Lost in love starlife update Tuesday 30 January 2024

Anvi and Durva join family for breakfast and wish good morning to Ishan. Ishan asks Asmita to give him juice. Anvi tries to serve him. Ishan says he needs coffee and not juice. Shikha brings him coffee.

Surekha notices sweet and spicy upmas and asks who prepared it. Savi says she prepared it, sweet and spicy upmas give a best combination. Ishan recalls Isha feeding him same in his childhood and gets angry. He asks Savi why did she prepare it, he knows Isha must have asked her to do so to relive his childhood memories.

He tells Surekha that Isha wants to gain entry in this house again and has sent her agent Savi for that. Savi warns him again to not involve Isha as she doesn’t know anything about it and she herself learnt that he is Isha madam’s son after coming here. She walks away fuming. Surekha thinks they both are at loggerheads, but she needs to convince Savi to drop the case against Ayush as per Yashwant’s order.

Savi walks to her room fuming on Ishan. Surekha walks in and requests to forget Ishan’s bitter words and calm down. Savi asks her not to plead her and calms down. Surekha praises Savi’s good upbringing, takes her to her room, and asks her to inform everything about her and her family. Savi recalls her parents and says she lives in Ramtek with her grandparents, her Harini tai, and Vinu dada who studies MBBS in Nagpur, etc.

Surekha continues to praise her good upbringing. She shows old pics and describes how her FIL started a small school and dreamt of opening a big college, Yashwant promised his father to fulfill his dream and with his brothers worked really hard to build Bhosale Institute. Savi is shocked to see Ishan and Ayush’s pic together.

Surekha notices that and keeps tab aside. She says the success she gained can’t be gained by city kids and she should focus on her future for which her family and Shikha sent here. Savi asks her to show the pic again. Surekha says she is elder to her in both age and experience and hence wants to suggest her to not get distracted by unnecessary issues and waste her time as time is more precious than wealth.

Savi walks towards her room thinking if Surekha was indirectly asking her to drop the case against Ayush. Avni stops her and apologizes her for her misdeed under the influence of her friends. She says she loves her brother Ishan immensely and he is angry on her, she feels guilty for lying to him and if Savi forgives her, even Ishan may forgive her.

Savi says her forgiveness would do nothing and Avni guilt is bothering her, so she should tell truth to everyone lessen her guilt. She returns to her room and asks Asmita if they know Ayush Barve’s family. Asmita says Ayush’s father Makrand and Yashwant are close friend and in fact they together have gone to Mumbai. Savi thinks her doubt is right, Ishan will never get her justice and Surekha is trying to convince her to drop case against Ayush. She tells Asmita and Shikha that she will go now as she is fine. Shikha says she got a good friend in Savi and shouldn’t forget her. Savi says they are the ones who care for her in Pune apart from Harini, so she will never forget them. She wishes them good bye.

Surekha walks in and requests her to stay back as she wants to discuss a lot with her and guide her what to do in her future. Savi says she does whatever she thinks right and doesn’t act on other’s suggestions and thanks her for giving her so much love. She walks towards the main door. Ishan stops and taunts her. Savi argues that she found out about his friendship with Ayush and knows he will not give her justice, she was neither dependent on him for justice and will get it herself. Ishan get more angry hearing that. Their argument continues…

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