Evil Affairs starlife update Monday 15 April 2024

Nikki is shouting calling Sumitra and Aarohi and asking them to save her, says someone is here. The skinny man crawls towards her. Nikki shouts calling everyone. She tries to climb up, but he climbs up and makes her falls down. Nikki shouts piyush.

Piyush shouts Nikki. The skinny demon comes to Nikki. She shouts. He also shouts and keeps his hand on her head and plucks her hair. He then eats her hair. Nikki realizes he wants to eat her hair and can’t see her. She thinks I have to sacrifice my hair to save my life. She plucks her hair and throws it. He takes it and eats. Nikki gets the kalash and ties on her tummy. She starts climbing the well. The skinny demon is about to climb up and holds her leg. She plucks her hair and throws it in the well. He falls down to take the hair. Nikki climbs up. Sumitra, Aarohi and others take her out when she comes up. Aarohi says you did it. Sumitra kisses on her hand and says I am proud of you. Nikki gives kalash to Rachna and says I am ashamed to call you all as my family. She says you are playing games with me in the name of rasams and wants to kill me. Aarohi says it is not like this, why you are thinking like this. Nikki says someone pushed me in the well and asks who pushed me. Sumitra asks her to stop it and asks her to think about the royal’s family pride and prestige. She says I was about to lose my life. Sumitra says you had agreed to do the rasam, but was not having courage so what we would have done.

Nikki says you know about that creature, but you sent me there. Sumitra says stop it, just you, kalash and water was there in the well. Nikki says there was not a single drop of water in the well. Sumitra asks if you have drenched your clothes with water. Nikki is shocked to see her clothes wet suddenly. Sumitra asks her to see Kalash, and she sees water in the kalash. Nikki says this is impossible and can’t happen. Sumitra acts sweets and says I told you, that fear is illusion of our heart, and you said that you are afraid of water and darkness, and you saw what your inner fear wants to show you.

She says there is nothing in this well, other than water. She asks Aarohi to take her to room, and says she is tired. Aarohi asks Nikki to come with her. She takes her. Tantrik congratulates Sumitra and says Malik will be happy to see this, and your family will be more safe now.

Kapalika brings the water kalash to Malik and says third shaitani rasam gift. She says just as the choti bahu completes all the rasams, you will become more powerful and then even God can’t withstand infront of you. Malik asks if she can do all the rasams. She recalls the skinny demon coming to her and giving her Nikki’s hair from his mouth, and Kapalika appreciates him. She says until now, nobody gave their hair to us with their wishes, but Nikki gave it with her wish. She pours it in the water. The smoke comes out from the water and Malik gets powerful inhaling it. Malik asks her to seal that girl for the rituals.

Nikki thinks all these evil rasams can’t be related to God and says don’t know if Piyush knows about it or not. Rachna comes there and says she has brought haldi milk for her, as she got drenched in the well rasam. She tells her that their relation is of an orphan and tells that she regards her as her elder sister. She tricks her to drink haldi milk and tells that nobody pushed her in the well, she fell herself. She asks her to complete the rasams and enjoy marital life with piyush. She goes. Nikki thinks she feels she was good as orphan and misses Sister Anita. Anita talks to Nikki’s friend Veronica. Veronica says she must be busy in her royal family. She says she has Prateik’s number.

Vikram tells Prateik and tells that Nikki has completed this rasam which nobody has completed ever. He tells that in next rasam, she has to sacrifice her blood and asks Piyush to make sure, she completes the rasam. Veronica calls Piyush. Piyush says she is calling me as you have broken Nikki’s phone. Vikram tells Piyush that no news shall go out of Bhurangarh until she completes the rasams. Veronica says he is not picking the call. Sister Anita says she can’t tell about Piyush, but Nikki can’t forget them. She says she is in trouble.

Malik tells that since he smelled her hair, he couldn’t bear without seeing her. He goes inside her room through the TV while she is sleeping. Some drops falls on the blanket and the blanket burns. He enlarges his tongue and says he wants to eat her now itself, but has to wait, and shall relieve himself drinking her blood in the next rasam. He shouts aloud. Nikki got the dream of Malik when he was stabbed on his mouth earlier. She thinks why I am getting such thoughts in the dream. She finds the TV on and switching off suddenly.

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