Lost in love update Thursday 20 July 2023

Lost in love 20 July 2023: Judge asks Sai, Virat, and Pakhi to inform truth to Vinayak and bring him here for questioning. Sai says she doesn’t want her child to go through mental trauma at this age. Pakhi backs her. Judge says he understands such cases well and hence wants them to bring the child here. Pakhi says they can’t put Vinu through all this. Judge says child’s safety and future are important in such cases and he wants to personally question the child in his cabin whether he wants to stay with his biological mother or surrogate mother. Pakhi thinks if Vinu chooses Sai, she will lose her only child forever. Sai says Vinu doesn’t have to visit judge’s chamber as she wants to withdraw her appeal, she doesn’t want her son to be under a a mental trauma. Her lawyer asks her to rethink about her decision as she can’t do anything after that. Sai says she thought well and doesn’t want her son to face any mental trauma.

Virat and Pakhi come out of court room and find Bhavani and Ashwini there. Bhavani says they couldn’t control their anxiety and hence came to find out what happened. Virat informs that Sai took back her appeal. Bhavani boasts that Sai got afraid of them and took back case. Virat says she shouldn’t degrade Sai’s motherhood and reveals judge’s condition and Sai withdrawing appeal to protect Vinu from mental trauma. Bhavani stands making her weird faces. Pakhi says she wants to thank Sai for withdrawing case. Virat says even he wants to thank Sai. Pakhi notices Sai. They both walk to her and thank her for withdrawing the appeal for Vinu’s sake. Sai says she just withdrew appeal but will continue to fight for her son’s custody. Virat says she is doing wrong. Pakhi says she will reveal Vinu that Savi is his real sister and want Vinu and Savi to enjoy a sibling benefit, etc. Pakhi gets tensed hearing that.

While traveling back home, Virat gets school principal’s call asking why Vinu is not visiting school since 10 days after clay competition, if everything is okay? Virat says Vinu is fine. Principal asks him to send him to school then as his final exams are starting next week. Pakhi says they have a function at home and hence Vinayak can’t attend school for a few days. Principal says education is more important function. Pakhi says she is home schooling Vinayak and he will cover all the portions sooon. Principal says that is fine, attendance is also important and hence she should send her son to school soon.
Sai returns home. Savi asks if her wischa came true. She says no. Sai says her blessings didn’t work. Sai says her blessings will work soon. Sai asks her to discuss her problem with her as she and Vinu solve everyone’s problems in school.

At Chavan nivas, Bhavani recites a poem and says its on Sai who is evil and always creates troubles for others, she will reveal truth to Vinu and will brainwash him. Pakhi says she will not send Vinu out of house at all and will not let him meet Savi and Sai at all. Ninad says Sai is right that Vinu needs sibling bonding like they all did and should have a healthy sibling bond with Savi. Bhavani yells at him for supporting him and says there would be difficult situations in Vinu’s life and he has to face alone. She supports Pakhi and says they have to do something now.

Vinu gets Savi’s call. Pakhi snatches his phone. Vinu requests her to let him speak to Savi. Pakhi says he needs to concentrate on studies. Vinu says he will later and wants to talk to Savi now. Pakhi convinces him and thinks she will not let Vinu speak to Savi at any cost. Savi tells Sai that Vinu must have kept his phone somewhere and is not picking call. Sai asks her to go and study and determines to reveal truth to Vinu.Police commissioner visits Virat. Virat asks him reason for coming. Commissioner says there are 2 reason, one he likes tea of this house and second one he wanted to personally visit him and give a good news. Pakhi serves him tea and snacks.

Commissioner says Virat is having a ptransfer and being made a joint commissioner of Mumbai and its crime branch head. Virat says Mumbai crime branch head? Commisioner says its a once in a lifetime opportunity which he can’t ignore and has 2 weeks to shift. Virat says he can’t say anything. Commissioner there are many other contendors for the position and he should take a decision soon. Pakhi hears them and thinks god gave them an opportunity to take Vinu far away from Sai. She thanks Bappa for giving them solution for her problem.

During breakfast, Ashwini asks Virat how will Vinu attend exams without attending school. Pakhi says she will teach Vinu and will take him out of Nagpur if he gets good grades. Bhavani asks where? Pakhi says she wanted Virat to inform them, police commissioner informed that Virat got a promotional transfer in Mumbai crime branch as a joint commissioner. Family gets happy hearing that. Sai says Virat got out of turn priority as his seniors are happy with his work. Virat says he is still thinking about it. Sai says it is a milestone for his career and he shouldn’t let this opportunity go. Bhavani asks how can Virat agree so easily. Sai says this opportunity is important to whole family as their son will be with them always away from Sai, this is a best way to get rid of a problem named Sai. She insists Virat to accept this offer.

Savi returns home after school. Sai asks her if Vinu attended school today. Savi says yes, but Pakhi waited till school ended and took him from backdoor. Sai thinks why is Pakhi doing this. Savi says that Vinu informed that Virat got a Mumbai transfer and even Vinu is going, asks how will she meet Vinu if he goes away from them. Sai thinks Virat and Pakhi are trying to take her son away, she will not let that happen. She plans to inform Vinu today itself that she is his real mother. At night, Sai enters Chavan nivas silently by jumping a wall and climbing a pipe. She notices Ashwini walking with knee pain to get a water and thinks she can’t help her now. She then otices Omkar walking heavily inebriated, drops showpiece, and hides. Omkar talks to showpiece, and leaves.

Sai finally reaches Vinu’s room. Vinu in sleep asks if mamma came. Sai emotionally says his aayi came. She pampers him, hears someone coming, and hides. Pakhi walks ina nd sleeps next to Vinu. Sai leaves disheartened. Virat dreams about a woman playing with Vinu and Savi and him joining them. O Re Manva Tooto Bawra Hai.. song. Sai passes by his room. He notices her and thinks if it was his imagination, why couldn’t he see a woman’s face in dream, it was such a beautiful dream with his children so happy. He prays Bappa. Sai returns home. Usha asks where was she. Sai says she had barged into Chavan nivas. Usha says what if someone had seen him, does she think Vinu will accept her as aayi if she informs him truth. Sai asks her to stop. Usha says she is telling this for her benefit. Sai says she doesn’t want such benefit and can’t stay away from her son, Virat is planning to shift to Mumbai to take her son away from her, so she will inform truth to Vinu. Usha says her wrong step will backfire her, so she should waiting for the right opportunity and inform Vinu or else her bonding with Vinu will break.

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