twice in the past.


If it happens again then there is no mahurat for another 7 years. Tomorrow is a very special day. He must marry tomorrow. Viraj tells his Dad he does not believe any of it. There will be no wedding tomorrow. He walks away in a huff. Ratan reminds Vrinda of what he had said earlier. Pundit ji takes their leave. Rani Sa tells her husband to make Viraj understand. Ratan asks her from where she will find a suitable bride for Viraj. How will you make him agree for it? Vrinda proposes Surili and Viraj’s marriage.
Viraj is practising kickboxing in his room. Sitara brings food for him. The room is so messed up. Even a kid keeps his room tidier than this. She cleans the room and gives Viraj protein shake while he is boxing. He shouts her to stop. Why are you doing this? She replies that this is her right. I am your would-be wife. Viraj tells Sitara she is mistaken. You are nothing to me. We are not going to marry! She tries to explain but he shouts at her to stop. You have broken my heart many times in the past but I cannot give you another chance.

She requests him to calm down. I was compelled back then. I have died thousand times before hurting you. In had no option back then but I promise never to hurt you again. I will only make you happy. He tells her he does not wish to talk to her and takes her out of the room. He closes it from inside. Sitara knocks at the door trying to talk to him but in vain.
Vrinda apologizes to Surili for taking this decision without asking her. Surili shows faith in her decision. I care about Viraj’s happiness. He is a really nice guy. I really like him but maybe Ratan will have a problem with it. We are not royals. Ratan denies. We only want a nice girl for our son. Rani Sa tells Surili she has seen her behaviour over the past few days. I am sure you will keep Viraj very happy. Ratan announces that last decision will be taken by Viraj. Vrinda says he is not in the right state of mind. You only should take it on his behalf. Ratan still leaves the final decision on Viraj. Vrinda wonders how to make Viraj agree for this alliance.

Everyone is seated at the dining table. Sitara offers food to Viraj but he holds out his hand before her. Ratan tells the entire family about the Dosha in Viraj’s kundli. Viraj repeats that he does not believe in it but Rani Sa tells him she believes in it. They tell him about Vrinda’s proposal. Surili has said yes. Viraj has to take a decision now. Rani Sa also tells Viraj she wants him to marry Surili. Sitara hopes Viraj says no for this alliance. Don’t act in haste. Arjun likes the alliance whereas Yamini and Samrat tell him to take his time and then decide. You must not regret it in future. Vrinda and her sisters speak well of Surili. Viraj thinks of his past happy moments with Sitara. I cannot marry Surili! If the wedding is to happen tomorrow then I will marry Sitara! He holds her hand while saying so. Everyone stands up in shock. Yamini questions Viraj but Arjun interrupts her. He tells Viraj that he accepts that Sitara is a nice girl.

Don’t forget that you are a prince while Sitara is an ordinary servant. Rani Sa also objects his stance but Ratan stands in support of his son. If you think that Sitara should be your life partner then I accept your decision. He tells Sitara he will be glad to have her as their DIL. Vrinda asks Ratan how he can back out from his promise. He tells her he told her clearly that the final decision will be taken by Viraj only. I accept and respect it if Viraj wants to marry Sitara. Viraj and Sitara will marry. The sooner you all accept it the better! Sitara nods thankfully in his direction. Viraj and Sitara seek his blessings. Ratan says nothing is greater than Viraj’s happiness for me. Kuldeep would have been very happy if he was here today. He hugs them. Padmini congratulates them and hugs Sitara. Viraj looks unhappy.

Vrinda says we must do something about Sitara. She ruins our every plan. We are always near our goal but she messes it up in the end. Sitara gives credit to her and Massi’s for giving her all the happiness. She apologizes to Surili as her alliance couldn’t be fixed. If you had been blessed with it then it would have happened. Albeli takes her name sternly. Sitara asks Vrinda if she wont bless her daughter. Vrinda agrees to get her ready and do her kanyadaan as she is her mother. Plus, your Baba isn’t here. Sitara says we will see it. I must tell you that now this is my own family. You will see the worst of me if you even try to come near them! You have seen it in the past too. I was just their protector till today but I am their DIL now! Think well before doing anything!



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