Destined by fate update Friday 8 December 2023

Destined by fate 7 December 2023: Rashmi panics seeing Sayuri. Sayuri acts as not knowing her and asks if she is fine, does she need anything. Rashmi says she feels she has seen her somewhere, have they met before? Sayuri says she shifted to this area 4 months ago and visits this temple every week, maybe she saw her around the temple. She takes Kuku to a kite shop. Rashmi follows her. Sayuri thinks she knows Rashmi is following her, she will expose Rashmi once she frees her daughter from Vikrant’s grip. Rashmi thinks if she is really Sayuri as nothing matches except her face, she needs to find out truth.

Destined by fate 7 December 2023

Yash thinks he should meet Kanha and inform him about Sayuri’s decision. Kanha returns home recalling Sayuri humiliating him. Saroj alerts him before he steps on rangoli. Kanha apologizes. Saroj asks him why he looks upset. Kanha says he had gone to temple where Nakul also came and they had an argument again. Saroj says they were Ram-Laxman’s jodi. Kanha says if Sayuri was with him, this all wouldn’t have happened.

Saroj questions god why he snatched important relationships from his son and prays god to protect her son.Panditji tells Vikrant that there are many hurdles in his wedding muhur ath, he doesn’t think it will happen soon. Vikrant threatens him and forces him to find some solution. He gets a call and goes aside. Rashmi walks near Sayuri to test her and asks panditji to find a girl for her jijaji as her sister passed away and her jijaji is ready to move on in life. Sayuri acts normal and continues to play with Kuku.

She asks Panditji to give holy thread for her and husband soon as she needs to go and make arrangements for their wedding. Vikrant joins her and they both leave.Rashmi thinks she can’t be Sayuri or else she would have panicked after hearing about Kanha’s remarriage. She returns to Nakul and lies that she gave prasad to a few poor kids.Kusum calls Yash and asks where is he going.

He says to Chaudhry house to meet Kanha. Kusum says he shouldn’t go there until Rashmi apologizes him and she will give his message to Kanha via Saroj. Yash thinks he can’t tell her about Sayuri and says she is right, he will not go to to Chaudhry house then. Sayuri returns home with Vikrant. Vikrant tries to get romantic. Sayuri gives excuses.Vikrant warns her not to betray him or else she will lose her daughter. Sayuri cries recalling all the recent events. Kanha also cries vigorously missing Sayuri. Sang Hoon Tere… song plays in the background.

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