Strings of love Starlife update Wednesday 1 May 2024

Strings of love 1 May 2024: Angad asks Sahiba that if his concern looks like ego and show off to her, then why does she reach wherever he goes. Sahiba says she is here for work, she can’t sit in the hostel room all the time just because she is at risk, she was here to decorate the venue and didn’t know it’s his function.

Angad says she must be feel sad that she had to decorate his function. Sahiba says she doesn’t have any problem with it. They both continue to argue. Sahiba says she doesn’t want to return a place she left and would never return to his house. Angad says even he is not dying to get her back home. Their argument continues. Sahiba walks away.

Angad checks his chest wound. Sahiba notices blood on his shirt in a mirror and gets concerned. Rumi thinks Angad has to pay for his crime now and cuts a chandelier rope over Angad. Sahiba notices that, runs and saves him on time. Angad asks Sahiba if she is fine. Sahiba says yes. Fire catches around them. Brars get worried for Angad. Ek Dil Ek Jaan Hai.. song plays in the background. Angad looks into Sahiba’s eyes and asks why did she turn. She says she saw blood on his shirt. Angad hugs her. Manveer asks Seerat to save Angad. She walks into fire circle. Angad asks Sahiba why did she save him. Seeratg gets jealous seeing that and calls Angad. Angad gets alert and asks Sahiba to reply. Seerat pulls him away. Angad continues to hold Sahiba’s hand. Sahiba frees her hand.

Seerat tells Angad that Manveer is worried for him and drags him away. Manveer and whole family show their concern for him completing ignoring Sahiba. Angad notices Sahiba injured and limping out of the place and tries to rush towards her, but Inder and Manveer stop him and say Veer will look after Sahiba. Reporters throng Sahiba and ask since when she is separated from her husband. Rumi records their video and asks how is their relationship with their partner, do they have children. Reporters ask what kind of a question is this. Rumi asks when they feel awkward with such questions, how can they question someone else. He warns them to spare Sahiba or else he will viral their video of troubling a woman. Reporters walk away.

Rumi tells Sahiba that he didn’t want to disturb her after her warning, but seeing reporters troubling her, he had to intervene. She asks what is he doing here.Rumi says he is here on his father’s behalf who is a businessman and insists her to accompany him to a safer place. Sahiba agrees. He extends his hand. She holds his hand and walks. He thinks soon there won’t be much difference between them. Veer searches for Sahiba. Angad walks to him and asks where is Sahiba. Veer says he doesn’t know. Manveer yells that Sahiba has ruined her son’s life, why don’t she leave Angad. Seerat backs her.

Rumi takes Sahiba to a fuse room and says media wil not disturb her here. He silently locks door from inside without Sahiba’s knowledge and offers her water. Sahiba thanks him and says apologizes for being rude today morning. Angad with Veer searches for Sahiba and feels frustrated. Rumi asks Sahiba if she is bleeding and offers his kerchief to her. Sahiba says she has seen this kerchief somewhere. Rumi recalls offering it to her in her room. He tries to touch her feet. She stops him. Angad reaches near fuse room. Rumi notices Angad.

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