Lost in love update Tuesday 21 November 2023

Lost in love 21 November 2023: Sai reaches Chavan nivas and walks towards Virat’s room. Bhavani in her usual rudest tone stops her and reminds her that this is not her house. Sai asks where is Virat. Karishma says he left for airport just now. Sai rushes out and notices Virat’s car leaving. She runs behind it on road senselessly barefoot without bothering about the vehicles. She then finally finds a cab and reaches airport. Security staff stops her. She pleads to let her go. They check her bag and let her go in thinking its a matter of love.

She notices Vriat discussing something with his fellow officers, calls him, runs and hugs him emotionally. She asks where was he going leaving her alone, she will not let him go anywhere, how can he leave their story incomplete, etc. Virat says their story will not be incomplete as he loves her. Sai hugs him back saying he loves her too.

Sai gets into senses when someone bumps on her and realizes it was her imagination. virat wishes all the best to his officer who got a transfer and hopes he performs his duty well even there. Officer prays that even Virat gets a tranfer soon. Virat hopes so. Sai listens to them and learns that Virat didn’t take a transfer She thinks what happened to her and why she is reacting like this and hopes Virat doesn’t notice her. Virat notices her and seeing her barefooted asks if she is fine and why did she come here. Sai says she had some work and nervously leaves in an auto. Virat stands confused.

Sai reaches Usha’s house. Usha is shocked to see her condition and bandages her bleeding feet. She suggests her to accept that she loves Virat and can’t stay away from him, she should stop running away, etc. Satya makes preparations to express his love for Sai. Sheetal jokes that Sai is married to him and will not reject his proposal. Satya says they are just married but.. He then says he married Sai in a hurry and is nervous as he never proposed anyone before. He eagerly waits for Sai.Sai recalls running on road barefooted for Virat. Usha suggests her to reveal Virat how much she loves him. Sai says it’s too late as she is married to Satya. Usha says she should speak to Satya as their marriage is not real andtake divorce from him. Sai recalls Ashwini’s plea.

Virat returns home and hearing Bhavani yelling asks if Sai had come even here. Bhavani asks if she had come to even airport and warns him to stay away from her. Ashwini prays god to reunite Virat and Sai. Virat thinks why didn’t Sai speak to him at airport, he needs to talk to her regarding this. He calls Sai, but Satya is over phone with her and asks her to reach hospital soon as he feels unwell. She rushes towards hospital in an auto. She finally picks Virat’s call who says he wants to talk to her. Sai says she is rushing to hospital as Satya is unwell, so she will speak to him later. Virat thinks something is going in Sai’s mind, shall he visit hospital to find out.

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