Lost in love Starlife update Monday 29 January 2024

Savi tells Asmita that it’s difficult for her to understand that a teacher who loves her students like a mother, how can she ignore her own child; there must be surely some reason behind it. Asmita says only Isha or Surekha can answer her. Shikha informs her that Surekha called her. Savi walks towards Surekha’s room.

Durva asks Surekha to kick Savi out of the house as she is here with some conspiracy. Savi walks in. Durva thinks Surekha will kick Savi out of the house now. Surekha asks Durva to let leave her seat and let Savi as she is ill. Durva stands up fuming. Surekha checks Savi’s wound and applies ointment to her. She insists Savi to stay back at their house. Savi hesitates and says Ishan will not like it.

Surekha says Ishan is traumatized by his past, she will convince Ishan. She pleads Savi to stay back till she gets well. Savi agrees to stay back until Harini returns from Delhi. Surekha thanks her. Shikha and Asmita are shocked to see Surekha’s changed tone. Durva questions Surekha’s decision, and she shuts Durva’s mouth.

Surekha then walks to Ishan and tells him that they have to keep Savi at home till she gets well or else it would be a bad reputation for the college director’s family. Ishan agrees. At night, Ishan walks to lawn to read some book. Savi wakes up and walks towards kitchen to get water. She notices main door open and closes it thinking they must have forgotten to close it. She fills water and returns to her room. She recalls Ishan and Isha’s tiff and thinks why Isha behaved so formal with Ishan.

Ishan frowns recalling Savi’s allegations towards him and tries to walk in. He finds main door locked and his phone forgotten in his room, so he tries to enter via window. Savi notices him, confuses him as a thief, throws blanket on him, and beats him shouting thief has barged in… Surekha and other ladies join and beat Ishan. Ishan shouts its’s him. Power returns.

Everyone are shocked to see him. Ishan asks if he looks like a thief. Savi asks why was he entering the house like a thief. Ishan asks who locked the door. Savi says yes and says he should stop being negative and should meditate to calm himself and runs back to her room. Ishan fumes that he is beaten in his own house.

Asmita and Shikha laugh and tell Savi that she did whatever didn’t happen in this house till now. Savi says she didn’t know he had gone out. Asmita says Ishan gets angry on her as he hates his mother a lot. Savi says even her grandmother vents out her mother’s frustration on her always, but also loves her immensely; there is nothing like hatred and they get angry on a person whom the love the most.

Asmita says she is right. She leaves asking Savi to rest now. Next morning, Asmita and Shikha rush to kitchen to prepare breakfast and notice someone already prepared it. Savi walks in and says she prepared it.

Surekha hears that and scolds Asmita and Shikha for letting their guest work. Savi returns to her room. Asmita insists Savi to join them for breakfast. On breakfast table, Ishan notices upma and asks who prepared it. Asmita says Savi prepared it. Ishan accuses her of purposefully preparing breakfast to exaggerate the issue. Savi denies.

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