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The goons enter the party and think Dua is Gazal. The minister arrives there so they hide from his guards. Haider greets the minister. The goons leave. The minister asks Haider where is his wife? He says my wife is busy with the family. Dua hears that and looks on. Gazal asks Dua if her husband doesn’t even want her talking to outsiders? Dua says it’s not like that, I don’t like talking to strangers.

Dadi tells the guests that we will talk about Haider-Dua now. She says only Dua can bring happiness to Haider’s house. She asks Rahat to talk about them. He says my son has made me proud, he is our backbone and Dua is the heart of the house. I pray that they always remain loving like this. Gazal thinks how can they love this angry man. Bari Ammi says Dua brought hope back in my life, I bless their love. Dua hugs her and smiles.

Ruhaan says Dua is my best friend, I can’t praise her enough. Kaynaat says Dua has made me brave so thank you. She asks Gulnaz to say some words. Gulnaz says we are lucky to have Haider and Dua in the family. Noori says Haider always gifts me. Ravi asks Haider to praise Dua. Haider says I will try, he says Dua has always been supportive, she knows how to deal with me. I can’t have anyone better than Dua as my life partner. Ruhaan asks him to confess his love, he says never in front of everyone. Gazal asks Dua if he ever confesses his love to her? Dua says I understand him without his words. Gazal says maybe you are just pacifying yourself? Haider glares at her but Dua stops him. She says I didn’t give you a gift because you are more than any diamond. you always have been perfect, I want to say that I am proud of you. All clap for them.

The goons are waiting for Gazal outsisde the house. The goon recalls how Haider saved Gazal in the market, he says I have to take care of that man.

Gazal comes outside the house with Dua. Dua says I hope you didn’t mind anything. Gazal says no one can be mad with you but I can’t say that same for Haider. She tries to give her dupatta but Dua says you are my friend now so it’s a gift. Gazal says but I want my dupatta back. Dua laughs and goes to bring it.

The goons see Dua going in the house and think its Gazal as she is wearing the dupatta that Gazal was wearing.

Ruhaan approaches Gazal but she thinks it was a goon and hits him. She says I am sorry. He flirts with her. They go to sit down in the garden. Dua is going back to the garden and looks around for Gazal but the goons put a sheet on her and kidnap her. Ruhaan sees that and tries to run behind them but they take her away in the car. Gazal sees that it’s the goon Iqbal who took her. Ruhaan rushes to Haider and says some goons took away Dua. Haider shouts who would take Dua? she has no animosity with anyone. Gazal comes there and says their animosity is with me.

All are shocked. She says the goon who took Dua is Iqbal, actually.. he wanted to kidnap me but they might have mistakenly taken Dua because of the dupatta exchange. Haider shouts at her that if anything happens to Dua then I won’t spare you, the cheap girl like you might have connections with goons but we are respected people and keep our women protected. Bari Ammi asks him to just think about saving Dua. Ruhaan asks the guests to leave. All family members are worried.

The goons bring Dua to their den and is shocked to see its not Gazal. Iqbal asks who is she? Dua cries and says I am Haider’s wife. He slaps her and says when your husband comes here then I will teach him a lesson for saving Gazal. Dua cries for Haider. Haider is worried for her too.

Iqbal tells Dua that she can’t leave till you call your husband here. Dua says I won’t put him in danger. Iqbal slaps her and says you can’t stop me, he will come and bring Gazal with him too.

Haider is angry and screams for Dua. He tries to call the police but Gazal stops him. Haider says did you plan all this with Iqbal? Gazal shouts don’t blame me like this, I know Dua is in trouble but I would never think of harming her. I wish it would be you instead of Dua who got kidnapped. I know you are worried about Dua but Iqbal is a dangerous man, if he knows that you called the police then he won’t spare Dua. Haider shouts at her to stop it. Iqbal calls Gazal. Haider takes the call and shouts to not harm his Dua, I won’t spare you. Iqbal grabs Dua’s face, she cries and says Haider.. Iqbal says if I get angry then I won’t spare her. Gazal says you are my enemy so don’t hurt her. Haider says I will give you anything you want but don’t hurt her. Dua cries and tells Haider to not come here, they are dangerous.

Iqbal caresses her face and says she is smart. Haider shouts at him to stop it. Iqbal says let’s do a deal, I have your item and you have mine. Just bring Gazal here and take your wife. Dua says don’t bring her here, they are dangerous. You can’t come here, I can’t put your life in trouble. Iqbal asks Haider to not inform the police otherwise you will take her deadbody from here. Dua says please don’t come here. Iqbal ends the call. Dua prays for Haider’s protection.

All family members are worried. Haider shouts that Gazal is behind all this. Rahat asks who is this man? Gazal says Iqbal is a lender and he wants to takeover my family house. Haider says I can’t put Dua’s life in danger for a cheap house, whats your house worth? Tell me and I will throw it at your face. Gazal says you have that house is invaluable to me, it was my dead father’s memories there. She gets the address from Iqbal and says lets go to save Dua. Bari Ammi says that man is dangerous. Haider says I don’t care what he does with Gazal, I will save Dua at any cost. He drags Gazal from there. All look on.

Dua thinks I am sure Haider will come here to save me but I can’t let him. I have to do something. She says I need to go to the washroom. The goon frees her but she pushes him away and runs from there. The goons run behind her but she hides. She is about to leave but Iqbal catches her.

Dadi tells Bari Ammi that if Haider knew what Gazal’s father Rahmani did for us then he wouldn’t put her life in danger. Bari Ammi Hina says we should tell the truth to Haider. Rahat says thats for later, we should think about saving Dua first. We promised Rahmani that we will never tell Haider about this. Gulnaz says what secret is that? Hina says its better if some secrets remain secrets only. Gulnaz is angry hearing that. Kaynaat asks Dadi to not worry, they will be back soon. Hini cries for Dua.

Iqbal slaps Dua and shouts to not try this again. Dua cries and says don’t hurt Haider.

Haider arrives at the den with Gazal. He says just pray that Dua is fine otherwise.. They get down from the car and enter inside. Haider sees Iqbal holding Dua. Dua cries and says leave from here. Haider says I told you I will always protect you, I won’t let anything happen to you. He see her bleeding and says they will have to pay for this. Dua pleads with Iqbal to let him go. Haider says I have brought what Iqbal wanted. He brings Gazal there and asks him to let Dua go, you can keep her. Iqbal says if you want safety then don’t interfere in my matter. You can take your wife and leave Gazal here. He asks them to walk. Gazal starts walking towards Iqbal while Dua is walking towards Haider. Dua stops and holds Gazal. Haider says nothing is above your life, let her be. Dua says nothing is bigger than a woman’s honor. Gazal says let me go, this is my fate and I have no hope from your husband. Haider tells Dua to trust him and just do as he is saying. Just leave her. Dua says I am sorry but I can’t. She grabs Gazal and starts running towards Haider. They both fall in Haider’s arms.

Hina and Dadi are praying for Dua. Kaynaat tells Noori that they are praying and finding the answers. Dadi tells Hina that they will be fine. She looks away. Hina asks what happened? Dadi says the future shows pain in their lives. Hina says nothing will happen, I will pray for them.

Iqbal sees Haider holding onto Dua and Gazal. He laughs and says he has his wife and another woman in his arms. He is about to attack Haider with a knife but Dua stands in front of him and gets stabbed. Gazal screams Dua.. Haider is shocked.

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