Lost in love starlife update Monday 15 April 2024

Savi over phone asks Harini why she is awake till now, if she is tensed regarding something. Harini says she wasn’t feeling asleep, hence called her to check how is her birthday celebration going on. Savi asks if she is tensed regarding arranging 45000 rs rent money.

Harini says she need not worry about. Savi says she will pay her 45000 rs in a week and then they will party. Harini asks how will she arrange so much money. Savi says she has taken up a job. Harini asks how will she manager her study if she does job, Ishan is putting so much efforts on her studies. Savi hopes chidkiya doesn’t get angry on her today. Harini laughs.

Savi’s team practices cricket for the college cultural festival. Her friend gets afraid seeing opponent team’s performance.

Savi boasts her morales. Ishan addresses students and asks how is their practice going, they should focus on their studies also along with sports. He asks cultural secretary to prepare a budget for the festival and submit it during the student council meeting on Saturday. Savi recalls she needs to attend her job and tells Ishan that she can’t attend the meeting on Saturday. Ishan refuses her request and says everyone are free only on Saturday. Savi says she will prepare the budget and ask one of her friend to present it, but she won’t be able to attend it. Ishan scolds her for being so careless these days, she is bunking classes and coming late to hostel, she may do whatever she wants to in Ramtek but not at Bhosale institute, etc.

Savi says everything used to organized well in Ramtek by Isha and student’s request was never ignored. She says she will resign from the cultural secretary position and walks away from there. Shantanu walks to Savi and tries to calm her down in vain. Savi’s friends discuss that they can’t do anything without Savi’s support and think what is special on Saturday that she is ready to resign from cultural secretary post. One of them says it’s Savi’s birthday.

Savi writes a resignation letter and sends it to the Ishan, fuming on him. Ishan fumes on Savi in his cabin and is shocked to see her resignation mail. He accepts it. Savi fumes more seeing him accepting her resignation letter. She gets a message from her employer to come and meet her immediately. She thinks she has to meet a weird teacher now. She leaves college skipping lectures.

Ishan calls Savi’s friend and offers her cultural secretary post. Friend says it would be injustice to Savi as she worked hard to organize cultural festival. Ishan says Savi did injustice to them instead by resigning midway, he doesn’t know what is special on Saturday that she resigned from her post. Friend says it’s Savi’s birthday and she wants to spend time with Harini. Ishan feels guilty after hearing that and asks friend if they are planning any surprise party for Savi. Friend says not yet. Ishan then meets Prateek in cafeteria and describes how he reacted without knowing the reason. He asks why he does same mistake repeatedly. He discusses why it’s so difficult to make friends in adulthood and seeks Prateek’s help in selecting a gift for Savi. Prateek asks him to gift her some nice dress and asks her height and weight.

Savi reaches her employer who asks her height and weight. Savi says 5 feet 4 inches, around 48-50 kg, and asks why she is asking this. Employer asks Savi to drag a heavy gunny bag to the backyard and dump it in a pit. Savi says that is not part of her job. Employer reminds her that she signed a contract that she will do anything during her job. Savi agrees, drags a bag with blood oozing out of it, and throws it in a pit thinking why it’s so heavy. She then reaches hostel late and finds the door locked. She climbs a wall and jumps in. Watchman hears a voice and checks. She rushes to her room hiding. Next day, Ishan takes lecture and taunts Savi indirectly for her irresponsible behavior.

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