Lost in love update Tuesday 18 July 2023

Lost in love 18 July 2023: Vinayak wakes up in the morning and finds Pakhi smiling at her. He wishes her good morning and asks why is she smiling. Pakhi says she feels happy seeing him. He asks about a prince’s story in which a queen takes her prince away. Pakhi describes her story with herself as queen, Vinu as prince, Sai as sorcerer, and Virat as king. She says sorcerer failed to snatch prince from queen and hence she tried to manipulate king with her magic to get back prince but failed. Vinu asks if prince was with the sorcerer before. Pakhi says sorcerer had kidnapped prince for sometime but lost him, god couldnt’ see queen’s pain and returned her prince to her, now sorcerer has returned to take Vinu away again.

Vinu asks prince or Vinu. Pakhi says prince. Vinu asks if sorcerer will take prince away again.Sai tells a lawyer how Pakhi tricked her and became a surrogate and how Virat supported Pakhi instead and tried to give baby to her. Lawyer asks if she has any evidence against Pakhi. Sai says Pakhi was jailed for this, but Chavans forced her to take back complaint. Lawyer asks if her husband’s second wife Pakhi has criminal record, but charges were not proved. Sai says there are many evidences which she can submit, Virat was suspended in this case earlier. Lawyer asks if she has any other evidence. Sai says Virat first learnt that Vinu is their son and hid it from her for long and when she learnt about it and gave him an ultimatum, he tried to help his wife escape with her son; she can expect justice at least from court. Lawyer agrees to accept her case.

Bhavani prepares breakfast for Vinu. Ashwini and Sonali are amazed to see that. Bhavani says they can pull her legs, but she will prepare food for her grandson at any cost and seeks their help. Pakhi walks in and asks if she can help. Bhavani says she will not take help from a criminal who tried to take her grandson away from her. She says she didn’t spare Sai for Pakhi’s sake and considered her an ideal DIL, but she disappointed her. Ashwini requests her to let it go. Bhavani says she will not and warns Pakhi that she will not spare her if she tries to take her grandson away from her again and get out of her eyesight Pakhi leaves.

Virat gets happy seeing Sai’s message but then sees it in schoool’s group that Savi will participate in school’s tree plantation drive. He recalls supporting Pakhi against Sai and thinks he shouldn’t have done that.Pakhi walks in. Virat asks her to reply in school group that even Vinu will participate. Pakhi says Vinu will not go to school at all as she fears Sai will take him away. Virat says she should let Vinu meet Sai as Sai is also Vinu’s mother. Pakhi shouts that he is supporting Sai again, he should have let her die yesterday instead. Virat asks her to stop saying that and says she is doing wrong with Sai. Pakhi demands that she will not let Vinu out until Saii promises her that she will not take Vinu away from her as she knows Sai is planning something against her for sure.

Sai drops Savi to her school and looks for Vinu. Savi informs that Vinu didn’t come to school and is not even picking her calls. She requests her to call Vinu from her mobile and find out. Sai calls Vinu. Pakhi tells Virat that even now Sai is calling Vinu. She threatens Virat to convince Sai to promise her or else she will not let anyone around Vinu.During breakfast, All Chavans smilingly stare at Vinu. Vinu asks why are they staring at him. They all laugh. Bhavani says she prepared a feast for him. Vinu asks if she knows to prepare food. Everyone laugh. Bhavani says she should have prepared food for him long ago, she will prepare his favorite dishes from hereon. Vinu rejoices and requests if he can call Savi as she also loves such food.

Bhavani says he can but shouldn’t go away from them again. Virat gets a courier for him and Pakhi and stand shocked. He returns to dining table. Pakhi asks what happened to him. Virat says its an official letter and asks Vinu to get a blue file from his room. Vinu goes to get it. Bhavani asks why did he send Vinu away, if there is something serious. Ninad reads legal notice and informs that Sai sent a legal custody notice to Virat and Pakhi. Chavans stand shocked hearing that. Virat gets worried for Pakhi.

Chavans react after Sai sends Virat and Pakhi a legal notice claiming Vinayak’s custoday. Omkar asks how can she send a notice just like that. Ninad says charges are mentioned in it which reads that Virat and Pakhi got a surrogacy procedure illegally and were slapped with criminal charges and even now tried to send Vinu away, hence Sai filed a complaint against Virat and Pakhi; according to Sai, she is Vinu’s real mother and has first right on her; she will not prosecute them if they return Vinu to her. Ashwini asks how can Sai do this. Bhavani says Sai always created problems for them always and she is not surprised with Sai’s act. Shivani says any mother would like to keep her child with her, even Pakhi would have done same. Bhavani yells at her to not interfere between their family. Sonali shouldn’t take Vinu away from them and tquestions if a mother should do this. Omkar says they need to do something.

Pakhi says she knows what to do, she will take Vinu to London, and asks Virat to apply for her visa. Bhavani warns her to dare not think of taking Vinu away from them. Omkar suggests to hire a good lawyer as its a legal matter. Bhavani asks Ninad to hire Nagpur’s biggest lawyer. Ninad asks them all to stop giving their own verdicts and think if they want to fight with Sai or think of retaining Vinu at their house. He suggests Virat to go and speak with Sai and amicably solve the issue. Virat thinks will Sai speak to him after he humiliated her so much. At Sai’s house, Savi writes homework for herself and Vinu as Vinu skipped class and says Vinu is not even picking her call though. Sai thinks Virat is stopping even Savi from talking to Vinu, though he is even Savi’s father. Door bell rings. Sai opens door and finds Vinu standing. She emotionally pampers Vinu. Vinu asks what happened to her. Savi says aayi was missing him.

Vinu shows gold chain gifted by Bhavani and says everyone were behaving weirdly at home and expressing as if they love him so much. Savi says she loves her dada immensely. Virat enters and says even he loves Savi immensely and asks if she forgot him. Savi says she never forgot him. He gifts her candyfloss. She rejoices.Virat tells Sai that he wants to talk to her something important. Sai says she doesn’t want to. He requests her and takes her out. Sai says he brought Vinu here as she sent him a legal notice. Virat ays why she went to that extent. Sai says she didn’t have any other option as their relationship has already reached police station and it doesn’t matter if it reaches a court, he and his wife forced her to take a legal route by not letting her meet her son.

Virat says along with Vinu, he is also Savi’s baba and can’t separate his both children away from each other. Sai says even then he did. Virat says just for a day and they know what happened after that, she shouldn’t accuse him for that. Sai says he and Pakhi are one, recalling him hugging and comforting Pakhi. Virat says let us not bring their differences between their children and requests her to withdraw her case. Sai says this is the only way for her to take back Vinufrom them. Virat says is it right to separate Vinu from his family, she is trying to snatch Vinu from a mother whose mental condition is not right and can kill herself.

Sai says she will think only about her and her son and asks if he thinks its right to let Vinu stay with a woman who can kill herself or anyone, Pakhi had brought his gun to resort and such mentally unstable woman can even harm people around her. Virat says Pakhi will never harm Vinu. Sai says he think so and not her, she will take legal route to get her son back. Virat says she should think what Vinu would think when he learns that his both mothers were fighting for him. Sai says Vinu will never reach court because of her. A holyman passes by and blesses their jodi. Virat recalls quality moments spent with Sai. Kitni Baatein Yaad Aati Hai.. song plays in the background. Sai walks away saying they are not a jodi. Saint tells Virat that a human can break god made jodi, they can stay together or separate like 2 shores of a river. Virat thinks river shores meet at some point like he and Sai used to at one point.

Pakhi while feeding food to Vinu asks if its okay if she home schools him. He says he will go to school as he can meet Savi there. Virat asks him not to worry as Pakhi was asking just like that. Vinu asks why Savi told he is going to stay with them and even doctor aunty prepared a bunker bed for him and Savi. Pakhi drops water class in shock. Virat says Vinu will stay with them forever, Sai must have told just like that. Mohit informs him that Bhavani is calling him downstairs. Virat walks down. Bhavani gathers family and asks Virat what did Sai say. Virat says Sai is not ready to listen and wants to go to court. Bhavani says she knew, so she hired Nagpur’s biggest lawyer. Omkar says he already spoke to the lawyer, nobody can snatch Vinu from them. Bhavani says they will serve food at an orphanage via Vinu and perform pooja for him, let us see how Sai will snatch Vinu from them.

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