Lost in love update Wednesday 19 July 2023

Lost in love 19 July 2023: Ashwini invites Bhavani for breakfast. Bhavani asks if she and Pakhi are fasting for Vinu’s sake. They say yes. Bhavani says even she will fast for Vinu’s sake. Ashwini says she has high BP and shouldn’t keep fast. Bhavani gets adamant and says she doesn’t want Vinu to go away from them. Sai gets Savi ready and gifts her a locket with her and Vinu’s photo. Savi feels happy and asks where are they going. Sai says she questions a lot and asks her to shut her mouth and have fruits. Savi laughs and says how will she have fruits if she shuts her mouth. She asks Sai to taste fruits. Sai thinks she is fasting so that Vinu comes and stays with them forever. Chavans serve food at a temple. Bhavani introduces Vinu to guests as her grandson and seeks their blessings for him. They bless him for a long life.

Anandi also blesses Vinu. Anandi holding a crying toddler informs that someone left the toddler at ashram gate 2 days ago and since then they are hoping that someone will come and take back this baby. Baby’s mother watches from a distance, hiding. Vinu feels sorry for the baby and says even he was abandoned at the ashram. Bhavani asks him no to say that as he is Chavan family son. Sai brings Savi to temple. Savi says if this was the surprise she was talking about. Sai says today is Mahadev and Mata Parvati’s wedding anniversary and asks her to go up while she brings prasad. Sai walks into temple premises. Vinu notices her and happily rushes to her. Savi shows her pendant with their photos and says Aayi gifted it to her so that she can see his photo whenever she misses him.

Bhavani thinks if Savi is here, even Sai must have come. Sai walks in, leaving senior Chavans fuming. Virat asks Mohit if he knew that Sai is coming. Mohit says no. Sai walks towards Savi. Pakhi holds Vinu tightly. Bhavani orders Sai to come aside as she wants to talk to her. Sai walks with her. Bhavani says she did wrong by filing a court case and can’t win, so she should withdraw it back and save her money and time. Sai says when Vinu was her patient, she came from Kankauli for him and never went away till now, and now when she knows Vinu is her son, does Bhavani think she will go away now. Bhavani says Vinu is her grandson and she will not let Sai take him away. Sai says Vinu was with her since years and she didn’t truly consider him as her grandson, but when she learnt that he is her family blood, she is showering her love on Vinu. Bhavani says she always loved Vinu as Virat considered him as his son. Sai says Virat considers even Savi as his daughter, why didn’t she accept Savi as her granddaughter yet. Bhavani yells at her and says she will see her in court now. Sai says she will wait.

Baby’s mother snatches baby from Anandi and runs. Chavans surround him. Virat snatches baby from her and orders constables to arrest her. Mother pleads to return her baby. Virat asks what is the guarantee that this baby belongs to her. Sai says there is one way to find out and gives crying baby to the mother. Baby stops crying. Sai says probably she is baby’s mother. Virat asks mother what is the guarantee that she will not abandon her baby again. Mother says she is an unmarried mother and doesn’t know what her and her baby’s future is and hence had to take an extreme step. Virat gives her moral gyaan on the difficulties faced by a single mother and asks Anandi to examine the mother properly and only then handover baby to her. Sai says if he understands a mother’s pain so well, when is he returning her son. Virat stands silent.

Sai performs pooja for her both children. Chavans perform pooja for Vinayak. Panditji asks Sai where is her other child and family. Savi says her family is right here and asks Virat and Vinu to come and perform pooja with them as Panditji said pooja should be performed with family. Pakhi threatens Virat to stop acting great and sit with his son. Savi holds Virat’s hand and requests him to accompany her.

Virat asks Panditji if he can get up. Panditji says he can as pooja didn’t start yet. Virat walks away with Savi. Senior Chavans and Pakhi get angry seeing that.
Savi asks why didn’t Vinu dada come with them. Virat asks Sai’s panditji if he can establish havan kund somewhere else. Panditji says he can. Virat establish havan kund next to Chavan family’s havan kund and calls Savi. Savi calls Sai and says pooja is incomplete without her. Virat sits between his too children and their mothers. Mohit says Virat did right by performing both children’s havan together. Omkar scolds him and asks if looks good seeing Virat sitting between 2 wives and their children. Ninad says its just a difference of view, children’s happiness matter to him. Pakhi asks Bhavani to do something. Bhavani says she doesn’t mind if its benefitting her grandson.

Sai and Pakhi distribute prasad to devotees. Sai then seeks prasad from Pakhi. Pakhi says Sai knows this prasad is Vinu and she prayed that Vinu should stay with her always. Sai says god knows everything and he knows what is best for them, so she will accept prasad. Pakhi says even now she is adamant to get Vinu, she should take back the case, let things go as they are going, and visit Vinu whenever she wants to like Virat visits Savi. Sai says what if she says same to her, she is asking her to give up her child but doesn’t want to give up her child. Pakhi says her child is everything to her and she will not give up easily. Sai says let us see. Pakhi leaves without accepting Sai’s prasad.

Next day, Bhavani feels sweet curd to Pakhi before she and Virat leave to the court and says she hired Nagpur’s best lawyer Ashok Davekar who will surely win their case against Sai. Mohit praises Sai for fighting a case alone. Bhavani says one who can’t carry people along stays alone, he should stop praising Sai and support his family instead. Bhavani and Ashwini insist Virat to accompany him to court. At Savi’s house, Savi likes bunker bed and says Vinu dada can come and stay here now. Sai gets her down and asks her to feed her sweet curd as she is going on an important work. Savi feeds her sweet curd and blesses her to return victorious.

Court hearing starts. Judge says he held this meditation in private because city’s DCP is involved in this case and he doesn’t want any media trial as its a question of an innocent child and expects them to solve the issue amicably. He asks Sai’s lawyer Mr Apte to proceed. Apte says its a simple case, though Virat is Vinu’s biological father and Pakhi his surrogate mother. Sai interferes and says its true that Virat is Vinu’s biological father and Pakhi his surrogated mother and adopted them, even then they are unfit to upbring him. Davekar says Sai’s allegations are baseless. Virat stops him and says Sai is Vinu’s biological mother, but there are several issues which can’t be ignored. He says Sai took away her son and met with an accident, because of which she lost her son to an orphanage; she was pregnant at that time and didn’t inform him about her daughter; he kept him in dark and didn’t let him meet his daughter; her intentions are wrong and she shouldn’t be given Vinu’s custody.

Sai describes the atrocities Virat did on her and requests judge to get her out of this mental agony by returning her son to her. Davekar says this argument is never ending, Vinu was adopted by Virat and Pakhi from an orphange years ago legally and its clearly mentioned that nobody has right on Vinayak except them. Judge asks if the boy knows about all this. Pakhi says no and just knows that he is adopted. Judge says a child’s decision is most important in this case, they should inform truth to the child and bring him for next court hearing to know is decision.

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