Timeless love update Wednesday 19 July 2023

Timeless love 19 July 2023: Vidhi thinks of Bimla and Hariprasad liking the guy. Dev calls vidhi. Vidhi thinks Dev’s call at this time. She recalls about the job offer, and thinks if he decided to make me leave the job. Dev asks Vidhi if she told her parents about office get together. Vidhi says yes. She asks if there is something else. Dev says no. He asks her to decide wisely about NRI guy and ends the call. Vidhi says that guy came early, told about the semi final round. She thinks if Sir feels the same for me.

Next day, Hariprasad gives envelope to Vidhi and asks her not to read, and give it to Dev. Vidhi says ok. Vidhi comes to Dev’s cabin and talks about work. She tells that Papa gave a letter for him and asked her not to open it. Dev says ok. Vidhi says she wants to tell about yesterday and tells that he was not a guy. Dev says not a guy? Vidhi says he was like a Devta and was straightforward. Dev asks if he is perfect. Vidhi says they have to compromise only, perfect guy is difficult to get. He says you will get perfect guy soon. Vidhi says she wants to talk something. Dev says no personal talks and asks her to get ready for presentation. Dev reads Hariprasad’s letter in which he is asking him to help them find suitable alliance for Vidhi. Dev replies to the letter. Kanika tells that someone came from agency for the presentation. Dev asks Vidhi to give the envelope to her father. Vidhi asks if he sent a job proposal from other company. Dev says he didn’t and tells that he wants her to work in his company forever, as she is an asset. Vidhi goes.

Dev is engrossed in Vidhi’s thoughts, when Amba comes there and says he is changing and asks if she is in his eyes. Dev says he has important presentation and asks her to go. Amba says you are bad, and tells that she is star communication marketing owner. Dev gets up from his chair. Amba asks everyone to come there. Arjun, Vidhi and others come there. Amba says lets start the presentation. Vidhi gives the presentation and tells the tagline, jab pyaar me jeena ho, na umar ki seema ho. Arjun says jab music me…Vidhi says. Amba claps and says Vidhi, you are an asset. She tells Dev that they can make a good team and both of them can benefit of their association. Dev says sure. Amba says they shall party. Kanika says we will like to work with you. yogesh says it is a good opportunity. Dev asks Amba if he can talk to her for 5 mins. Amba says yes. Vidhi gets worried as they go.

Dev asks Amba why did she buy the company. Amba says old owners refused to approve his FM channel. Dev says how obsessed you are and asks about her deal with Priya. Amba says she told her about their love. Dev says I know Priya and you also. Amba says I have solved Priya and Abhi’s differences so that you can think about your marriage. Dev says my business and family are my problems, I don’t need your interference in this. He says I didn’t tell you the truth thinking your heart will break. He says I helped your Papa, as I respected him. He says he didn’t have any feelings for her. He says I did your father’s last rites as nobody was there. He says you have made fun of marriage and relation and wants to hear, what you want to. He says your love and feelings are just one sided, for once and for all, understand this, I don’t love you. Amba is shocked.

Dev clears Amba’s misunderstanding and tells that her love is one sided and he don’t love her. Amba leaves from his cabin and comes to Vidhi angrily. She asks Vidhi to prove her feelings for Dev and asks him to bring Dev to the party thrown by her, says she knows that he will not come. She gives her responsibility to bring him to the party. Vidhi says I? Amba says this is challenge for you, prove your feelings for him, you have just 2 days time. Vidhi gets worried. She is coming home when she gets Satyavati’s call. Satyavati informs her that they are coming to her house to do darshan of Milapni Devi and asks if they can come. Vidhi says yes, surely you can come. Dev comes to Amba and says now I understood why you asked for Vidhi’s number. Satyavati says Priya had a good change since you visited Milapni Devi.

She says she wants to go and thank her. Dev tells that the change in Priya is due to Amba, the latter had asked her to be sweet with the family.Vidhi tells Hariprasad that she will read the letter. Hariprasad and Bimla ask her to give Dev’s letter. Satyavati insists that they shall visit the temple once. She asks if he needs proof. Priya comes there. Satyavati asks if she will come to Vidhi’s house temple with them. Priya unwillingly agrees. Dev asks are you sure? Priya says yes and says if happiness, peace and prosperity comes in our house, then I will come. Dev is doubtful on Priya. Satyavati is happy.

Hariprasad reads Dev’s letter that he is giving him immense respect, but for a girl, nobody can take decision better than her parents. He suggests him to take Vidhi’s opinion once. Bimla asks Vidhi to tell about the guy’s preference. Vidhi thinks of Dev and smiles. Bimla asks if there is someone in your mind.Satyavati, Abhi and Priya come to Hariprasad’s house to do darshan. Satyavati asks Abhi and Priya to do the aarti. They do the aarti. Satyavati prays to Milapni Devi and asks her to find a suitable bride for Dev. Dev thinks about Vidhi’s opinion about her life partner and gets worried. Vidhi comes there. Dev pretends to be very busy. Vidhi asks if you will also come for darshan. Dev says yes. Vidhi thinks if Sir will give me gift, and asks shall I go? Dev says go. Vidhi says we both are going to my house so..Dev says I have important work. Vidhi goes out.

Dev thinks I know you was waiting to go with me, and has something in her heart for me, thinks to divert her or detach himself from her.Urmila comes to Hariprasad’s house and tells that they have brought aircooler and cups for the guests. Bimla gives them tea. Vidhi thinks if they had come together, then would have got some more time together. Hariprasad introduces Pramod to them. Urmila says they are my clients. Golden suggests lipstick color to Priya. Vidhi comes there and greets Satyavati. She says I have brought gajras for you. She says sorry to Urmila and says I didn’t know that you are here. Urmila says no problem. Vidhi gives gajras to Bimla, Priya and offers big one to Satyavati. Bimla takes her to side. Urmila says we call her pagli film. Bimla tells Vidhi that Satyavati ji is widow and can’t wear it. Vidhi apologizes to her. Satyavati says her married life was less, but it means a lot to her. She takes gajra from her.

Hariprasad appreciates her for bringing up the kids alone. Satyavati says Dev’s Papa had given me so much love which some women don’t get even in their lifetime. A neighbor comes and asks Bimla if they shall do garba. She asks Vidhi to get ready. Bimla tells Satyavati that they do garba daily infront of temple. Urmila tells Satyavati that Golden is more clever than Vidhi. She shows golden’s certificates. Golden dances to show Satyavati. Abhi and Priya smiles. Urmila tells that the haveli is old and gets shaken up. Hariprasad asks Golden to have something. Golden eats something kept on the table. Satyavati asks if this is heritage property. Bimla says she is staying here since her marriage. Vidhi gets ready to do garba. Satyavati asks can I see the house. Bimla says yes. Urmila tells Abhi and Priya about Golden. Hariprasad tells that Dev Saheb went to khawo gali to keep Vidhi’s heart. Satyavati looks on surprised. Vidhi gets tensed.

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