My desire update Sunday 28 January 2024

My desire 28 January 2024: Arjun continues to confront Mahima and tells her that she knows to give pain to others while Kashvi knows to heal people’s pain. He says she shouldn’t dare to say that Kashvi snatched her place, Kashvi made her place instead, nobody would like to take a cunning and greedy girl like Mahima’s place and Mahima can’t take Kashvi’s place in life; Mahima should dare not speak ill about his would be wife, etc.

Mahima pleads to forgive her and says she is not like he thinks, he loves her. Arjun says he used to love her, but can’t kill his character for her; he truly loved a selfish person and it’s not his loss; he is not a fool to marry a girl who dumped him and eloped with rich Pradyuman and now returned to him after learning that Pradyuman is also poor.

He says he is a normal human and thanks god that he got a good life partner in Kashvi. Mahima pleads him not to do that. Arjjun says he will marry Kashvi and if anyone has any objection, they can leave. Sam warns Mahima to get out of there. Mahima looks at Daadi. Daadi says she is reaping what he sow, she left them in humiliation and is now being humiliated.

Mahima walks away. Nayan walks behind her. Sam hopes Nayan is not humiliated by Mahima. Arjun asks panditji to start the rituals as abshagun/inauspicious Mahima is gone.

Mahima asks Nayan how could she let Kashvi replace her in mandap and starts ill speaking about Kashvi. Nayan gives her a tight slap and warns her to dare not speak ill about Kashvi as Kashvi and they all suffered because of her. Mahima tries to emotionally blackmail her. Nayan warns her to not try to emotionally blackmail her and reminds what all she did. She says Mahima lost Arjun who is 1 in millions and Kashvi deserves him instead. She warns her not to move from her room and walks away. Mahima calls her friend Veera.

Sam and Nayan perform Kashvi’s kanyadaan and other rituals. Arjun and Kashvi perform pheras smiling at each other. Romila and Aruna frown seeing them happy. Arjun fills Kashvi’s hairline with sindhoor and fixes mangalsutra in her neck. Romila fumes that Nayan and Kashvi set everything right always. Pandit announces Kashvi and Arjun as husband and wife from hereon and asks them to take elders’ blessings. Veera meets Mahima and says she was wrong this time. Mahima loudly defends herself and shouts how her puppet Arjun backstabbed her and married Kashvi instead and how her family opposed her. Veera says she is going to Mumbai now as she got a modeling assignment there. Mahima says even she will accompany her to Mumbai and will do modeling there, she will trap a more rich boy than Pradyuman there.

Kashvi and Arjun take elders’ blessings. They all praise that they got a best life partner and they did right by standing for each other, etc. Sam promises Kashvi to be by her side always.

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