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Devika mentions Radha has accepted her crime so she is requesting the court to grant her the punishment of death by hanging, Mohan standing up mentions it is not the truth, saying Radha has not killed Tulsi hearing this Damini is shocked.

Mohan mentions Radha cannot hurt anyone and he is assuring this is a heinous plan, kadambari asks what is he saying. The judge warns him to not interfere in the proceedings of the court because yesterday he was against Radha but today is supporting her, Mohan says he can never be against Radha, neither he was yesterday nor would be tomorrow, the judge says Radha has confessed her crime and not only did she murder Tulsi but also her first child, hearing this the judge grants the verdict to be hanged, Mohan is shocked. The judge announces Radha would be hanged till death, Dadi keeps saying that Radha is innocent. Kaveri thinks they have finally hit their mark as now Radha would be hanged.

The judge signs the documents seeing which Devika is smiling and she is about to break the pen when Shekar requests for just one more hour, after which he would prove that Radha is innocent and Tulsi did not write those letters, the judge says it has already been proven that the handwriting is of Tulsi and Radha even confessed, Shekar says Devika pressurized her and the handwriting can be written by an expert, he has solid proof that Tulsi did not write those letters so he requests for one hour, hearing which Devika gets worried. Mohan also mentions it is pertaining to the life of an innocent and the mother of a daughter while his wife, he says it might be just one hour for the judge but means the life to them, he pleads for one hour. Dadi also requests explaining it would be proven that Radha is innocent so the judge agrees saying they have just one hour, saying if they are able to prove that Tulsi did not write those letters then it will be the end of this case otherwise she will give her verdict, kadambari asks Mohan what did he do.

Shekar says that Radha should not have done it, Mohan mentions Radha is not at fault because Devika pressurized her Grandmother so she confessed it to save Dadi. Shekar asks Mohan to go and bring the fingerprints reports because he has used some of his contacts to get them early, Damini stops Mohan saying one of his things is with him and so she takes out the phone, placing it in his hand after which she even takes out the earphone,

Damini says the one who loved him for his entire life, it is not possible for a normal person to ruin their feelings, she says she cannot understand why he is not accepting that Radha ahs killed Tulsi, Mohan asks her to end this drama saying even if Tulsi comes to blame Radha he will not listen to her, Mohan threatens Damini should get ready to go tojail as she has wrongfully blamed her, Damini is sure Radha would go to jail. Mohan vows to do anything to free Radha after which she will come back home with full honor and dignity, Damini is furious as Shekar also leaves.

Devika furiously comes to Damini, questioning why did she hid such a big truth that the fingerprints of Tulsi are still preserved, Damini says she has no idea when Devika explains that she has found out from her sources that they have given it for forensic testing, she warns if the proof reaches the court then Damini will lose this case. Damini agrees that Mohan and Shekar would have something when she explains they will not be able to bring it back to the court, she asks Devika to find out where are the reports after which she will handle everything. Damini calls the person informing them of her plan.

Mohan says he has the report and coming back, he is stopped by Mohit who says that Mohan is in a lot of hurry but must come so they would sit down and have some tea, Mohan says he will first serve Mohit with some beating, saying if he was not ashamed when he made a deal on the life of Tulsi, Mohit says Mohan doesnot have very good destiny as Tulsi di first died by burning and now Radha will be hanged, so he will not be able to do anything even now hearing which Mohan gets furious threatening to bury Mohit right now, Mohan is hit on the head with a stick by Raja after which he falls unconscious on the floor, a van stops in front of them after which they place Mohan in the van and drive off.

The judge is waiting when Shekar keeps trying to call Mohan, everyone is in the court and even Radha wonders where is Mohan. The judge says the court had given Shekar one hour but now the time haas ended after which she will give her final verdict, Kaveri gets a strange feeling. Shekar requests for some time saying he is trying to contact Mohan who is not answering the calls.

Mohit is sitting in the van getting the calls from Shekar, saying they think Mohan will come with the proof and save Radha but they do not know that Mohan himself would not come back, the blood is dripping from the head of Mohan.

Devika says the court should not believe the requests of Shekar, since they first said that Mohan left but he is now missing, she knows he wants to delay the court hearing because they donot have any proof for the innocent of Radha, Tulsi wonders where is Mohan pleading he should come back right now. Shekar says that he has a proof which can change the entire direction of this case because of which some people do not want it to reach here, he explains there might be some problem because first they were unable to reach Mohan and now his phone is turned off, Shekar requests for one more date for this hearing. Gungun asks Ketki where has her father gone, Ketki replies he has gone for some meeting.

Damini says that Mohan will not come back when Kaveri asks if she has done something, Radha notices Damini so questions what has she done with Mohan jee, everyone present in the court keeps staring at Damini, Radha not being able to control herself rushes to suffocate Damini who is hurting , Radha says she has not killed Tulsi but would surely kill Damini if Mohan gets even a single scratch, the judge calls for order in the court, she is furious. Radha is once again brought to the witness box, Shekar says that the judge would not forgive such behavior,

Radha replies she does not even need forgiveness but wants him to find Mohan jee, the judge asks everyone to sit back Devika exclaims her child is very scared, saying the judge herself has seen how dangerous is Radha as she first killed the child of Tulsi and then even her, they are glad that Gungun is with them today otherwise Radha would have even killed her. Devika asks if the judge thinks that Radha should be given another chance when she can go to such extreme levels, Shekar argues that Radha is just worried for her husband so he requests for one more date.

Devika objects saying that there are so many cases pending in their courts because of lawyers like Shekar who are only worried for their fees, as criminals should get punished as soon as possible and all the witness and proof point towards Radha being the killer of Tulsi, Gungun also stands up requesting the judge to not punish her Ramaa as her father would surely come back since Radha has not done anything, Devika says that today Gungun and Mohan jee are support Radha but she would like to bring their attention towards the fact that Radha was arrested when Gungun gave the letters, and they all have seen the anger of Mohan.

Devika once again demands that Radha should be hanged till death, Ketki requests that Mohan will surely come so she should give them some more time, Ramaveshwar also requests for some more time to announce the verdict, kaveri prays that the judge should not give any chance to them so they all should go back and sleep.

The judge says that they should be given a chance when there is any reason to argue but she feels this is an open and shut case, which proves that Radha is a criminal and she has confessed her own crime after which they have even seen how Radha attacked Damini which proves she is dangerous, the judge says now she will announce the judgement. Gungun once again requests the judge to not announce any judgment, Radha says she is not worried for herself but the judge should at least tell her about the condition of her Mohan jee.

The judge calls for order mentioning with all the proofs the court has reached the conclusion that Radha has killed the first wife of her husband Mohan, meaning Tulsi Trivedi and for this she is granted the punishment of death, she should be hanged till death. The entire family is shocked, Damini and Kaveri both are smiling. The judge once again picks her pen and after completing the signature she breaks the pen, Tulsi says that Radha has not done anything, everyone is crying including Ketki and Gungun. Damini smiles looking at Radha who is heartbroken, Radha looks at Gungun who is crying when she remembers about the beautiful relation which they both had and Gungun even started calling her Ramaa. Ketki is also not able to control her emotions, Radha recalls how Ketki warned her that she does not want Radha to suffer the same fate of Tulsi Bhabhi. Dadi remembers how she would punish Radha whenever she raised any mistake, Radha looking at her father thinks about how he would always take care of her, she sits down in despair thinking about her married life with Mohan. Radha is only thinking about Mohan while crying.

Radha is sitting crying, Gungun asks Ketki what did the judge say about Radha, Ketki starts crying when Gungun gets worried asking what has happened. Kaveri smiles thinking they have finally achieved what they desired since now Radha would finally go and meet Tulsi. Damini exclaims that Radha along with Shekar and her Mohan jee have tried a lot but they failed.

Dadi and Ramaveshwar both plead with the judge saying that she must not punish their daughter. Shekar goes to Radha apologizing to her but she stands up asking where is Mohan jee, Shekar says he does not know when Radha explains she is feeling that Mohan jee is in a lot of trouble the police constable push Radha out of the court room when she keeps advising Shekar and Gungun to find Mohan jee.

Radha stops when Damini is standing in front of her with a smile on her face and kaveri also comes to stand by her side, Damini says she is very sympathetic of her, Radha angrily warns Damini to ell her where is Mohan jee otherwise she will suffer the consequence, Damini hugs Radha saying Mohan would remain like this until Radha is hanged, and so she had to hug Radha as she lived with them for so many days. Radha is sure that nothing would happen to her and even her Mohan jee who would surely come to protect her after which he will never leave her, Damini says this si what she desires that he does not leave her, she threatens this time if she does not get what she desires she could not cut a finger but burn the entire bowl.

Radha once again tries to harm Damini when she is pulled back, Radha says nothing will happen to her as this time she has the support of her Mohan jee, while even threatening that Damini would get what she deserves, Kaveri thinks Radha has gotten a shock after hearing the judgment so she feels Radha would get mad, Damini exclaims she never desires that Radha should get mad since she wants to see her hanged.

Kadambari asks what is happening and why did Mohan switch sides to Radha, Ketki says that Mohan was never against Radha but acting just to prove the truth, Ketki reveals the entire truth about how Mohan was looking for the proofPrecap: Police throw Radha in a cell. Damini walks to police and says break all of her bones. An officer starts hitting her. Lawyer says to family, we tried but court didn’t allow us to meet Radha. Radha says by tomorrow I have to break the prison. Mohan trapped says I have to save Radha before 5 days or else she will be hanged till death.

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