Lost in love starlife update Monday 15 January 2024

Lost in love 15 January 2024: Savi tells Ishan that he is Bhosale institute’s director and professor, his acts don’t suit him. She says she heard that people get motivated here with his assembly speeches, then why a special treatment for her.

He say she should keep these lines for her interview, but unfortunately it will not work there. He walks to director’s cabin. Yashwanth orders Shukla to send that girl in. Shukla walks to Savi and says she is called for an interview and wishes her all the best. Savi seeks his blessings and rushes to director’s cabin. She enters cabin and greets everyone in Hindi. Ishan tongue lashes her for not saying good morning to the dignified teachers present in the room. Savi says when she entered the room, it was 1 min left for 12 noon and if she had greeted good morning, he would have criticized her for not saying good afternoon.

Yashwanth asks in which language she would like to have her interview. Savi says she is comfortable in Hindi and Marathi. Shantanu says knowledge doesn’t have any language, she can answer in a language she is comfortable with. Ishan starts a tricky question. Savi answers it in her funny style and irritates Ishan. Rest of the interviewers question her and she answers them perfectly. Ishan gets more irritated and asks the most tricky question.

Nishikanth taunts Shantanu that Savi doesn’t know the answer. Savi answers even that question perfectly. Shantanu feels happy. Ishan says Savi wants to participate in every activity, then she should have basketball match with him. Teachers say that is not part of their interviews. Ishan says Savi wants to be an IAS officer and should know to bear pressure in difficult situations. Savi agrees.

They both walk to a basketball court. Savi asks Ishan to teacher her basics of game. Ishan taunts if an aspiring IAS officer doesn’t know basic rules of an international game. Savi asks if he knows basics of lagori game. Ishan calls a coach who informs game rules to Savi. Game starts. Ishan makes 5 goals continuously. Savi silently observes him. Nishanth cheers up Ishan and taunts Shantanu that he wants Isha’s student to win, but they want her to lose. Savi starts picking up and makes 10 goals. Teachers praise her learning skills. Savi taunts Ishan. Ishan fumes recalling Riva’s promises and then leaving him. He scores a goal. Coach says it’s a tie and whoever makes a goal first will win the game.

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