Lost in love update Saturday 23 December 2023

Lost in love 23 December 2023: Bhavani asks family where is Savi. Harini says she has gone to beauty parlor as Bhavani asked her to look good in front of the boy’s family. Bhavani asks if she is sure. Ashwini says Savi told she gets dusty while riding her scooter, so she went to beauty parlor. Bhavani says Savi is getting smarter like her and asks her to inform Savi to prepare poha for the boy’s family as its a tradition that girl prepares poha during their first meeting.

Lost in love 22 December 2023

Shantabai calls her and warns her to make sure Savi is at home this time. Bhavani assures her that Savi would be at home when boy’s family arrives. Savi asks time to her classmate and panics when she learns it’s already 4:45 p.m. Isha congratulates Savi that she got a scholarship to study for IAS at Bhosale institute. Savi says her dream will be fulfilled only if she reaches home on time as her badi aaji/Bhavani has invited a boy’s family at home today for her alliance.

Isha says she needs to finish her studies first before marriage.Asmita describes Shika that Shantanu met while she was a lecturer at some college and fell in love with her; he married her; Isha stopped working after marriage; Isha’s brother passed away and her parent’s responsibility fell on her, hence she started working again to support her parents; Surekha hated that and forced Shantanu to divorce Ishan, but Shantanu never divorced Isha till now as he still immensely loves her; Surekha filled poison against Isha in Ishan’s mind.

Surekha walks in and shouts at Asmita. Savi tells Isha that her badi aaji wants best for her but doesn’t think she is capable of choosing what is best for her.Isha asks doesn’t think she understands what is best for her better than her aaji; she is a sensible girl and shouldn’t marry just as a social responsibility like other girl; marriage is not a bad thing if she gets a good life partner; she should focus on her goal of becoming an IAS officer.

Ishan gets upset recalling his interaction with his mother Ishani, loses control of his car seeing a speeding truck in opposite direction, rams his car to a tree, and collapses. Savi’s bus breaks down. Driver says diesel tank is leaking due to a stone hit and he needs 2-2.5 hours to bring diesel. Savi panics thinking about Bhavani’s warning and asks driver to hurry up. Harini calls her and asks when is she coming. Savi informs her that her bus broke down and driver needs 2-2.5 hours to fix it.

Boy’s family visits Bhavani with Shantabai. Bhavani welcomes them. They discuss that they don’t think they will meet the girl today. Bhavani asks Harini to call Savi.Surekha warns Asmita not to take Isha’s name and spills venom against Isha. She says she got Shantanu married to Isha thinking Isha will stay like her younger sister and they both will make this house a heaven, but women like Isha know only to break houses; Isha didn’t even bother about her son, she bought up Ishan like her own son and comforted him when he cried for his mother.

She asks where is Ishan now. Riva asks Durva and Avni if their dada/elder brother has any girlfriend. They pull her leg saying he had so many girlfriends and is now married. Riva asks if he is really married. They say she met Shikha already who is Chinmay’s wife. Riva relaxes and asks if they are talking about Chinmay, she was asking about Ishan. They say Ishan doesn’t have any girlfriend and is workaholic.

Savi panics thinking of reaching house on time. She stops an auto and asks driver to rush her home before badi aaji kills her. Bhavani keeps boy’s family busy in talks. Boy’s family asks her to call the girl. Bhavani asks Harini to call Savi. Harini takes her aside and reveals that Savi has gone to Pune for a debate competition.

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