Lost in love starlife update Monday 8 April 2024

Savi opposes Bhavani’s decision and says Harini will not take back her complaint against Kiran at any cost. Bhavani tries to slap her. Savi holds her hand and says enough of her atrocities, she always tried to stop her from studying and tried to ruin her life, she tolerated it but will not will tolerate it now as it’s a question of her taayi/elder sister’s life.

She reveals how Harini tried to commit suicide, how Kiran tried to molest her, how he made her life a hell, how Isha saved her, how Kiran called Harini as characterless, etc. She says Bhavani should consider even Harini as dead and spare her or else she will kill Harini some day with her cheap old thinking. She holds Harini’s hand and walks away from there.

Ishan gets ready for college. Surekha asks him to return home early tonight as a boy’s family is coming to see Durva. Ishan asks Durva if she seriously agreed for marriage, he thought she said that in anger. Ishan says it’s her life and he shouldn’t bother. Ishan says he will stop her if she takes a wrong decision. Durva says he should also allow her to stop him when he takes a wrong decision, he is wrongly trying to mentor Savi while Savi is not even bothered about him at all, she is sure that Savi will destroy Bhosale Institute’s name.

Savi recalls her argument with Bhavani and feels guilty for confronting Bhavani. Harini comforts her. Kiran’s mother questions Bhavani’s sanskars and tongue lashes Savi for disrespecting her grandmother. Bhavani questions her sanskars and giving birth to such a monster who tried to molest Savi and tortured Harini. She says Savi is a sensitive girl and is struggling to survive, she always fights for herself and her dear ones, Harini will not return with her to Ramtek, and warns Kiran’s parents to dare not try to harm her grandchildren or else they will face her angry avatar.

Harini comforts Savi and prays god that she gets an understanding life partner like Ishan. Savi asks why Ishan. Harini says they way Ishan tied mauli/religious thread to her and promised to be her mentor. Ishan walks towards his class and hears Savi’s friends praising Anvi for becoming a DJ at yesterday’s garba event. Anvi says Savi encouraged her to become a DJ, they should thank her. Friends say Savi can get talent out of anyone. They see Savi and Baji’s dance and says only Savi can get even ACP dance. Ishan gets jealous hearing that. He walks into class and scolds them to concentrate on studies. He repeatedly looks at the door eagerly waiting for Savi and starts class. He starts getting hiccups. Students try different ways to stop his hiccups.

Savi realizes that she had a test at 11 a.m. and it’s already 2 p.m. She panics fearing Ishan’s reaction and searches for her mobile. She finds her mobile and notices Ishan’s multiple missed calls and rushes towards college. Ishan stops his class and walks out. Savi rushes towards class and bumps on him. Ishan’s hiccups stop seeing him. Savi’s classmate brings water for Ishan and says his hiccups stopped seeing Savi. Savi asks Ishan if she can take a test now. Ishan blasts Savi for missing her exam and walks to director’s cabin.

Savi’s friend asks where was she, Ishan was worried for her whole night and tried to contact her whole night. Savi says she will explain her later and runs behind Ishan. Ishan warns her to knock the door and walk in as it’s director’s cabin. She knocks the door and tries to explain what happened last night, but Ishan in no mood to listen to her blasts her for disrespecting his efforts and says she doesn’t deserve to be his teacher.

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