Lost in love starlife update Friday 8 December 2023

Lost in love 8 December 2023: Sai points guns at the terrorists. Bheema asks if she knows to use a gun. Sai says she is a policeman’s daughter and warns them to drop their guns or else she will shoot them. Virat fights with terrorists.

Geetanjali picks gun silently, points it Savi, and warns Sai to drop the gun or else she will shoot her daughter. Sai drops guns and pleads to spare her daughter. Virat identifies her as Ramakanth’s wife. Geetanjali agrees. Bheema says she is also their commander and mastermind behind this plane hijack. Virat shouts he will not spare her. Passengers tongue lash Geetanjali for captivating a child. Geetanjali says she can die or kill anyone for her husband and warns them all to keep their mouth shut. Savi bites Geetanjali’s hand and runs. Geetanjali shoots at her. Family shouts in fear for Savi. Sai notices Savi alive but a fellow lady passenger dead.

Commissioner and his team notice a lady passenger dead. Officer says his sniper is at the targets, shall he shoot. Commissioner asks him to wait for Virat’s signal. Terrorists drag Virat to a different cabin. Virat fights with them and his hidden camera falls down. His team loses signal. Terrorists overpower Virat and tie him down. Virat continues to vent out his frustration on terrorists. Savi tells Sai that she is very much afraid of bad uncles. Sai tells her a story of brave girl who saves her family and others and says Savi is that girl who saved Vinu and others’ lives. Savi feels confident.

Pilot gets a panic attack. Terrorists try to normalize him. Bheema points gun at the pilot and says he is just acting. Geetanjali stops him and says pilot is needed to fly the plane away when Ramakanth is released. She asks Sai to treat the pilot. Sai refuses at first but then agrees. She checks him and says he got a panic attack because of the terrorists and says she can treat him only if they shift him to a business class section. Terrorists shift pilot to business class. Sai asks them to go from there and treats pilot alone. She tries to untie Virat silently. Virat says he wants to tell her something.

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