Faltu Starlife update Friday 3 May 2024

Faltu 3 May 2024: The Episode starts with Faltu getting away and arguing with Ayaan. He says I will prove my love. She asks him to stop the drama and go home. He says let me fall sick, go inside, you don’t care. She says let me live in peace.

He holds her and says you decide it. She says fine, stand here, I don’t care. He shouts and asks her to go. Dada ji asks Kaka to sleep in Neil’s room, he is disturbed. Kaka asks him to get Neil married. He asks how will he live his life alone. Dada ji says yes, who will be that girl, who will wait for his bitterness to end and love him. He prays for Neil.

Faltu comes crying. He asks why did you go out. She says Ayaan is standing outside, please send him. He says you both are stubborn. She says I will make ginger tea for him, feed it to him. Savita argues with Sid. Sid asks her to let Ayaan try and get his love. Tanu worries.

Faltu makes tea for Ayaan. Dada ji takes the tea for Ayaan. Ayaan says I m trying to win Faltu’s heart, I will have the food and tea to keep your word, I can’t insult you by refusing, go inside, weather is bad, I will stand here until Faltu’s mind changes.

Dada ji says take care, ring the bell if you need anything. Its morning, Faltu goes to see Ayaan. She sees Ayaan sleeping on the ground and shouts. She rushes to him. She takes him to the room. Savita asks Amar did Ayaan come. Amar says no. Sid says he would be with Faltu, we will send them on honeymoon when he gets Faltu home. Tanu says call him and ask if he is okay. Faltu takes care of Ayaan. Faltu says Ayaan was outside all night. She blames herself. Dada ji asks her to change Ayaan’s clothes. He asks Kaka to get Neil’s clothes. Faltu checks the call on his phone. She asks Dada ji to talk. Dada ji answers. Kinshuk says Ayaan is at Brijmohan’s house. He asks for Ayaan. Tanu asks is Ayaan with Faltu. Dada ji says he is unwell, we are calling a doctor. She asks what, and how did this happen.

He says he stood outside in rain all night, he didn’t listen to us. Tanu says we are coming in some time. She tells everything to Savita. Savita gets angry on Faltu. Doctor checks Ayaan. Dada ji says Faltu is Ayaan’s wife. Doctor says I will do some tests and find out if he has pneumonia. She says we will take him to the hospital. Savita, Sid, Kinshuk and Tanu come. Ayaan says Faltu… Doctor explains them about Ayaan’s condition. He says I already told his wife. Savita says Faltu isn’t his wife, they are getting divorced, she ruined my family. Faltu cries. Sid says calm down, Faltu didn’t ask him to stand outside. Dada ji says we told him to go home.

Neil comes and asks what happened to Ayaan. Tanu and Neil argue. Neil defends Faltu. He says Faltu asked Ayaan not to come, if he comes, then its his mistake. Tanu taunts on their friendship. Faltu and Neil get angry on Tanu. Dada ji asks Neil to stop it, Ayaan isn’t fine, he will tell the truth when he gets conscious. Doctor says we should wait for the reports, take him home, don’t keep AC on. Savita scolds Faltu and makes her away. She says I promise, I won’t let your shadow fall over my son. They take Ayaan. Dada ji consoles Faltu.


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