Love or Poison Update Friday 4 June 2021

Love or Poison 4 June 2021: Surili is angry with Sitara for threatening them constantly. Vrinda decides to bring out Sitara’s real identity before everyone. Surili notices Viraj passing by from there and tells Albeli to call her in exact 10 minutes.Surili walks up to Viraj and congratulates him. He does not shake her hand in return but apologizes for not saying yes for their marriage. I love Sitara. Surili tells him it is good and that one should marry who they love. Let’s forget all this and start again? This time he accepts her handshake for friendship.

Right then, Albeli calls Surili. Surili speaks to her and sounds worried. She next asks Viraj about Vishkanya’s but he dismisses the thought.Sitara hugs Viraj from behind when he comes to his room. He steps aside. She holds her ears and apologizesto him. I will do whatever you will ask me to but please forgive me. He leans closer for a kiss. Knowing well that she is a Vishkanya, she pushes him away playfully and hits him with a pillow. Nothing is happening before the wedding. They get into a pillow fight and end up falling on the bed. They turn towards each other. He asks her why she hurt him. She apologizes. It will never happen again. I will give you so much happiness that you will forget this word altogether. He confesses that he was almost about to say to Surili but he panicked when he imagined his future without her. She is touched by his words. I will never leave you now. They share a hug. She is sad and hopes Viraj never finds out that she is a Vishkanya.

Ratan is trying Kuldeep’s number but in vain. Vrinda also asks him about Sitara’s father. He shares that he was trying his number only but he is unreachable. She questions him about the existence of Vishkanya’s but he is clueless about them. She intentionally twists her ankle as she turns to go and lands in his arms. She asks him to tie the threads of her blouse. He holds them reluctantly when Rani Sa enters. He leaves the room telling her to help Vrinda. Sitara is missing her Baba and is talking to his photo. Your phone is also unreachable. Please come soon Baba. Vrinda tells her not to waste her tears.

Neither will you marry tomorrow nor will your Vidaai happen. Will Viraj marry you when his father is dying? Sitara asks her what she means. Vrinda shares that she has sent a three-mouthed snake in Ratan’s room. I am sure you know that even a Vishkanya cannot escape his poison. Sitara runs outside.Sitara does not find Ratan outside but stops when she hears a hissing sound. Turning into her Vishkanya avatar, she fights with the snake. Viraj and Ratan step outside where Sitara is and look on.

Viraj and Ratan notice Sitara carrying a sack with her and ask her why she looks tensed. She lies that everything is fine. She avoids looking them in their eyes. The snake bites her repeatedly as they talk. She is feeling dizzy because of it. Viraj asks Sitara what is inside the sack. The snake bites her again. She lies that it has her childhood memories. Viraj notices tears in her eyes. What happened? She replies that she is missing her Baba very much. Ratan says I know I cannot take Kuldeep’s place but I will try to fulfil the place of a father in your life in Kuldeep’s absence. Sitara walks away confusing Viraj. Ratan says it is her wedding and none of her parent is around. It is good that Vrinda took the responsibility of the wedding or Sitara must have felt alone.

Sitara comes to a secluded place and releases the snake. She notices the bite marks on her hand. She feels dizzy. Vishkanya’s come there in their real avatar and glare at her. Sitara walks up to them. I have defeated you guys so many times that this victory does not make me happy. I pity you on your defeat. How could you think you will bring out my truth in front of everyone so easily? Stop this enmity and do your duty as my mother and Massi’s. There is a lot to do. Let’s go. Vrinda glares at her as she goes. Someone knocks at Arjun’s room. He sits up excitedly hearing her name. He flirts with her. Why did you hide your beautiful face inside the shawl? Yamini fumes. She tells Arjun she dint want anyone to see her. I wanted to meet you so I came here. He asks her to sit down and sprays deodorant. He notices her face as she peeks at him.

She asks him if there is a problem if she sleeps her tonight. He acts to be offended. How can you even think of this? I am a married man! How can a married man be with someone else like this? Please leave. Yamini confronts him. You were flirting so nicely until you saw my face in the mirror. I wont spare you! She stomps away.
Next morning, Viraj’s haldi ceremony is going on. Rani Sa says I cannot tell you how happy I am. May God bless you with every happiness. Padmini applies haldi to him next. Ratan hands over the ancestral sword to Viraj. You and Sitara have to handle the responsibilities of the house very soon. Rani Sa says now I will apply Viraj’s leftover haldi to Sitara. Viraj checks the sword. He asks his father if Vishkanya’s exist. Do they have some connection with our ancestors? Ratan shrugs. Coincidentally, Vrinda ji was saying the same thing to me. I have asked a few people to find out about it. Samrat tells Viraj to concentrate on his wedding. Ratan seconds him

Rani Sa compliments Sitara. First haldi is applied to the bride by her mother. Your mother isn’t alive. If you don’t mind then I would like to apply haldi to you first. Vrinda requests her permission to apply haldi to Sitara first. I regard her as my daughter. Rani Sa agrees. Vrinda’s actions create suspicion in Sitara’s mind. Vrinda leans closer to Sitara. I am your real mother. I have this much right. She applies haldi to Sitara. May you have a happy married life. Rani Sa, Yamini apply haldi next followed by Sitara’s Massi’s. Vrinda gives juice to Sitara. Sitara drinks it on Rani Sa’s request. Surili also insists. Sitara is sure they are up to something. She takes a few sips after which Vrinda takes the glass from her.

hands that glass to Rani Sa. There is a ritual in our family where the MIL of the bride has to drink juice from the same glass from which the bride drinks. Sitara worries that Rani Sa might die because of her poison if she drinks it. Vrinda wonders how Sitara will save herself now. Albeli and Chabeeli discuss about it. Sitara throws the glass away before Rani Sa could take a sip.

Everyone looks at her in shock. Yamini asks her if she does not want to strengthen her relation with Rani Sa. Sitara nods. I cannot let an elder drink from my cup. I will drink from her glass instead. She pours juice in another glass and offers to Rani Sa. I will drink after you. Rani Sa pats at her head lovingly. She drinks half of the glass and Sitara drinks the rest of it. Vrinda and her sisters look on unhappily.
Padmini dances with her brother and Sitara. Vishkanya’s dance along. Surili dances around Viraj but he ignores her and holds Sitara’s hand instead. Viraj takes Sitara aside during the dance. She feels shy. He pins her to the wall and caresses her face. She caresses his face in return. They lean closer. Sitara looks at him.

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