Kulfi the singing star update Thursday 16 March 2023

Kulfi the singing star 16 March 2023: Sikandar reminisces telling his team that they should fool Lovleen and defeat her in her own plan. Chalu shouts that she will get evidence against Lovleen soon. Lovleen shouts try then. Chalu with her team continues singing and playing music. Lovleen sits holding headache. Sikandar gives her needle which she silently keeps in Lovleen’s plate and prays god to give her justice. Lovleen gets tensed seeing medicine needle and hides it. Sikandar thinks this is nothing, wait and watch what happens next.

Kulfi the singing star 15 March 2023

Lovleen walks to Beauty and Cutie’s room and seeing them packing their bags asks what is happening. They say they are going from here and show messages sent via her mobile. Lovleen swears on Amyra that she didn’t send them, it is fake Nimrath’s new drama. Sikandar tells Kulfi that they will use Lovleen’s medicine for herself and searches kitchen thinking she must have kept medicine in grocery boxes, finds medicine in one box. Lovleen angrily walks towards Chalu’s team. Chalu says they all will protect Sikandar. Jantar wear mask and holding iron rod walks towards Lovleen. Lovleen hides her face in fear.

Sikandar silently sits back on his wheelchair. Lovleen reminisces attacking Kulfi wearing similar dress and thinks why is he not attacking her. Beauty checks and says its a mannequin. Lovleen shouts who brought it to frighten her. Jazz walks in, and Lovleen asks everyone to go in. Jazz says lets Sikandar stay here. Loveen sends Kulfi, Amrya and everyone from there. Jazz taunts Sikandar that he feels sorry for his condition and says he wants Sikandar to hear their plan, tomorrow he has organized musical extravaganza where Lovleen will announce he is 50% partner of SSG Records Ltd, now he will be active partner from tomorrow.

He gets into car where his aide informs that arrangements have been made for tomorrow’s music concert, he informs aide that Sikandar will be killed tomorrow once he comes on stage. Tauji gives halwa to Lovleen and requests her to give it to Gunjan as its her birthday today. Lovleen checks halwa asking if he mixed something in it and leaves. Chalu reminisces fixing GPS tracker in halwa box and assures Tauji that they will rescue Gunjan soon. Sikandar reveals Jazz’s plan to his team and gets emotional with Kulfi and Amyra.

Jazz’s concert starts. Lovleen with her team walks followed by Kulfi and her team. Jazz greets Lovleen. Lovleen says sorry freeloader come everywhere, pointing at Kulfi’s team. Jazz says not to worry as they won’t be seen from tomorrow. Amyra gets angry hearing that, but controls herself. Jazz takes Sikandar on stage and honors him for his contribution to SSG Records Ltd. Singers sings Ali Moula Qawwali. Jazz fixes timer to electric fuse and tells his aide that once timer finishes, electric current will pass through steel plates under Sikandar’s wheel chair and he will be electrocuted.

Two kids without try to enter concert thinking they will get a chance to hear Sikandar’s song. They discuss they can enter as Sikandar’s daughters’ friends. Amyra walks to them and asks who are they. They say they are Sikandar’s daughter’s friends. Kulfi calls Amyra and asks if they are her friends. She says no. They say they are Kulfi’s friend. She says she is Kulfi and she doesn’t know them. They accept that they came to hear Sikandar’s song. Kulfi says Sikandar is in trouble. Kids encourage her to fight for her baba. Kulfi says they can get and listen to concert.

Sukhi mama hears Jazz’s aide discussing with his goons that once Sikandar is electrocuted on stage, they should remove wires, timer, etc., immediately. He gets tensed thinking Sikandar’s life is in danger. Goons seeing him kidnap him and lock him in a room. On the other side, Chalu with her team via GPS tracker reaches storeroom where Lovleen has hidden Gunjan and plays police siren. Goons get afraid and run away. She rescues Gunjan. Back in concert hall, Kulfi and Amyra hear Jazz’s plan. Jazz notices them and sends his goons to kidnap and lock them in a room.

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