Twist of fate update Thursday 21 December 2023

Twist of fate 21 December 2023: The Episode starts with Prachi shivering while in sleep. Ranbir comes to her and checks her fever. Prachi says she don’t want wet cloth on her forehead. Ranbir says I am not keeping it, as I don’t have strength to do it, and says I had talked to doctor and he asked me to give you medicine. He feels pain. Prachi asks him to show what happened? Ranbir says nothing. Prachi says you are superman, you save people from drowning, and have super powers. Ranbir asks where is she going? She says you are going? Ranbir says it is 3:30 am and says I can’t go home. Prachi asks him to go there and get the box from the table.

Ranbir gets the first aid box and says he will apply. Prachi says she will apply. He says you are not changed, also do chik chik..chikchiki. Prachi says you always talk and says bak bak…She checks his injury on his stomach and applies the ointment. She says it is much injury. Ranbir says he will go and sleep on the sofa.

Next morning, Rhea serves paratha to Vikram, Pallavi and Dida and asks how was the breakfast. Vikram doesn’t say anything and continue to speak to Pallavi asking why they didn’t inform him about going to Khushi’s birthday party. Rhea offers Samosa to them, but they are so busy in giving the details of the party, Balbira attacking Prachi and Ranbir saving her, they unknowingly ignore Rhea which makes her angry and she thinks Prachi puran started again. She hopes something happens that Ranbir hates Prachi so much.

In the morning, Prachi comes wearing white glittery saree and pulls the curtain. Ranbir wakes up seeing her and holds her and says you will go away from me. He asks her to say I love you. Prachi asks if you are saying me or asking me to say. Ranbir asks her to say I love you. Prachi says you…They fall on the bed together. Prachi says I will never go away from you and hugs him. It turns out to be Ranbir’s dream. He thinks he always dreams of Prachi. He comes to the hall happily and sees Ashok and Akshay sitting in the hall with Prachi, Dadi and Shahana. It seems Ashok has brought the doctor and asks him to check Prachi. Dadi says we have already shown her to doctor. Ashok asks her to have both the doctors medicine.

Akshay says you sometimes embarrass me. Ashok says thanks to Ranbir, that he saved her. Ranbir is going, when Ashok sees and calls him. He thanks Ranbir for saving Akshay and his life. Ranbir says I didn’t think about you before saving her. They thank him still. Ranbir recalls Akshay proposing Prachi and accepts their thanks for taking care of their safe keeping. Akshay thanks and hugs him. Ranbir feels pain. Akshay asks what happened? Ranbir says he got hurt while saving Prachi. He says he will go. Prachi asks him not to go, and then asks him to have food. Ranbir says no, everyone must be waiting for me. Prachi thinks Rhea must be waiting. Ranbir turns to go. Shahana comes to him and says she doesn’t know what to say. Ranbir says it happens and thanks her for calling him. Shahana thanks him for coming there, saving Prachi and for Khushi. Ranbir asks her to take care of Prachi and herself.

Rhea thinks what to wear and takes out the sarees from her wardrobe. She thinks nothing is good. Aaliya jumps inside the window. Rhea closes the door fast. Aaliya asks if Ranbir came and says it is 10 am. He says he will come later and then will go tomorrow. She asks what you was checking with the clothes, and tells that you might be thinking in which clothes, you will look best. She says you are far more better than Prachi, but gets defeated on one thing, as she is more clever than you, as she has her mother’s blood and you are innocent like Bhai. She says I will always stay with you. Rhea asks her to go.

Aaliya says I will go if you come with me. Rhea refuses. Aaliya tells that if you agree to come with me then it means that you get defeated. Rhea tells her that yesterday she had burnt Prachi’s photo. Aaliya says Prachi returned at wrong time. Rhea says I have danger with Khushi, as she is their daughter Panchi. Aaliya is shocked and takes water. Rhea says they will get closer due to Khushi and then practical talks will start, that a child needs both her parents, and that’s why they will remarry again. Aaliya says no, I will not let them love and care each other, which I have broken many years back. She says we will do something big and asks her to meet her tomorrow at 9 pm and then she will tell her, what big she has thought to do. Rhea nods her head, agreeing to her.

Pallavi asking Ranbir how is Prachi? Ranbir says she is happy, fine. Pallavi tells him that she had lost the bangle in Prachi’s house. Rhea hears them. Pallavi says it was brought by Mummy ji and she will feel bad if she comes to know that I had lost it. She says she had refused to wear it first. Ranbir says ok, I will drop you there. Pallavi says Dida shall not know, we will go in the evening. Rhea tells Pallavi that she heard them and tells that if she can come with them. Pallavi says ofcourse. Later they come to Prachi’s house. Prachi gets happy and hugs Rhea. Ranbir says actually Mummy’s bangle has fallen somewhere here, which Dida had brought from the temple. Shahana goes with Pallavi to check in the guest room. Dadi goes to see the basket where Servants keep the new things. Ranbir asks Prachi if she is fine.

Prachi says yes. Ranbir says Rhea got worried when I reached late. Prachi thinks he means to say that he shouldn’t have stayed at night. Rhea gets up and goes. She says she will drink water. Prachi tells Dadi that yesterday night was different and tells that she feels that everything is fine, but when she sees him with Rhea, my eyes opens and she faces reality. Dadi says Ranbir is connected to Rhea now and asks her to do what she thought and adopt Khushi, as she is your aim and will change your life. Rhea hears them and gets upset. Pallavi asks Rhea if something happened? Rhea asks Ranbir to let Khushi be with Prachi, as she is her real happiness.

Ranbir asks have you gone mad? Prachi asks what happened, if everything is fine? Pallavi says we want to talk to you, and tells that day Khushi was in our house, but we didn’t tell you. She says Khushi wants to live in our house and has become dear to everyone. She says we want to adopt her. Dadi says Prachi loves Khushi a lot and asks if you don’t see their love. Shahana tries to stop Dadi. Dadi says Khushi brings peace in her life, she is her life and says if they are separated then one will die. She says Khushi will stay with Prachi. Pallavi says Khushi will stay with us and you all can come and meet her at anytime.

Dadi says we can say the same. Pallavi says if Prachi takes Khushi from here like she went last time. She says Ranbir’s condition was worse and he couldn’t sleep at night as he couldn’t believe that she is dead. She says this time, it was our turn to stay peacefully. Prachi apologizes to Pallavi and says I can’t agree. Ranbir says I can’t let you snatch our happiness. Pallavi blames her. Ranbir says you used to make me yearn for the small happiness and says she has snatched my peace, happiness and everything. Pallavi says I hope it is clear now. Dadi says our decision is final. Ranbir says we have decided too. They leave. Dadi asks Prachi not to worry and says Khushi will be yours.

Next morning, Prachi gets ready and thinks of Pallavi’s words. She cries and sees Ranbir standing. She asks him to go. Ranbir apologizes to her for saying that she has snatched his happiness and says actually my happiness is because of you. Prachi says she don’t want to hear and asks him to go. She says door is at that side and asks him to go. Akshay comes there and she realizes he came in her imagination. He says actually Dadi told me everything and says I know you want Khushi and your ex also wants her. He says yesterday you heard so much and says how can your ex be so rude and says atleast Ranbir understands you. He says I am with you and Dadi, and says if you want Khushi then will get her.

Rhea meets Aaliya and tells that they were fighting like they will see each other. She says how can they fight. Aaliya says their love is of different level and says…Rhea says they can’t be together. Aaliya says you shall think to take advantage of the situation. Rhea says she don’t want to play games. Aaliya says you have to lie one or two to keep the situation in her favor. She says you have manipulated a bit, and says you have to keep things in your favor. Akshay tells Prachi that if Khushi is your only wish, then I will fulfill it. He says I have done many favors on many people and tells that Khushi will be yours in a day.

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