Anupamaa Starlife update Wednesday 22 November 2023

Anupamaa 22 November 2023 :Vanraj tells Maaya that he is tolerating them because of Samar’s wedding or else he wouldn’t allow a person like Anuj even at his door. Maaya asks why are they dying to patch up Anuj and Anupama. Vanraj says why would they, they will forget Anuj after Samar and Dimpy’s wedding and anyways Anupama will go to America leaving Anuj in hell. Maaya warns him to mind his language as he doesn’t have any right to speak against Anuj. Vanraj warns her to mind her actions. Maaya says she will not. Vanraj says he will not mind his language then and warns her that she doesn’t have any right to speak against Anupama.

Anuj while driving car to drop Anupama home recalls Anupama’s recent words and feels sad. Karoge Yaad To.. song plays in the background. Anupama recalls him expressing his love for her in an intoxicated state. Anuj says she says when mind doesn’t work, they should freeze it with ice cream, so can he bring an ice cream for her. Anupama says strawberry. He gets out of car to get ice cream for her and brings ice cram only for her and says he just wants to spend some more time with her. She smiles and eats ice cream slowly. It melts. He recalling wiping her lips with his kerchief before and offers his kerchief to her saying now he lost his right on her. She drops ice cream by mistake. He asks if he shall bring new one. She says doesn’t need.

She says when Pakhi was a kid, she used to recite a prince’s story for her; she never knew that a prince would enter her life. She thanks him for making her feel special and loving her immensely, ec. She says she lost hope on love, thanks to him for returning her hope; time doesn’t reverse, but he reversed time for her and made her relive her college days. Anuj says even she completed him. Anupama says then why they are separating, love is playing a mischievous child who rings the bell and runs away. She says she feels like drowning in a river. Anuj says because of him. Anupama says he wanted to return to her, but fate stopped him and hence its not his mistake; she will question god why he gave love and then snatched it back. She continues to describe how much she loved him and how they are separated now.

Anuj says he stayed away from her for a month, but she will be away for 3 years. They hold each other’s hands and at once ask how will they live without each other. He apologizes her for hurting her feelings knowingly or unknowingly and deserves punishment. Anupama says they are equal partners and she will take her share for sure. She says their companionship was only till here, but it was very beautiful; they are separating, but will continue to love each other. Anuj says he loved her when she wasn’t with her and will love her forever. Anupama says she will love him even after she dies. Tu Shayar Hai Main Teri Shayari.. song plays in the background. They both continue to cry emotionally. Anuj asks if she will forget him. Anupama says she will never and even he shouldn’t forget her. Anuj says how will he as he has Anu in his name.

He shows her a moon and says when he was away from her in America, he used to search for her in this moon; even she should look at the moon whenever she remembers him, even he would be looking at the moon. Anupama says there would be day in America when its a night here, how will he look at the moon. They both laugh and then cry again.

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