Destined by fate update Sunday 10 December 2023

Destined by fate 10 December 2023: Nakul insults Yash. Kanha warns him to behave with Yash. Nakul yells that Kanha considers Yash as his brother and Nakul as a stranger. Yash asks what did he say. Nakul shouts at him to not interfere between them and continues his misbehavior. Kanha warns him to shut up. Nakul walks in shouting. Saroj apologizes Yash on Nakul’s behalf.

Destined by fate 10 December 2023

Yash says he didn’t mind as he considers Nakul as his younger brother. Daadi Mausi says Nakul has lost his mind. They both walk in. Kanha feels upset. Yash comforts him and says everything will be alright once Sayuri returns home. Kanha hopes so.

Nakul continues to fume. Saroj walks in and asks why he misbehaved with his brother and BIL. Nakul says Kanha behaves as if he is dead and only Yash is everything to him. Rashmi grins and thinks she worked hard for this day. Saroj tells Nakul that Kanha feels lonely without his support and he should stop hating his brother. She hugs and comforts him. Rashmi frowns thinking her plan is failing. Daadi Mausi notices her expressions and thinks instead of getting happy, she is frowning and is up to something.

Sayuri feels tensed thinking she needs to find her daughter within 7 days and looks at Kuku’s drawing. She gets suspicious that there is something in a closed room for sure. Vikrant snatches book from her and asks what is she looking at. Sayuri says she is looking at Kuku’s drawings. He looks at Kuku’s drawings. She fears that he may see Kuku’s behind the closed door drawing. He is about to look at that drawing when he gets a call and walks aside. Sayuri takes drawing book to Kuku and asks her to tell what she drew and promise to take her away from Vikrant soon. Vikrant returns.

Kuku gets afraid, drops tea on the drawing, and runs away. Sayuri thinks she couldn’t get any details from Kuku, so she should gain Vikrant’s confidence and get information from him.Sayuri insists him to take her for wedding shopping. He asks her to buy it online. She says she doesn’t like online dresses and says he looks handsome in every dress, even she should look beautiful and match him.

Vikrant says as per panditji after mauli is tied, she can’t get out of the house, so he will bring dress for her. He goes to a boutique and orders its tailor master to send a ladies tailor to take his wife’s dress measurement. Yash follows him and shows him on live video call to Kanha, standing behind a mannequin. Vikrant walks towards the mannequin. Kanha gets tensed that Vikrant may see Yash. Vikrant asks master to send similar dresses home with a ladies tailor. He looks at Yash in a mirror.

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