Unfortunate love update Monday 15 January 2024

Unfortunate love 15 January 2024: Malishka asks Lakshmi if she has died and so decides to check, she notices that Lakshmi is still breathing and sitting beside her wonders why is she not dying when she has even suffocated her, Malishka thinks she might not know how to properly suffocate her so thinks of doing something else, she is shocked to hear the voice of Rishi calling Lakshmi and gets worried.

Aayush along with Bani and Shalu are all walking in the same direction searching for Lakshmi, Shalu asks Aayush to go to the left side while they will go the other way and search for her, they get in an auto when Shalu asks Aayush to keep in touch.

Malishka gets worried wondering how did Rishi came here because he would be able to find Lakshmi and then everything would be ruined, she thinks of doing something.

The doctor is sitting when Virender knocks on the door requesting permission to come inside, he asks if Lakshmi has actually regained consciousness and is it possible that she could have left the hospital, the doctor replies that it is unlikely so Virender asks if the reports have come when the doctor says that they have not come back. The Inspector enters the cabin when Virender asks the Inspector to come and sit beside him informing that since he is handling their case then knows that his daughter had been attacked yesterday but today in the morning she has gone missing, the Inspector is not able to believe it. The official from the Hospital assures they have searched the entire hospital but have not been able to find her, he asks the doctor is it possible that she might have regained consciousness and left willingly, she replies it is possible hearing which the official says then he is sure she has left the hospital by her own choice. Virender gets furious asking why did no one see her if she left herself so tells the Inspector that he feels it is the case of kidnapping, inspector asks Virender if he got any call but Virender replies that he feels this is case for attempt to murder. Inspector agrees to start their investigation and asks the official to give them the layout of the hospital because is there any other way to leave the hospital, the Inspector and the official leave. Virender asks the doctor what was she saying about the reports, she says they will come today and she has also heard about the love story of Rishi and Lakshmi so gotten attached to them and prays she is found.

Rishi is calling Lakshmi in the storage, Malishka gets worried thinking that Lakshmi got saved even this time and so she needs to first protect herself, Rishi says he feels that lakshmi si here, Malishka wonders if they both have a camera fitted in them that they come to know about each other, she thinks of first turning off the switch to the light so she goes to the corner, Malishka gets worried thinking the switch is far away but she sees a big box so decides to use it, Rishi is just looking around for Lakshmi, Malishka standing in the box makes a hole, she slowly starts moving ahead but Rishi is not able to see her and just keeps calling Lakshmi, Rishi suspects that there is something strange about the box, he slowly starts walking towards it but then keeps calling Lakshmi. Rishi is just focusing on calling Lakshmi while Malishka is slowly able to reach the switch, she then turns off the lights seeing which Rishi gets worried wondering how did the light turn off and how is he going to find Lakshmi, Malishka thinks he is not able to feel her presence here but only Lakshmi, she wonders how is she going to get out because if he sees her then everything would be ruined. Rishi is just calling Lakshmi and he thinks about turning on the light, Malishka gets worried thinking what if he has seen her.

Aayush while driving gets worried wondering where did Lakshmi Bhabhi go like that as she had already faced so many problems to get married but now has vanished, Aayush sees a big car parked in an empty plot so wonders why is it parked here, he then goes to check the car but rushes back after realizing that it is empty.

Neelam angrily enters the house thinking nothing right would happen with Rishi till he is with Lakshmi, Karishma says that they are understanding it but not Rishi, Dadi asks Neelam to drink some water and calm down, Neelam asks what would happen because her son is in so much trouble because of Lakshmi and he even left the house, she knows he would only be able to live peacefully without her, Dadi says that Lakshmi is the life of Rishi and they both would be able to live happily but who knew that Bhagya would play such a game with them, Karishma says that lakshmi is not suitable for Rishi because when they were married earlier Rishi got in a lot of problems and it is happening again, Dadi wonders how could talk any sense into already educated people, she leaves without letting them say anything else.

Shalu and Bani are in the auto when Shalu says that their sister got kidnapped, Bani asks why is she saying ti when Shalu says that both Aayush and Rishi jiju feel she has been kidnapped, Bani asks who would kidnap her, suggesting the girl who came to kill her. Shalu explains even the truck driver told them that he was not driving the tuck but it was a girl so she is surely the one to kidnap her, Bani asks who will give them any idea about what has happened as they have not been able to find any clue, Shalu says the truck driver as he knows the entire truth, Shalu sees him sitting in an auto so immediately asks the driver to stop the auto, she tells Bani she saw him but Bani asks if she is sure so Shalu says she should go and confirm it because if she leaves then he will recognize her. Bani gets out of the auto, Shalu asks the auto driver to follow the auto driver without making him notice anything, he says she should call the police but Shalu requests him to follow the driver and not make any notice anything, Bani slowly recognizes the driver of the truck and asks the auto driver if he would leave but the auto driver says that it is already occupied, Bani quickly goes to sit in the auto with Shalu when they start following the truck driver, Shalu asks bani to keep an eye on the auto while she will call Aayush, she calls him informing that they have found someone who will tell the truth, Shalu explains they are following the truck driver and so he asks her to not stop following him, she says she is even going to send the location so he must come to them, Aayush agrees and after getting the location vows to not let the truck driver get away so easily.

Sonal is glad that Malishka told her that Lakshmi si still in the hospital after which she can go back home easily, the truck owner calls Sonal asking her about the money when she says that she will first go back to her house and then bring the money but the truck driver would never call her after it again, Shalu asks the auto driver to be fast as they cannot lose the driver, Sonal is glad that now that her friend can live peacefully.

Rishi is calling Lakshmi but she does not answer, Malishka thinks about getting away so gets off from the box, Rishi hears the noise and so goes to check what has happened, Malishka gets worried wondering what might happen if Rishi bumps into her in the dark, Rishi leaves after calling Lakshmi.

The official tells Virender they have searched the entire hospital and this means Lakshmi left by her own will but Virender replies she has been kidnapped so warns of serve consequence if anything happens to her daughter, the official says Virender is still putting blame on the hospital. The Inspector explains that they have placed guards on the entrance but he feels that the same girl who attacked Lakshmi je last night also kidnapped her, Virender says that Inspector can do whatever he likes but he wants his daughter, Inspector leaves.

Dadi is in the mandir praying that lakshmi should get the chance to start a new life as Bhagwan himself gave Lakshmi the desire to start a new life so should give her the courage and make sure Rishi meets Lakshmi.

Aayush is very amazed that Shalu is very intelligent and so he decides to call Virender who is also worried in the hospital, Virender asks Aayush to keep an eye on Rishi when Aayush says that Rishi would still be in the hospital and informs how Rishi left them at the reception, Aayush informs they have found the truck driver, Virender asks how did he find the driver so Aayush says that Shalu found him while he had gone to the other direction but now they are following him, Virender asks him to take care of himself and even Shalu and Bani, Aayush requests Virender to find Rishi so he agrees to look. Rishi in the store room is constantly calling Lakshmi, he himself starts coughing so falls on the floor.

Sonal coming to the room and looks at the money bag. She thinks to go and give money to the truck owner, and thinks if Malishka has done the work or not. She goes. Neelam gets Kiran’s call. Kiran asks if you are fine? Neelam says my son shall be fine. Kiran asks if Rishi got discharged. Neelam says we came home. Kiran says I will come home and meet you. She ends the call. Sonal comes there. Kiran says Rishi got consciousness, but he didn’t tell anyone about Malishka doing their accident. Sonal says may be Lakshmi didn’t tell Rishi about Malishka. Kiran hopes so. Sonal says I am going to give money to the truck owner. She thinks she shall not tell her or explain. Kiran asks where is Malishka? Sonal says she went to meet Rishi, to be in Neelam’s good books.

Shalu and Bani are following the truck owner in the auto. They think to catch him and make him confess everything. Shalu says why Ayush didn’t come till now and asks the driver to drive faster. Rishi calls Lakshmi and brings Malishka out, and then realizes she is Malishka. He thinks how did she faint? Malishka pretends to get conscious and makes a fake story, and tells that the boxes fell down and Lakshmi is not inside the store room. She says even the ward boy didn’t find her.

Rishi says I feel that lakshmi is still here. Malishka gets angry, but maintain calm and says Lakshmi is in your mind, and says she is not here, and infact she is not between us, and went far from here. Rishi says I feel that Lakshmi is here. Malishka asks if he is seeing her here and says it is your illusion, and says you are hurt and got so many injections, your body needs rest. She says lets go and search Lakshmi. Rishi asks do you really want to search her. Karishma comes to know from Virender, but Rishi didn’t go out and is still in hospital. Rishi comes to Virender and says she is not here, but he felt her. Virender says Lakshmi must be kidnapped, and the girl must have kidnapped her who tried to kill her. The Inspector comes there and tells that they are searching Lakshmi and asks him to say if he knows anything. Rishi says he will go to search Lakshmi. Inspector says they are searching. Virender asks him to see if he knows anything. Rishi says he didn’t see the driver or anyone. Malishka thanks God and says Rishi didn’t see me, so just Lakshmi is left and she shall die.

Malishka comes to the storeroom and thinks she got the right idea at the right time, and she didn’t let him reach Lakshmi and now she got chance to kill her. She recalls and a fb is shown. She distracts Rishi from going to Lakshmi, and then she drags Lakshmi and places box on her secretly. She then lies down on the place, where Lakshmi was lying first, and makes sound to make him see her. She thinks Rishi will think that he found Lakshmi and will take me out, then he will be shocked to see me. She thinks to distract him with her cleverness. Rishi finds her and calls her Lakshmi. Fb ends. Malishka is happy that she has fooled Rishi and says she will not kill her here, but somewhere else. She drags Lakshmi wearing gloves and takes her to the ward. She thinks she is so heavy and thinks to bear her burden to kill her. She thinks she shall do something that everyone doubts that girl, and thinks how to kill her. She takes a surgical equipment and thinks to stab her. She stabs her and blood falls on her face and hands. She goes out of the ward.

Kiran thinks she is trying to make things fine with neelam so that she can use her later, but Malishka is not stopping her madness. She recalls and a fb bis shown, Karishma asking Neelam if she will let him go to Lakshmi. Kiran thinks if Neelam brings Rishi home then Malishka will get a chance to marry him. Karishma sees Kiran and asks her to sit. Kiran says she thought to meet them, and asks about Rishi. Karishma praises Neelam and says Rishi got fine due to her love. Kiran says Neelam’s love is limitless. Karishma blames Lakshmi. Kiran asks how is she? Neelam says Rishi wanted to search her since she got missing and says she don’t want anyone to worry for her. She says she don’t want her to return to her son’s life. Kiran thinks if Lakshmi gained consciousness, then she will go to Police, and thinks if Malishka is responsible for this. Karishma asks what happened? Kiran says if it was accident or someone tried to kill them. Neelam says Ayush is trying to find the truck owner and says he eloped, but once he is caught, she will punish him badly. Fb ends. Kiran thinks if Malishka don’t do anything then she can get back Rishi.

Rishi tells everything to Inspector, how the biker diverted them and took them to the cliff. He says they got saved due to Lakshmi. Virender says Lakshmi loves you so much and left your hand, so that you get saved. He says you are lucky to have her, and asks him to search her anyhow. He says there shall be no moment of sorrows in her life. Rishi promises him that he will bring her back safely and asks him to be strong.

A lady comes to the ward and says this is not my son’s ward, where did I come? She sees a pool of blood, faints and fall down.


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