Lost in love starlife update Sunday 14 January 2024

Lost in love 14 January 2024: Surekha tells Shantanu that if Isha has sent Savi here after so many years, she surely has some vested interest. Shantanu says Isha doesn’t have any vested interest, there is nothing wrong if they help a bright girl fulfill her dream of becoming an IAS officer.

Yashwanth shouts that Savi’s presence will remind Ishan about his mother and get sad, they will get sad if Ishan gets sad. Surekha says Isha left a kid Ishan to build her career, where was she when she was crying for her mother, she was teaching other’s kids when her own son needed her. Shantanu says when she is talking about Ishan mother’s, Ishan used to cry for his mother because of Surekha, Surekha shut the door on Isha’s face when she returned for her son; Yashwant and Surekha’s barbaric rules forced Isha to leave her house. Nishikanth asks him to stop remembering the past. Shantanu says he is forced to remember the past. Yashwanth says Shantanu is taunting them. Shantanu says he was quiet till now, but they forced him to speak.

Harini presses her MIL’s legs. Kiran asks why didn’t Savi reach home yet. Savi rings bell. Kiran opens door and welcomes Ramtek’s eloped bride. Savi says he sounds as if he is praising her, running was her helplessness and not a choice. Shantanu asks Surekha and Yashwanth if they ever thought the impact it has left on Ishan, Ishan has completely changed, he didn’t stop Riva from leaving to London, he developed so much anger that he vented out Riva’s frustration on poor Savi, he has become a monster, I feel ashamed of Ishan now. Ishan hears his conversation. Savi greets Kiran’s parents. MIL says if she eloped from home and came here.

Savi says she didn’t elope with any boy, so MIL will be disappointed without a spicy story. She touches MIL’s feet. MIL says she can’t bless an eloped girl and hopes Savi goes from here as soon as possible. FIL says his wife meant that she gets admission soon and go from here or else return back to Ramtek. MIL says whole Ramtek must be humiliating Chavan family by now. Savi says she will return to Ramtek only after becoming an IAS officer. Kiran says she didn’t get admission yet. Harini says her sister is intelligent and will surely get admission. MIL says they have only 2 rooms in their house, so Savi will sleep in kitchen. Harini says Savi can sleep in living room. MIL says guests visit them often and she can’t allow Savi to sleep there.

Savi says it’s good if she sleeps in kitchen as she Ishan walks to Shantanu and asks if he thinks he took the decisions in anger and insecure feeling; he never restricted Riva and in fact encouraged her to pursue her and her mother’s dream; he just said that she can shift to London, but he can’t accompany her. Shantanu says what is the difference, he forced Riva to choose between him and her dream, even Surekha and Yashwanth posed same condition to Isha. Ishan says that woman/Isha chose her career and left her baby son alone. He says a career oriented woman would never respect her family and Savi is her teacher’s replica, so he hates Savi. Shantanu asks what did Savi do. Ishan says Savi had come in a bridal attire, which means she ruined someone’s life and eloped to pursue her dream. He continues justifying himself.

Savi prepares her bed in kitchen. Harini offers her food. Her MIL walks in and locks fridge and cupboards. Savi asks what is she doing. MIL nervously says she is protecting food from rats and walks away. Savi asks Harini what was that and laughs. Harini says her MIL is afraid of Savi’s warning. She gets emotional saying she is unable to help Savi when Savi always helps her. Savi asks her not to think so much and comforts her.

Next morning, Savi gets ready for her interview and seeks Ashwini’s blessings over a phone call. Ashwini blesses her. Vinu hears their conversation. Savi then seeks Harini’s MIL’s blessings who taunts her and refuses to bless. She says it would be good for her if she blesses as I will be getting admission and leave this house. MIL blesses her. Kiran suddenly holds Savi’s hand tightly and wishes her all the best. Savi senses his intention and frees her hand.

Savi reaches institute 15 minutes early and nervously wait for the interview. Ishan walks to her. She stands up and drops her water bottle on his foot by mistake. He writhes in pain and shouts if she purposefully troubles him. Savi gives him a befitting reply. Ishan asks him to keep her answer for the interview, but he is sure she will not pass the interview. He wishes her all the best.

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