Lost in love update Tuesday 16 January 2024

Lost in love 16 January 2024: Ishan and Savi’s basketball match continues. Referee says they both scored 10 with a tie up and whoever makes a next goal first will win the game. Ishan grabs the ball first and freezes in between recalling Riva’s betrayal.

Savi easily wins the game. She taunts Ishan that her Isha madam says anger makes a person lose. Shantanu feels happy while Shantanu, Nishikanth, and Ishan walk away fuming. Teachers praise Savi and say they never took such an interview in life. Back to conference room, Savi asks directors if she will get the admission now. Yashwanth says she will if she brings her previous college’s transfer certificate by 11 a.m. tomorrow. Ishan says even fees. Savi says she got a scholarship. Ishan says she lost it and now has to pay the fees by 11 a.m.tomorrow.

Savi says they never want to give her admission and hence posing all such conditions. Shantu says they can’t do that. Ishan says its committee members’ decision and they can’t break college’s rule. Shantanu tries his best to convince them and says Savi won’t get admission this way. Yashwanth says they don’t want to give her admission and asks him not to interfere.

Savi calls Isha and informs her about Ishan’s unjustified basketball test and his conditions to bring transfer certificate and fees by 11 a.m. tomorrow. Isha says they can’t do this to her. Savi says she will leave for Ramtek right now as she needs to return by 11 a.m. tomorrow. Isha says Savi is not a superwoman to reach Ramtek and return back by 11 a.m., so she will get the transfer certificate and send it to her via someone.

Mandar, Samrudh, and Vinu reach principal’s office and threaten her not to give transfer certificate to Savi. Principal says it’s their personal problem and she can’t deny certificate to Savi if she herself reaches here. Vinu says his sister eloped from marriage and upset her badi aaji, so she shouldn’t let Savi go easily. Principal says it’s their family problem. Samrudh and Mandar threaten her of dire consequences and walk away.

Principal gets afraid. Isha walks in and requests for Savi’s transfer certificate. Principal says she can’t unless Savi personally or her relative’s request for it. Isha says she knows that she can do anything for her student’s betterment and will complain board members against principal if she doesn’t give her transfer cerficate by the end of her last lecture.

Harini anxiously waits for Savi. Kiran taunts if she waiting for his SIL. MIL yells at Harini to do household chores. Savi returns. Harini asks if she cleared her interview. Savi stands tensed. Kiran and his mother taunt that they knew Savi wouldn’t clear interview.

Savi says she did, but management wants her transfer certificate and fees by 11 a.m. tomorrow. MIL asks Savi to their her house as they can’t bear her expenses. Harini pleads them not to do that. Kiran says he will give Savi’s admission news to Bhavani and seek admission money from her.

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