Razia Sultan update Thursday 16 March 2023

Razia Sultan 16 March 2023: Yaqut,Razia,Mirza search snake,Mirza tells that there is no snake..Razia tells Mirza and Shamshad to believe her..Yaqut tells he will agree..Mirza gives towel to Razia and sees Yaqut angrily..Turkan taunts and tells that Yaqut is a very good bodyguard..Shamshad tells to shut up and stay in limits..Later Razia tells Mirza that she have seen snake in bathroom.He tells that the way Razia was scared he understood..Razia hugs and cries thanks him for trusting her…She apologises as she hugged Yaqut,

razia Sultan 15 March 2023

Mirza tells her to quiet as he understand and respect her and their love will create history..Razia tells that her strenght is Mirza..Both of them looks at each other.Song plays in background..Mirza close his eyes and tries to kiss Razia..But she feels Shy and goes away..Mirza slowly comes while She smiles and nodes her head..Suddenly the body of “Hakim” falls..Both of them is shocked.. Altamash tells that “Hakim” was very close to him, and he will punish the killer,Turkan tells killer will leave some evidence and suggest to give investigation to contender’s of DELHI sultanate,Altamash asks Shamshad..She agrees..

Razia tells she is also ready..Altamash tells soon they will catch the murderer..Yaqut comes with a sword and tells that he got near the spot..Altamash tells to bring..Turkan gestures Yaqut..Mirza sees and tells this is old lady’s sword..Turkan tells that now love will destroy. Mirza tells Razia that old lady attacked her,She says that lady should be arrested..Mirza tells first they should catch the old women..Altamash tells that Past is haunting them,Shamshad asks how many things He will hide,Altamash tells that he will change the things soo his children should not suffer..Turkan gives a dog to Naser and tells that his name is Pasha,Razia tells Mirza cannot help her in Searching the old lady,He tells that is not intrested..She asks if Ruknuddin and Moizuddin catch the old lady..

Old lady sees Mirza and gets happy..Razia hugs Mirza,He tells that dont know that she is this much romantic..Razia tells yes..Both of them goes but Old lady call “Mirza”,He turns..Razia tells she didn’t heard any voice.. Two of soldier’s catch the old lady But Yaqut comes and kills them..Turkan comes and tells that they are friends..Old lady tells Turkan was the one in the Prison,Turkan tells that she is Mirror which shows truth..Old lady tells she cannot trust her..
Mirza tells Razia that Yaqut may be behind this all,Raziaa tells they will search the old women..Turkan and Yaqut takes the Old lady to a room,Old lady denies to stay there..Turkan tells that Altamash will never let Mirza meet her..Old lady tells that Razia loves Mirza,Turkan tells that Razia only love power..

Old lady asks why Razia is intrested to kill her,Turkan tells If she wont trust her than can go..Naser comes with dog.. Naser tells that his Dog “Pasha” can search anything..Razia tells that Pasha can reach till old women,Mirza tells they will try..Razia tells Naser she want Pasha for sometime..He agrees..Ruknuddin asks Turkan about the old women..She tells that in sometime Razia will reach their..Ruknuddin tells that Mirza is along with Razia..Turkan tells Yaqut to do something..Yaqut tells there is only one way and its his Sword,Turkan tells to do whatever but to separate both Razia and Mirza

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