Lost in love Starlife season 2: full story plot summary, casts teasers

After the tragic death of Sai and Virat, Season 2 kicks off with their Children  – savi and Vinayak life story and their relationships which may soon turn out to like their parents…

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Lost in love starlife full story: season 2

Savi has grown up to become a confident and headstrong, yet a good-hearted and honourable woman, and is the most popular student in the college and wants to become an IAS officer while Vinayak is studying to become a doctor by pursuing an MBBS degree in Pune. Bhavani decides to get Savi’s marriage done as soon as possible. The Chavans are now not well-off as Bhavani has sold off the old house to fund Vinayak’s college education and has now relocated to Ramtek. Ninad is afflicted with alzheimers, and the Chavans keep him away from the fact that Sai and Virat are no longer alive.

Meanwhile in Pune, a bond of mutual admiration forms between the managing director of Bhosale Institute of Excellence, Ishaan Bhosle, and his student Reeva Marathe, who were childhood friends. Ishaan suffers from a traumatic past as his mother, Isha had left him while he was young to take care of her ailing parents. Ishaan misunderstands the situation and thinks that she had left him to advance in her career which has made Ishaan hostile towards her. Isha is also a teacher and a mentor to Savi, and motivates her to take part in the debate competition held in Nagpur to get a scholarship from Bhosale Institute of Excellence, which will bring her a step closer to becoming an IAS. Savi wins the scholarship, but to her dismay, Bhavani has already arranged a marriage set up for her. Bhavani disregards her career ambitions and asks her to marry Samruddh Latkar.

Seeing Ishaan and Reeva’s growing closeness, Yashwant proposes their marriage to Reeva’s father Swanand and he agrees, but Reeva’s mother, Swati is apprehensive of this relationship. On the engagement day, Swati blackmails Reeva that she will commit suicide if Reeva doesn’t go to London for her further studies as she fears that she will not be able to progress in her career once she gets married. Reeva agrees to do so and Ishaan, unable to heal from his mother, Isha’s betrayal, he breaks his engagement with Reeva.

An apprehensive Savi informs Isha about her forced marriage. Sensing trouble, Isha seeks to learn about Samruddh Latkar. In a shocking disclosure, it is revealed that Samruddh is a drunkard and druggist womanizer and his father Mandar Latkar is a don in Ramtek. Isha informs Savi about this. Savi, on learning the truth, informs Ashwini, Ninad, and Harini. They ask Savi to run away from the marriage. Savi runs away from the marriage to Pune with the help of Isha, in the hope of getting admission to the Bhosale Institute. Bhavani disowns Savi after she gets to know that Isha and the rest of the family helped her run away. After facing many trials and tribulations, Savi with the help of Isha gets admission to the Bhosale Institute.

Savi faces a lot of problems in the college as she gets bullied by Dhurva and her gang and gets no support from Ishaan. Savi was also almost molested by Harini’s abusive husband, Kiran. Isha comes to Bhosale Institute for the inspection and discovers illegal activities that are happening in the college. Isha gets shot by a goon sent by Vinayak and Mandar. Mandar gets caught and is arrested and Savi breaks ties with Vinayak.

Savi gets accused of misbehavior, cheating, and ruining events in college to get ousted. Ishan misunderstands her and repeatedly insults her. He even judges her character for running away from her wedding and her family. Later, Savi decides to go back to Ramtek as she does not have any place to live. She gets support from Shantanu and Isha and they also try to convince Ishaan to trust her. Later, Savi exposes Kiran to Ishaan and proves herself innocent of all the accusations. Ishaan realizes his mistakes and asks Savi for forgiveness. He stops her from going back to Ramtek and gives her a room in the hostel. Later, Savi tells her entire story and her dream of becoming an IAS and Ishaan supports her in this dream and becomes her mentor.

Harini is pregnant but Kiran beats her so badly that she suffers a miscarriage and cannot become a mother again. Savi beats up Kiran and gets him arrested with the help of ACP Bajirao, Shantanu’s old student. Kiran’s parents call Bhavani to Pune and Savi tells the entire truth to her. Bhavani regrets her actions and says that Savi was right to arrest Kiran. Later, Mandar and Samruddh escape from Ramtek and come to Bhosale’s house in Pune under the name of Mr. Patil and Sam Patil for a marriage proposal with Dhurva. They want an alliance with the Bhosales to pay off all their debts.

Savi reveals Mandar and Samruddh’s true face to the Bhosales on Dhurva’s engagement, but everyone arrogantly refuses to believe her. However, Ishaan supports her and she finally manages to make Mandar accept all his crimes. ACP Bajirao arrives to arrest them. Everyone is grateful to Savi for saving Dhurva’s life, but Dhurva refuses to believe Savi and is crazy for Samruddh. The family blames Surekha for not doing a proper background check and for nearly ruining Dhurva’s life. Surekha teams up with Dhurva to get revenge on Isha and Savi.

Reeva returns from London, expressing her feelings to Ishaan, who harshly rejects her. Harini tells Savi about Ninad’s deteriorating health. Bhavani and Vinayak bring Ninad to Pune for his treatment. Meanwhile, Reeva applies for a job as an Assistant Professor at Bhosale Institute but is denied entry to the college. Isha arrives as an interview panel member from the Education Board. With the help of Savi, Reeva enters the college and Ishaan gets irritated after seeing her and tells her to go out but Isha, unaware of Ishaan and Reeva’s relation, intervenes and allows her to give the interview.

Reeva gave the interview after which Shantanu tells Isha about them. Isha feels guilty for hurting Ishaan and warns Reeva not to hurt Ishaan. Later, Reeva gets the job and Savi and Reeva become very good friends. Ishaan tells the newly appointed employees that they are on a probation period for 3 months after which he will decide based on their performance to be a permanent employee.

Ninad gets a head injury due to which he has temporary memory loss. With the help of Ishaan, Ninad gets his memory back. Ishaan gets to know about Ninad from Savi and tells the doctor to do the surgery free of cost. The surgery is successful and Savi thanks Ishaan. Bhavani apologizes to Savi for her actions and supports her dreams. On Isha’s birthday, Savi gets to know about her story. Savi decides to enact a play on the college fest based on Ishaan and Isha’s story in which she plays the role of Isha and Reeva plays the role of Surekha. During the play, It is revealed that when Ishaan was 6 years old, Isha’s brother died in an accident and Isha decided to move into her parent’s house along with Ishaan and Shantanu but Surekha and Yashwant were against this.

Shantanu refused to come with her and Surekha was against Isha for taking Ishaan along with her. When she was leaving, Surekha ordered Isha to leave the house without Ishaan. Isha requested Surekha and Yashwant but was helpless without getting support from Shantanu and left the house and ever since Ishaan has hated her to the core. After the play, Ishaan, Reeva, and the rest get to know that the play was based on Ishaan’s childhood and they get furious with Savi and Surekha slaps her. The whole family faces the media trial, but Ishaan faces it and accepts Surekha as his mother.

Despite Shantanu confirming Isha’s departure due to family opposition, Ishaan remains hostile towards Isha and Savi, when in fact, he should actually be angry, and hostile towards Surekha and Yashwant not only for their misdeeds, but also for ruining his life and for separating him from his mother.

Later, Savi criticises Ishaan for his behaviour, reminding him that he is Isha’s son and that his unjustified anger, hatred and hostility towards his mother makes him an unworthy son, he is visibly hurt by what she says, because deep down Ishaan knows that he can’t be angry with or hate Isha anymore after knowing the truth.

Bhavani gets to know the truth about Samruddh and why Savi ran away from marriage. Bhavani asks for forgiveness and decides to honor her in Ramtek. Meanwhile, Mandar and Samruddh get released from jail and decide to ruin Savi’s life. Later, Savi takes leave for a few days and goes back to Ramtek. Later, Swati tells the entire truth to Ishaan about Reeva going away. Later, Surekha suffers a heart attack upon witnessing Ishaan publicly acknowledging Isha as his mother. Reeva admits her to the hospital and her life is saved. Ishaan thanks Reeva for saving Surekha. Mandar and Samrudh stalk Savi and her entire family… Story still continues.

Lost in love starlife season 2 Casts

  • Bhavika Sharma as Savi Chavan : An IAS aspirant; Sai and Virat’s daughter; Harini and Vinayak’s sister; Ishaan’s wife
    • Aria Sakaria as Child Savi
  • Shakti Arora[6] as Ishaan Bhosale: Dean and managing director of Bhosale Institute of Excellence; Shantanu and Isha’s son; Chinmay, Dhurva and Anvi’s cousin; Savi’s husband
    • Arsh Hawaldar as Child Ishaan
  • Sumit Singh as Reeva Marathe, Swati and Swanand’s daughter, Ishaan’s ex-fiancée


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