Destined by fate update Saturday 9 December 2023

Destined by fate 9 December 2023: Saroj notices Rashmi returning home and asks about Nakul as they both together had gone to temple. Rashmi says he went to office and asks if there is any issue. Saroj says Kanha and Nakul used to love each other so much, but now they can’t stand each other; she fears her house will shatter if this continues and asks if Nakul was rude to Kanha in temple. Rashmi says even Kanha was rude Nakul, she didn’t interfere between brothers but felt bad, Saroj shouldn’t worry as she will explain Nakul. Saroj hopes her sons reconcile their differences again.

Destined by fate 8 December 2023

Rashmi thinks she will continue to create differences and rule Chaudhry house. Rashmi returns to her room and finds her baby crying inconsolably. Indu asks where was she as baby is crying inconsalably. Rashmi angrily shouts that she could have called servants to bring milk for the baby or herself got it instead of troubling her, she is tired of her baby who always needs her, etc. She says her baby is trouble at once side and Sayuri… Daadi mausi overhears her and asks what does she mean.

Rashmi starts her emotional drama and says Sayuri would have supported her and always handled her,she is missing Sayuri a lot and is unable to handle house without her. Daadi mausi comforts her and says she is handling her house better.Yasdh reaches Kanha and informs him that Sayuri hasn’t married Vikrant and tried to avoid their marriage, she surely is Kanha’s Sayuri and is hid ing truth for a reason. Kanha decides to confront Sayuri and heads towards her house.

Sayuri thinks she has only 7 days to free her daughter from Vikrant’s trap and notes it in her secret diary. Kanha reaches her. Sayuri shouts why did he come here even after her warning. Kanha asks her to stop her drama as he knows she is Sayuri and insists her to come with him. She refuses. Kanha gives his promise and insists her to accept that she is his Sayuri. Sayuri accepts that she is Kanha’s Sayuri.

Kanha feels happy and asks why she was hiding truth then.Sayuri tries to explain when Vikrant enters and says its of no use as a its waste to talk about a person who is dead. Sayuri pleads not to say that and asks Kanha to go from there. Kanha asks what is happening. Vikrant says Sayuri broke a promise and is suffering because of that. Sayuri holds his collar and shouts he can’t do that. Vikrant informs Kanha that since Sayuri broke her promise, he killed Kanha and Sayuri’s daughter.

Sayuri wakes up from sleep and thanks god that it was a nightmare. She thinks she will not let this nightmare come true and will somehow save her daughter and end monster Vikrant.Kanha prays god to give him courage to convince Sayuri and bring her back home. Sayuri prays god to help her get back her daughter and return to Kanha. They both play shank. Yash reaches Kanha and informs him that he will track Vikrant’s each move like a shadow. Kanha says they just need one clue to expose Vikrant. YHash says they will surely expose him. Nakul gets jealous seeing their bonding and slips from stairs.They both rush to him concerned. Nakul pushes Yash away. Saroj notices that.

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