Lost in love starlife update Tuesday 16 April 2024

Durva tells Ishan that same thing happened in their college, their cultural secretary resigned at the last moment without bothering how important this cultural festival is fore them. Ishan thinks Durva is using her brain for the right cause for the first time. He asks Durva not to have personal attack on someone and dismisses class hearing a bell.

He hopes Savi cancels her resignation. Savi recalls Rupa’s words that she has to work for her only till this weekend and leave with her salary and also Ishan’s confrontation. She walks to Ishan and says he is using mind game again even after his drama at the ground. Ishan says he doesn’t repeat his words and was just teaching in class, she shouldn’t give importance to herself as it’s always not about her.

Savi says she heard what Durva said and will cancel her resignation to fulfill her responsibility first. Ishan asks her to send a mail again that she is canceling her resignation. Savi agrees. She calls Harini and informs her that she can’t visit her this Saturday as she has an important meeting at her college. Harini says she had planned to celebrate her birthday this Saturday. Savi says she will celebrate some other time and disconnects call. She thinks she somehow convinced Harini, don’t know how will she convince Rupa now.

Shantanu gets Savi’s mail and thinks what is happening between Ishan and Savi, they both are behaving like kids. Isha video calls him. Shantanu says she called at the right time and explains how Savi resigned from cultural secretary’s position and Ishan accepted it, now she canceled her resignation and Ishan accepted even that, he doesn’t know what is happening between them. Isha says either they are at loggerheads or getting closer.

Shantanu says if they get closer, they will disturb everyone. He then asks if she missed him and hence called him. She says she needs Pune’s physiotherapist’s number. He asks if she is fine. She says she has some shoulder pain. He forwards her number and asks when is she coming to Pune. She asks why shall she come there.

He says she needs to visit him for Diwali festival and informs her about Durva’s engagement after Diwali. Isha says she can’t face evil people who snatched her 8-year-old son from her and wouldn’t melt even if she breaks her head. Shantanu tries to convince her to fight for injustice and not give up. He says he will wait for her his whole life.

Ishan plans for Savi’s birthday. He calls Shukla and insists him to take a seat. Shukla gets afraid that Ishan will dismiss him from job and pleads Ishan not to dismiss him. Ishan asks him to bring Savi’s classmate Preeti. Shukla relaxes and says he thought something else. He brings Preeti. Ishan asks Preeti if she planned her friend’s birthday party. Preeti says Savi is not attending college on Suturday. Ishan says she is attending college and even canceled her resignation from a cultural secretary’s post. He then asks them to make party arrangements on his behalf and act as if they arranged it. They both agree. Watchman informs Ishan that Savi came late to hostel even yesterday. Ishan thinks what is Savi up to as she is missing classes and going somewhere.

Savi eats biscuits for dinner. Rupa calls her to come and meet her immediately. Savi leaves hostel by jumping a wall. Ishan is about to leave college is shocked to see that. Savi gets into an auto and leaves. Ishan follows auto. Surekha calls him repeatedly and he disconnects her call. Savi sees meter ticking 120 rs, thinks she has only that much money, stops auto, and gets out of it. Ishan stops auto and doesn’t find Savi in. He questions auto driver who informs that she got out of auto and was in a hurry to reach a ghost bungalow. Ishan thinks Savi attracts trouble for herself always. Savi requests Rupa to give her a leave on Saturday, but Rupa refuses citing her contract. Ishan reaches ghost bunglow and notices movement inside.

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